World of Warships – They will NEVER be “useless”

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It always makes me laugh when ppl say after every new damn patch…”OMG they FINALLY broke them they are now useless”. Then I take a CV to check this myself and this is what happens. I laugh particularly hard when they say that this particular CV is now crap.
Anyway, you know me, I don’t play CVs that often and I don’t bother you with many CV videos because I know majority isn’t into them but I do feel the need to throw a game or 2 here and there, especially after someone says that they’re bad…which funny enough wasn’t the case this time xD
This time it was just a mission but I do hear these things every few days.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. That afk guy said he did want to be part of any stream so he left…. well dont play online games then …. hope all reported him so he just can play Co-Op =)

  2. God, I hate carriers…
    Not so much because I think they’re OP/Useless; I see both complaints a lot, but because no matter what I play, I always seem to be CV bait, lol.

    • wait… what ship and which server you play?

    • You must have the same luck I do, I’ve never said they were useless. I just hate them period and have never played or have an interest in playing them.

    • @1LRLRG Yeah, I spent almost half of one game dodging torps, bombs, and rockets in a destroyer once, so I played a cruiser next game, and got immediately torp’d to death by the two CVs on the enemy team.
      Next game in a BB, I got lit on fire like six times in two minutes without even getting hit by another ship, lol.

    • I found key to not getting a CV is take a Cleveland and go AA spec and I never get a carrier.

  3. Flambass, AP bombs do not work on French BBs.

    • They work, its just very hard to take a cit

    • I play the Bourgogne a lot and I remember scouting out the armor on the ship when I first got it. The deck armor is unbelievably good, where a lot of ships have one layer of 30 or 38 mm or many have a few layers that add up to like 60 mm the french bourgogne is around 250 mm when you add the layers so yea it is close to AP bomb proof. I cant speak for the rest of them I don’t play them.

    • They work but they have to aimed extremely well, right on the turrets, and then they dont cit all the time.

  4. To be honest, that Mino totally lost the game.

    • Thank you. He didn’t even bother to avoid those torpedoes. Which didn’t make sense because he could not put himself in any kind of danger since there were no ships left to delete him. Also he was trying to flip B when he should’ve charged the CV. When you’re that close especially in a mino, the CV is absolutely useless because you will kill more than half of the squadron with them not being airborne yet. But I guess potato are going to potato and unicums are going to unicum.

  5. There are useless players (afk) but no useless ships (just some that aren’t very useful).

  6. Thx for the work Flambass. Was nice to be in the Match with you ?

  7. Rafael Hörnschemeyer

    I messaged the Wargaming Support yesterday and in under 24h they responded.

  8. Who said T10 CVs are weak?
    They never have been powerless against other type of ships.
    The point is, power creep between T10 and T8 has been like sky and ground in CV world.
    Balance has been always shit part in CV.

  9. Not really got a side on CV side but maybe it is the player not the tools 🙂 I am stuck playing tier 6 CV and they are not fun for me ATM.

  10. And now I bet that pink dude is wondering why he can only play Co-Op mode.

  11. I’ve had this player who is in Chung MU multiple times. He was ALWAYS pink, always just sailing in circles and absolutely not doing anything. And I think he is not a bot as I’ve seen him use chat to insult other people… Amazing..

  12. 3:32 Flambass you can’t cit French bbs with Ap Bombs.

  13. DBs are just stupid with rng … its artificially nerfed!

  14. Who calls a T10 CV useless?… the only downside of them is the cost of actually using them(if they didnt already fix that)
    A Toptier CV is the easiest thing to play (just look at how long even a Mino takes for Attacker planes…)

  15. austinpowersfasjer

    omg this game is sooo shit these days, shaking my head at everything thats happening

  16. CVs are useful whether they are top or bottom tier. You get to be a scout on bottom tier and an assault machine on top tier. That is the problem with the CVs. Since WG generally matches a CV player as a bottom tier, you get to lose your plane a lot even if you play smarter. A T8 CV vs a single Minotaur is deadly for the squadron. They should fix the MM first before doing anything to either CVs or AA system…

  17. Compared to Midway the Haku torps are insane, but even T8 CVs have better torps than Midway.?

  18. 180k in a decent match up, the one really dangerous ship being a mino was a potato. How many 180k games you have in a Gearing? How many 180k Games you have in t8 ships? For the average player 180k is a really good game, for a unicum its average damage. I dont think CV’s are usless by any means, but a mino with aa spec has melted an entire dive bomb squadron from my Hak before it could even drop.

  19. I was the red shima, was going ok till I got the Hans message

  20. I really think the “Useless” line comes from T8 players, especially the Shokaku. The Lex and Implacable are good, but Shokaku planes just get shredded, even by ships with little to no AA.

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