World of Warships- They’ve Gone Insane With This New French BB, CV Spotting Buff, & Submarine Nerfs

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at some rather interesting announcements from the DevBlog about new French Super Battleship Patrie, Changes to CV spotting, and some major sub nerfs. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Air detection change is stupid. The height of the planes which should account into the distance. changing it to surface detectability range doesn’t make logical sense since spotting in the air and on the surface is different

    • You are right from air planes should spot you a few kilometers further compared to ship in surface. They simply should remove spotting for allies overall spotting should only be limited ro minimap position

    • @Mertc Making an exception for radar and hydro though, which should reveal the enemy vessel to all allied vessels within the radius of the radar’s genesis… and then we can finally remove X-ray mechanics!

    • Miljan Zivaljevic

      Yes, right, Air detection is stupid, for example DD going full speed on open see is detected when planes come above let say to late to attack, and BB is detected kilometer away even if dont move. How planes cant see ship that is going full speed with lot of smoke from distance but detect BB that doesent move…….hmmmmm Very stupid detection…..

    • @landochabod7 Hell yesterday I was coop and the players were sniping playing like they were In random battles…I swear players almost brain dead these days.

    • Real world visual detection for all ships is/was about equal. Their exhaust plumes are always visible, 20-25km over the horizon.

  2. “Increased interaction with aircraft” is exactly the OPPOSITE of what most players want – – WG utterly lose it once again.

    • @Olaf Messchendorp Spotting was easy to do in the past with other ships. The problems started after they remade CV’s. I do not play current CV’s because the new playstyle is for me boring as hell. I want to play ships, not planes. For planes are other games. So your comment is just a gibberish of an idiot who immediately thinks that someone hates CV’s because they cause him a problem. Actually previous CV’s were much more dangerous for other ships then current. The only grievance I have with them is that they spot too easily enemy ships, so it is harder to do such mission in other ship then it was in the past, when DD’s were spotters, not planes.

    • Olaf Messchendorp

      @Wojtek cool, but my point is that it is dumb to struggle with spotting missions while there is a class that is extremely good at it

    • @Olaf Messchendorp I do not want to waste my time and resources for it. But if they will be making planes even better in spotting I will be forced to buy some tier IV CV and just fly to spot…

    • @BruderRaziel CVS belong In game get used to It. Same with subs , I don’t play both of them . Its a game both sides have one so deal with It. May the better side win do you get It now….

  3. Nicolas Letellier

    I don’t understand why they don’t go to the simple way for the cv spotting: spot only on the minimap, done problem solve every one happy.

    • @JOHN BENOY I play cvs a lot and i can say that there are no shortage of no fly zones, hell we even have to be afraid of some fucking dds. Most of the time you can attack people as a cv is lone cruisers or bbs that are isolated from the team, they are not nearly as op as they used to be with the exception of the FDR and the Bearn

    • Nicolas Letellier

      @Afonso Messias Yeah i grind the US cv line to learn how Cv plays and be better at mitigating the damage ( that learn and adapt, a too complicated concept for many in this game). I thought the AA was useless before. But I play on the SEA server where a lot of people build ships for AA , and stay in groups. And boy I was wrong, and so many ships have good AA. But I think all these people only want to be immune to Cv rather than learn to counter them.

    • @Nicolas Letellier Yeah I think people dont understand that cvs can only effectively attack lone targets and that is what they were good at in real life. Yesterday with my kaga i kept attacking a Amagi that was isolated from the rest of his team and he called a cunt for simply playing correctly( not to mention there was a jean bart 8km away from him but he couldnt bother moving towards it)

    • @JOHN BENOY Because AA is an automated system and you would end up with ships that are just untouchable? MInimap spotting literally solves all gripes the players have with CV spotting while keeping the crazy damage potential they have intact. Sheesh it seems people dont even think about what their proposerd changes mean and just vomit their dumb ideas.

    • @00 Spinz They actually weren’t that OP IRL; it was the ultra shitty state of Japanese AA throughout the war that gave the impression of RL CVs being OP. If Japanese AA had been anywhere near as effective as US AA, CVs would have been nowhere near as successful IRL.

  4. Except it will only spot you below 10km, most aa works 5.8 -6.9 so youll want it on anyways, youll be spotted long before your AA goes off.

  5. love wargaming saying ship will be able to better avoid plane detection… like how can you see where those plane are looking at when you can t zoom upward, or that they are so fast thatyou can t really avoid them in the fierst place

  6. 02:59 “Aircraft Detection” This proposed “aircraft spotting” change will now kill DD’s. It is bad, that AA don’t work like RTS (pre-CV rework) and now hiding from the carrier will be taken away. So we have the “Just dodge” to the “Just evade” idiocy. WG might as well put everyone <6km apart and have at it to get the battles over with. I find it funny that WG doesn't think that pilots can move their necks so they can spot. However, WG is one that don't believe in real physics. Is their spreadsheet telling them to do this? WoWS players must have pissed someone (WoWS Devs) off to have them make this change. Its like they are punishing us (WoWS players). The CV worship culture prevails again. Balance.

    • The problem i think now is especially with the rocket changes (which were needed) it’s almost impossible to get reliable hits on a DD as a CV, you either rely on your bombs or hope you win the predictive jousting. I think the spotting change is to allow CV’s to interact with DD’s since CV’s now have a really hard time without feeling oppressive. If it were me i would keep the cone thing but add 1-2 km onto all DD’s spotting distance by air, this will reward fast reactions and good plane positioning while also giving some room for the DD to try and juke the CV’s attacks.

      Also who cares about realism.

  7. they could try the concept of making real historic AA ship have a relevant AA.

  8. Patrie is everything what we wanted for republique, a Super Richelieu class, republique is so ridiculous Being a Super Gascogne

  9. Sebi The Crab Man

    Patrie is most likely the most insane battleship in wows. Near vermont ap alpha with 431 caliber overmatch, faster than Republique, extremely easy to activate special gimmick, and to top it off it has the best AA in the game and its not even close.

  10. They should change the spotting mechanics so ships only spot what their guns are looking at too if they want to be consistent with this notion of the planes only seeing what is directly in front of the plane.

  11. Even as a primary cv player, i think this cv spot change is just dumb and pretty much nukes DD stealth attempts.

  12. I’d be worried that the changes to CV spotting would mean that all ships will be effectively perma-spotted if not for the cone of vision mechanic. I mean, there’s no way the cone will be ridiculously wide. And thankfully planes in the game cannot execute 90 degree turns. There’s absolutely no way this new way of planes interacting with surface ships will be shitty and broken.

    • yeah, just do a fucking 360 spin with your planes, takes like 5 seconds, and you get basically the consumable effect without using the consumable

  13. didn’t expect the mega conde to be coming this soon.

  14. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Simple fix is to just implement torpedoes like normal dds torps, but take BS pacific approach and limit # of torps since they’re tiny cans. Have rearm ports around the map (including rear underwater. Also if they just limit amount of time underwater but surface to recharge batteries then go under again would make it more playable. BS pacific subs were fun and noone felt they were OP.

  15. Cant wait for the Super Soviet BB. 4 x 3 triple 18 inch and a Smolensk on each side for secondaries.

  16. its going to funny watching CVs fly zig zag patterns when crossing the map if this goes through

  17. Manik Samaraweera

    FYI, the reason why Patrie gets 90% HE pen buff is because it allows the 100mm secondaries to pen 32mm.

  18. New ship syndrome “oh thats new, MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!”

  19. “We’ve decided to ensure CV continues to have a ‘comfortable experience'” by increasing spotting range and decreasing sub time under water.

    These changes are obviously designed for late game when you are often left with CV (who doesn’t risk his hit points to play) and DD who stayed alive.

    In this situation, it’s usually decent or above average DD who played smart enough to stay alive.

    The CV player can be bad but still alive at late game because they’re virtually immune to attack during early and even mid game.

    Already CV can outrun many DDs.

    So, these new mechanics are essentially designed to make it easier for a bad CV player to play against a smart DD or sub player.

  20. At first I thought the CV spotting change was completely broken, but now I think it could be made usable. Make the cone insanely small – 1 or 2 degrees (at least for DDs and subs). Now the planes can spot location, but cant keep the ship spotted for the team unless they fly straight at it – even through flak. And make AA spotting update the minimap but not visual detection for the rest of the team. If you can’t keep the enemy team spotted without being directly head on, it is a significant limitation. And if you narrow the view enough that you cant lead a shot without losing visibility, it makes counterplay pretty feasible. I think the bigger issue potentially is that this change would disable fighter and spotting plane detection on all classes (assuming the mechanic is extended).

  21. @Jay Werner CV-revenge syndrome.

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