World of Warships- Things Are Indeed NOT As They Seem

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at a VERY VERY interesting DevBlog today, enjoy!


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0:00 Not All Is What It Seems
5:09 Kitakami DevBlog


  1. Virgil finna snitch

    Sea Lord will you make a separate account on the Russian server eventually to explore the changes (or even their separate PTS client to better test out TT ships)? Also your discord invite has expired.

  2. 2 x today and for the first time in 6 years no sky.
    Sky was red shades with back writing on it Texture not found or something similar, words written spread almost from horizon to horizon in an arc.

    Lets hope the no plane spotting comes to the world, might suck with the rebirth of DD numbers so, theres the flip side, let alone sub point blank shotgunning. If spotter plane was designated to also spot ships near as well as increase range.. Thatd actually be more practicable to its namesake. Spotter… not range extender..

  3. I think more crazy ships are being added and am not sure these be on the fun side to play. Plus they may be in Santa container.

  4. people don’t want to play Kitakami because she’s a good ship, people want to play Kitakami because she’s a Meme boat, WG not seeing this over the last 4-5 years in which they have been trying to make her work again has been sadly not surprising..

  5. I am waiting for Kitakami for what I saw might be a bit too OP, I would put on her jager torps fast torps, lower damage, and fast reload as she has gazilions of them, I didn’t see if she has any guns but I would make it complete torp and only torp, with the rack on bow and stern to have chance torp ppl in front and at back when ppl chasing her, slightly lower concealment as its kinda bigger ship cruiser class with pure torp power, just my 2 cents. hybrid ships are annoying as hell and can’t wait for the change that fighter planes guarding the area cant spot anymore. ppl complain against subs dunno why but as soon u spotted u dead more or less as many BBs, cruisers have longer airstrike deep charges than u have range on torps or ping, also some CVs have waaaaay too many aircraft health no matter how many AA and AA ships u have in vicinity shooting them down, they still can deliver full load on u. so a lot of things that need be changed. Prices for Ships for doublons are too high, It is kinda stupid also that you need to pay for a battle pass AND a premium account separately if you want full benefit that I see only in this game. hf and gl and calm seas everyone

  6. Speaking of the Johnston, if WG really has no idea how to add it to the game, heres a simple solution: Its a Fletcher with a Super Heal.

  7. I suspect there’s a contractual element to the continuing alignment. For one, changes are probably planned at least a year ahead of release, and if what is now Lester was doing the majority of the work, WG will want to still have the output from the development work they’ve paid for, while Lester want to use the work they produced. WG will have to have some sort of dev team but that is probably still winding up and getting familiar with the bowl of spaghetti that is WOWS coding so are still needing the expertise in Lester.
    It means both companies aren’t totally screwed by the split, so I’m honestly not surprised the two versions still align.
    There may be agreements about when certain things get released and who gets to announce things first but I suspect it’s pure business rather than conspiracy.

  8. I think we’re about to see a continuation of “superships”. On the EU server (not sure about other regions) we’re faced with a community mission to grind for a nuclear emblem for the player patch and a flag will follow suit. Let’s get ready for Tier 12 and the nuclear propulsion navies.

    Edit: The “event” is titled -> “Leap into the Future” while the category for the combat missions is named “Path of Progress” – So yeah, things are happening for sure.

  9. Let´s hope that we also get the big buffs to all the old ships to make them more fun/viable.

  10. Forester Logs on Trucks

    SeaLord Bingo card, another USS Johnston, BINGO!

  11. The Kremlin is hurting. Dispersion beyond 8km would make a GK captain angry. Roma is more consistent.

  12. i think kitakami was tier 8 originally. imagine bb life at tier 8 at tiers 6-7 if this thing was still tier 8

  13. love hearing the intro, idk why I like it so much lol

  14. It was really great to seem your Bismarck supporting you so well from behind islands, while you’re being gunned down.🤨🤨

  15. Kitakami been out in the wild

  16. The game versions have to stay the same so that the reunification will not be such a huge mess.

  17. Kitakami was never a DD, I don’t know where you got that from, but since release she has always been a cruiser.

  18. Kitakami was never a destroyer she was a “scout cruiser” of the Kuma class, you still have the Kuma in wows as a tier 4 cruiser, i did closed beta test of wows befor the launch and i still remember the cries when she was pulled from the game.

  19. I had the OG Kitakami in closed Beta. She was the tier 4 Japanese CL Kuma not a DD. The only change to that I remember was just bolting on lots of torpedo launchers in place of some of the guns. She was definitely a meme boat able to slam lots of torpedoes into gaps or spread them into open areas in the map. She was at tier 8 and when spotted was blatted out of existence immediately. She could do a lot of damage with her 62 or 67 knot torps( I can’t remember which) but was a lot of fun but not a good ship in randoms. I believe they gave her smoke just before they pulled her, but it was still a tier 4 cruiser at tier 8 and extremely vulnerable to everyone once she fired her torps.

  20. Yep – time for the new soviet supercarrier capable of launching TU-22 backfire bombers with AS-6 heavy anti ship missiles. Shoot from the edge of the map to anywhere on the map – and hit like 406mm/50 heavy AP shells with their 2200lb warheads…

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