World of Warships – This Carrier is a citadel machine, forget about healing anymore

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Brand new German tier 10 CV is finally out so I can show you what this thing does.

Some carriers have AP bombs and that’s nasty but this thing has AP bombs AND AP rockets + torps.

What kinda dmg does AP do? Citadel dmg. Can you heal citadel dmg? Mostly NO. Torps also count as cita dmg so this CV mostly does dmg you CAN NOT HEAL.

There is “counter play” which is angling but that is not exactly gonna be easy and possible every time.

Oh…it also can’t get citadeled by itself so there’s that.

Manfred Von Richthofen ladies and gentelmen.

Enjoy and have “fun” watching 😉

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  1. Seems like CV power 1 : 0 German bias this time lol

    • I actually think they’re slightly weaker overall than the others. Except at T8. Main issue is lack of anti DD weapons, it’s basically your rockets and torps, and both require the DD to sail in a straight line.. Your planes are INSANELY squishy. At T10 the Audacious planes have something like ONE THOUSAND more HP. Even Hakyu beats them by 200-400 HP, not to mention the insane camo IJN torp planes have.

      You trade speed and striking power for HP and damage reliability in these things. You NEED to aim well or position well at the least to get your damage out. Audacious, and Midway can do the same thing this thing does with LESS care for angling.

    • @Orange Dream but don’t forget almost all the other CVs received a change in the dispersion circle in 097 which highly reduce the damage they can do to angled DDs. Which makes German CV not too shabby in terms of hunting destroyers ( since we all know mainly is the spotting mechanics of Carrier fucks the DDs) Besides haku’s dive bombers alpha damage have been nerfed a couple times so when we talking about the damage value and potential, the Germans are on the of the game tbh.

    • Just wait until russian CVs come out.

  2. Can’t win… ther is an issue with HE spammers, so they introduce a line of CV’s that punish them the most, but happens that helps break the game more.

  3. I miss the pre 2019 state of this game… Yes, some things where already broken, but it was nowheere near this stupid shitfest it is now.

  4. jennifer stewarts

    the new generation of german carriers are going to be so bass akwards… Rocket planes with AP rockets that have to worry about bounce, overpen, and angle of attack… so you want to need to go broadside. BUT their penetration isnt good enough for battleships… and overpens destroyers so… its for cruisers.

    AP bombs that are high altitude drops… cit battleships, but are hard to use against cruisers…

    So whats for destroyers… Get this… Fast short range torpedoes with very fast arming times… yep… torpedoes for destroyers… the torps apparently requre you to drop closer and and dont do as much damage especially against torpedo belts. so arn’t good against battleships and cruisers… but work against destroyers…

    • The Panzer Of Ze Lake

      Imagine complaining about CV’s not killing something effortlessly

    • Perfectly said my dude

    • jennifer stewarts

      @The Panzer Of Ze Lake oh i’m not complaining about that. I’m saying its backwards compaired to others… other factions its rocket planes for destroyers, dive bombers for cruisers, and torpedoe bombers for battleships.

      and as to the overpen… its a joke.. again, if its going straight through an comng out the bottom…for an overpen… that just seems strange. but it does make the bombs pretty useless gainst destroyers, and cruisers.

    • The Panzer Of Ze Lake

      @jennifer stewarts Fair enough, but the overpen system in WoWs is kinda scuffed to begin with. I mean High caliber guns like 16″ and 18″ hit a cruiser (Targets they were designed to kill) and just overpen. Fuses on AP rounds from BB guns were FAR more sensitive to compensate for the thinner armor on Crusiers that they were more likely to encounter than just other BB’s

    • These ships all carry 16″ and 18″ corks for the overpens, makes total sense.

  5. CVs are balanced because you couldn’t carry the team single- handedly. WG logic

  6. they should just add guided missiles at higher tiers.

  7. CVs obviously working as intended! Just like all the rest of the “random” in RNG in this game.

  8. Definitely preferred the old school control of CVs. Made it a steeper learning curve, but was way more rewarding when you did well. I stopped playing all my CVs when the rework was done.

    • but the old cv can kill a light cruiser in one strike with all their planes which is also not fun…

      point is.. remove cv’s if wargaming can’t make them fun to play against

    • @Magical Banana Yeah if that cruiser was alone yes, but pair it up with another cruiser and I(the CV) just threw away 8 of my 21 torpedo planes.. I cud not do that forever. And the DD dying at the start of the game is just the same as today. As every DD has this urge to cap even if they see planes towards their direction insted of waiting under the cruisers AA cover

    • @Magical Banana back then DFAA work mogami with DFAA probably not kill much but CV gonna divert and search another target

    • @Paisa231 DDs always had trouble with planes. But killing DDs used to require better predictions as rocket planes didn’t exist yet. Now for cruisers… sacrificing 8 out of 21 planes for a kill is definitely worth it even though your planes don’t regenerate… a pair of non-USN cruiser without DefAA will still be destroyed by a good RTS CV player

  9. Ib Erik Söderblom

    When WG realises, that CV’s harm Russian ships, things will happen…

  10. No ammount of carrying can help certain teams win.
    That much I have learned in a few years of this game.
    Always depresses me when I see a unicum get confederate, high caliber, dreadnought, fireproof and close quarters expert on a german secondary build BB all the whilst ending up with 2 solo caps and a bunch of cap resets and yet the team still manages to pull off a loss.
    It is as if some people do their very level best to lose games.
    Like that is what they are going for. Playing so bad they lose it for everybody.

  11. Note to WG; Everytime that Flambass was speaking highly of carriers, THAT WAS SARCASM.

  12. “If I can’t kill the carrier – at least i can go for the russian ships.” – I love you, mate! The most speccuhl Streamer 🙂

  13. …Oh how I DON’T miss playing this game

  14. Way to kill those Russian Ships, just as Stalin did his own people…

  15. CV idea: Switching between your rocket/torpedo/dive bombers should have a relatively long delay to simulate the switching of armaments below deck. This idea is heavily inspired by Nagumo’s dilemma in the Battle of Midway

  16. Mario Palencia Gutiérrez

    text book example of how farming dmg isn’t the same as supporting your team.

    Sure, the dmg numbers look great, but the enemy CV hit where it mattered and helped the enemy team win by a landslide.

    • You are correct, as a DD player, I like when CVs ignore me, and prefer to farm damage off BBs. Best CV players are generally spotting for everyone and picking off low health targets, doesn’t help pad their score, but usually results in a win.

  17. See, even all this wouldn’t be so bad if AA was actually functional. The fact is that carriers leave practically no counterplay and no risk to self, so it makes sense that they should be countered by people willing to sacrifice some of their ship’s own power to be practically immune to CV drops, kind of like how it was pre-update.
    But as it is, carriers get to strike basically who they want, where they want, when they want, unless the entire team decides to give up their entire map presence and roll up into a lemming ball.

    • even then it doesn’t matter. unless you get good RNG and blap them with a flak burst the first strike always goes through.

  18. ᐃᑦᑎᓂᖅᓯᐅᑐᖅ ᑕᖅᓴᖅ

    Wargaming: how can we make carriers even worse than they already are

    Result: German carriers

  19. The Budgie Admiral

    Fun fact, the “torpedo” that the Ta-152s are carrying…

    That’s a guided anti-ship missile.

  20. Although carriers are “over-powered”, they have the lowest win rate among the four types.
    They can do constant damage no matter what ships they face, but they cannot carry your team, if your teammates are potatoes.

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