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The USS Gearing has a borked 3D model, and it’s been borked since the game launched. Wargaming are in no rush to actually fix it, and that extra chonk can be a bit of a problem for Gearing captains.

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  1. Lmfao when jingles said “while were on the subject of full penetrations” I almost spit out my coffee

  2. I can’t wait to hear this quote “hay dad what’s a window licker?”

  3. “Judging by the very angry 5’’ armour piercing shells coming out of that smoke screen that’s going to be the Minotaur”
    Jingles moment

  4. “Marceau has bigger guns and reload booster”
    Actually Jingles, that’s Kleber characteristics, back to the salt mines I go.

  5. 17:25 Leave it up to Wargaming to add submarines with homing torpedoes before fixing a historical innacuracy on a real ship.

    • @DarkDutch007 if they did then the german subs would be the only ones and would be broken.

    • @robert meehan ww2 homing torpedos were acoustic homing, and homed in on the sound of a warships propeller and engines. Thus they were only effective from behind a ship and were often beaten by noisemakers towed behind ships. Having this limitation would make subs much more balanced IMO

    • @Ben Carver

      Yeah well WarGaming seems to assume that noisemakers don’t exist. In fact anything underwater in WarGaming’s view doesn’t make any sound.

    • @Ben Carver You could also defeat them by cutting your engines and turning the ship. Which might have been a better mechanic for the game come to think of it.

    • @Captain Hat But nah, players are too stupid to learn such complex mechanics, *right*?

  6. “Marceau has reload booster” Typical jingles

  7. spreadsheet says ZAO is a good ship and Stalingrad isnt. so you can rush in a ZAO more easy than in a Stalin.
    The guy in B was just following the useless statistics. 😉

    • He’s a mastermind activity changing the spreadsheets so that the game gets better for everyone. We should thank him for his service.

  8. you have to love the “GG” of the enemie team at 2s from the end thinking they win… but no XD

    • This bothers me, at some point good game became a taunt winners supposedly give to losers, it never has meant what you seem to think it means. If you’re reading it as git gud you’re reading it wrong, if you’re using it as anything other than a respectful expression of sportsmanship you’re using it wrong. GG.

    • @Onion Water Well, no, that was not my intention.
      It’s just that the enemy team at the end of the game say “that it, we win, the game is done “Good Game” all” but only to get steal the win at the very last second, and the win going to the other team, that all, it’s funny.
      don’t see wrongdoing everywhere

    • This needs to be in an episode of “Why you hef to be mad?” but, viewed from the other teams perspective! Would be hilarious to have seen what happened when the last player sunk gets the post battle results and sees what they thought was a win be a defeat!!!!

    • @Onion Water Its not an offensive gg in this case because the game was actually over and also someone on potato’s team gg’ed first. They can’t gg from the results screen.

  9. I laughed when I heard his name, mine is YourAveragePotato. It seems we are potato brothers

    • Are you from Idaho? The best potatoes come from Kansas from the wagon train days to present, all Kansas produces are rotten potatoes and I ain’t talkin bout no tuber! XD

  10. Yo jingles. I sent you a replay of my Conqueror on Northern Waters map today. Epicenter. 7 kills. 219k but the deal that made it fun was a last second comeback. Cheers.

  11. “That Minotaur has decided he’s had enough. somebody just hit him a very, very big hit. I’m not entirely sure who it was.”

    That would be that Grosser Kurfurst you said a few minutes earlier was about useless. That’s the ONLY ship in the direction those shells came from.

    • Exatly my thoughts. Too bad we didn’t get to see the team post-battle result screen. I bet that the “useless” GK would be somewhere between 3rd to 5th place on his team.

    • GK turned out to be useful. XD.

    • @FolgoreCZ I long stopped believing that pos 3-5 is an indication of some-one’s usefulness on a team. Anyone living long enough to reek the advantage of ‘win harder’ or out of position reds can do enough damage to reach that level of XP while not having any contribution to winning a game.
      The GK had two spotters, and a good secondairy defence to keep the Marcau out, so his lurking around a bit longer could have made a great deal. The Marcau would have been under pressure keep out of GK’s 2ndary range whenever he would be spotted by the sub or BelowAveragePotato. I don’t know if him smacking one or two citadels in a Mino was worth the bleeding they took in center, while they could have been putting the pressure on the enemy instead.

    • Nope. Were torps. Chat said “mino flooded” a couple seconds earlier.

  12. Literally snatching victory from the jaws of defeat here.

  13. Poor BelowAveragePotato… when he realises Jingles is the cheerleader… lol

  14. That friendly Balao was playing his ass off.

  15. MyopicAutisticMetal

    After listening to Flambass and everyone else say Mine Oh Tore, it’s simply lovely to hear proper English and you say Minotaur! Marcau doesn’t have reload boost, just 3 second reload.

  16. I think the real reason the gk was running for it was he was being torp locked by the sub. Nothing like a big German battleship to spam ping. He knows the torps are coming and there’s nothing he can do about it.

  17. Jingles, the G.Kurfurst played very well. He did the only thing possible when facing a Submarine & DD, and that is running away! He managed to live while his DD & Cruiser suicided. But he cannot fight a Submarine, as that will get him killed VERY fast. And he had no support as the BelowAverage wasn’t that close. So he lured the enemy to the his friendly DD & Sub, and he DID turn when the sub died 😉

    • Kinda agree, i feel like Jingles has not personally been enjoying the insane gameplay subs have made. Basicly it is not too uncommon to see Zao type solution when you see 4 subs ingame, just rush forward with autopilot and try next round. Or the GK solution, if you see sub coming after you, you run towards corner and hope he gets bored. Its wows, random team randomly helps you and even if they do tier10 sub at that point of the game so long diving time left he can just stay undetected, no matter how many dds help.

    • @Antivihrea Yeah, I felt the GK did the only thing possible. There is no counter against a good sub player, so only thing you can do is just run to border, and hope the sub makes a mistake. Currently only subs can fight subs. So other classes can only run and prey their sub helps..

  18. Unfortunately the players of this game hear Shag the cheerleader, begin to giggle so stupidly that the cheerleader says Eff this Dork, I’m out, they shrug say Oh Well, and hit Next Battle.

  19. What no mention of hte Kraken? Don’t think the GK did too badly – he smashed up the Mino, withdrew as best he could from the western flank and did a reasonable job of trying to keep himself alive.

  20. Jingles: “Below Average Potato…I do like that name, at least he’s honest.”

    Below Average Potato: *gets the winning kill, earning a Kraken in the process*

    Me: “Well, I guess I should just go ahead and uninstall if that’s a below-average potato…because I’m clearly a rotten potato. 😥”

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