World of Warships- They’ve Gone Fully Insane With These New Ships

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the newly announced ships from the DevBlog, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Good show last night SLM. Love the content and info you give out.

  2. The gun angles of the rear turrets of Mecklenburg are real bad.

  3. Alternative burst fire mode is now being shoved into ships left and right

    Reload booster consumable: am i a joke to you?

  4. Can’t wait to play the US sub with a 18 inch deck turret from Georgia

  5. for people that want to pronounce Dalarna properly its to give an emphasis on Dalar and the na being being a bit more quiet.
    also the Dalarna stats are absolutley stupid. BASE dpm of 314k with a 6km max concealment

  6. 星川ヒカリ Hoshikawa Hikari

    I’m waiting to see what they’re gonna do with the I-400 class

  7. What we need is a South American bb line based off the Atlantico. Big secondaries with lower health that are all big slow dreadnoughts. There would also be real ships based off the South American dreadnought race.

  8. I find my breaks from wows to keep myself sane are getting more and more frequent with all the unbalanced shit they’ve been throwing at the game recently. Really curious what long-term plans they have (if any), because it’s currently looking like they are just putting ships in for the sake of it (or to milk whales more specifically).

  9. Shows us where WG wants things to go, and how much we are at end of life for this product like World of Tanks. More and more weird and OP ships because that is what they think players want. The game is not going in a interesting direction with this. The game really needs a WW2 and post WW2 modes/lineups as the tier 11 ships are just crazy OP compared to the existing ones.

  10. First time submarines appeared I was looking for deck guns and AA on the models out of intrigue. Most of the models in the ports did have one or the other or in some cases both. I always kinda hoped they would be functional but at the same time dreaded it on the basis of if it was implemented at least semi-realistically most people would just complain about how they never get to kill battleships or fight off destroyers with their singular deck gun that doesn’t do enough damage or have enough range or start fires enough or shoot faster… Like well…. It’s a deck gun guys.

    Equally with the token AA mount wha wha wha it never destroys even a single plane from a squadron, yeah well alas….. It won’t. It’s like they should be both be there, functional because they *should* be there, it would be kinda immersion breaking if they weren’t but people need to recognize that they would be of very niche utility.

    Honestly probably the only niche scenario where a deck gun could be used effectively in game is providing ‘cap resets’ because those have always very much been the domain of either small and fast or small and stealthy ships, great time buyers. Them giving the deck gun SAP is a whine mitigation factor, so it can still be very niche as discussed above but will in theory still pen most of the time because it’s SAP, so people can feel less bad about it.

  11. Given that the burst fire mode was dumpled on the Spanish t6 cruiser, there is a good chance it is abandoned on the T1 DD as well with a tweak on its base reload to compensate.
    A Spanish cruiser line is entirely possible made out of Britsh and Italian designs, the Venezia was even basically a project drawn for the Spanish Navy but the Spanish never had the money to pay for it in the first place.

  12. I would like to see an anti aircraft outpost consumable. A ship can drop a gun on an island that lasts until destroyed. It can only be spotted while shooting at planes. Maybe every have a fighter upgrade for coal

  13. The fact that the “slow” torps are just as fast as the shimikaze’s is insane

  14. Yes the Meck, is a hell of a fire starter. I like it.
    Yeah they must have gotton a new supplier. =P, well I do like the silly ship’s. Its better than the made up ship’s they had in the past.

  15. I cannot wait for them to add the aircraft carrier submarines. Combine both branches of the fun police into one easy to handle package.

  16. At this point they might as well bring back all the removed ships like T7 Belfast, Enterprise, Musashi ,Missouri and heck the kamikaze back into the game with all the power creep and meta change they have become normal

  17. I’m more afraid of a fully equipped Dalarna DPM than IJN sub actually, that thing is gonna be impossible to face in a 1v1, it’s made to hunt DDs and CL.

  18. Riccardo Locatelli

    the Anhalt struncture looks like more a bayern development to me. she has the same turret style and the speed too.
    And the i-56 gun is insane if any dd come close she can gun them down. 2.3 sec reload and 2.7 k damage per shot at tier 8 is not bad at all. dds have way less hp and way more reload at reload at that tier

  19. Bring on French submarine Surcouf! Two 8-inch guns, a floatplane, and rotating torpedo tube mounts. And how about 1950s Soviet ships with antiship cruise missiles?

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