World of Warships- This Confirms What WG Is Up To

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the most recent event, the Armory Exchange, this confirms that WG is currently going hard after their own mess of resource inflation, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Armoury event appears designed to soak up dubs from players with excess… the changes to container mechanics / some other recent changes appear designed to lower the dubs received by players in game from containers by chance… WG is trying to use up any excess dubs players have so they need to regularly use cash to buy dubs to pay for premium bp and seasons bonuses so wg gets regular income from players… suspect it is their way of compensating for the revenue lost from declining player numbers… suspect pandemic led to less in game spending (due to income disruption for many people) the reduction in spending at a player base level seems to have gotten worse since the intro of subs so wg needs to be more aggressive in ensuring dubs will be bought for cash on a regular basis. WG really needs to address the problem that most dd and cruisers have a very hard time killing subs unless the sub player is inexperienced and gets caught by surprise, there is a major gameplay problem that needs to be addressed, BB can kill subs with airborne asw but only if they are kiting away or there is a group of bb working together to kill the sub. If subs worked in the game they would not need to be banned from clan battles

    • The intro of subs lead to a two or three week decline in players which then recovered. If DD v Sub was a problem all they would have to do is introduce hedgehogs. Nothing else would be necessary. The problem if inflation is WORLD WIDE and it’s something everyone has to deal with even if you are not a DD main.

    • @Chris Austin For sure not completely recovered… didn’t open WoWs for since August ’22, and even while I considered starting it up once this morning, I played Rule the Waves 2 instead. Was a blast.

  2. That is a GRATE QUESTION. Why does WG not just have a “resource exchange” to convert all these RESOURCES into OTHER RESOURCES. That should be a thing they add to the game. We have: Credits, Commander XP, Free XP, Coal, Steel and of course Doubloons. Im sure alot of people wish they could just take all that Excess stuff they don’t need and convert it into something else.

    And yes i saw that comment too about “Wargaming taking more action against inflation then the US Government” I got a kick out of that one too.

  3. It is funny that the GZ is still 56 bucks to buy when it has been so thoroughly nerferd so that a secondary build on it is no longer effective against any ships other than dd and frankly that was the main thing about it that was good.

  4. the exchange rates are ridiculous though. 15 to 1 is just nuts, having to throw away 14 to convert 1 is not something i will ever do.

  5. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Correction: 1K dubs are still in the new supercontainers

  6. William Neitzel

    IMO, the voucher system introduced is a scam. WG is slowly becoming a Pay-to-Play game. They haven’t gotten 1 cent from me in over 8 months. I still have over 500 PREMIUM days, and can’t recall when my last purchase was for Premium days. With WG hitting the economy with brick-bats, I don’t see this getting any better.

  7. Well, they sure are limiting how much coal I get in the “more coal” containers. I used to average 2*400 coal every 8/10 containers and at least one of the 10 would give me 3*400. Now I get 1*400 9/10 times and 1 2*400. Then getting too many useless grey econs mixed with 500 free xp or 1500 of the other xp they give out. Really tired of the minimizing BS.

    • I do nothing but collect More Coal containers daily, and I also record all the drops. After 162 tracked containers since 3/22/2023 (this counts every More Coal container, regardless of how I acquired it), I’ve received a total of 83600 coal. The expected value based on drop percentages is 84,240. That’s only -640. Pretty darn close. Over time, the drop chances do seem to work out as advertised.

  8. Thanks for the heads up – this came live last night for me and it confused me – i ended up buying 96 vouchers and thinking I was getting coal again they got me – i didnt see how this can help me – my credits have declined and my flags declined – the games last year is coming

  9. I would add iron as a battle bonus rewards , iron +coal can be refined into steel over time – runs when you are logged off

  10. “We want to celebrate however long you’ve been with us playing our game by giving you absolutely nothing back in return. Thanks for playing!” Me personally I have been with and seen this game progress from Alpha to where it is now the game as a core has improved a lot and the community for the most part is still amazing as ever but I don’t play as much as I used to for a couple reasons 1 being my work schedule and 2 the downward spiral of what WG used to be which it wasn’t really that long ago when they changed to be just like a lot of company’s where they just truly stop caring about their customers. I hope they can fix their ways and get back on track but I highly doubt that will ever happen.

  11. Krzysztof Narloch

    Btw that exchange event – for 100 dubs you can get 1250 FxP. if you convert exp using 100 dubs you get 3500 FxP. This event is the secret IQ quest. I know for 200 dubs would get 8000 FxP

  12. this event for me is a clear IQ check. If you get eg. gorizia using only coal for vouchers, it costs around 200k, while a normal t7 premium cruiser is around 80-60k w/out coupons

    • The question isn’t if it’s at a normal t7 price, but if it’s worth paying extra to get something out of the SC pool that *isn’t* otherwise available for coal.

    • @Nelson Brown there is paying extra and then there is this… Gorizia is probably worth more than the average t7 but 2.5x +? Nah… The others are kinda trash imho as a cruiser enjoyer

  13. Duncan Hamilton

    SCs have been gash for ages. Then on Monday I got an SC from clan reserve/building. It dropped a Maya. Then my first container of the day was also an SC… which dropped an FR.25.

    First time I’ve had an SC ship since Perth about four years back

  14. MelancholicThug

    Honestly this was pretty cool, got myself a Hood for 100k coal and some credits. DoY in the armory (another T7 UK BB) is 101k coal, so it was a good deal in my eyes.

    • Bro this must have cost you a t10’s worth in credits or more…

    • MelancholicThug

      @Manos Al Around 60M, but I have most T10 and even then, you get plenty credits from playing so it’s not that big of a deal.
      Silver scarcity is not as big in WoWs as in War Thunder, there’s no way I’d be able to do something like this in that game. My guess is WG is trying to go on a direction like that, ever so slightly.

  15. Heroic Testicles

    I’m really bitter about them removing and changing so much. It’s ok for people who have benefitted from all of this and got what they need but newer players are just working up to this and waiting for their first super container which held doubloons. I’ve been playing 6 months and haven’t even had a chance at these giveaways at the anniversary event. Now I never will. They are just making this hard on newer players. The one’s who stick around, spend money, enjoy the game and put up with all wargamings bullshit decisions with subs and carriers and hybrids. Someone else needs to make a shooty ship game.

  16. Honestly, It’s emotional as I specifically dropped a couple of grand for a machine so I could play and see the epic historical events World of War Ships offered, being I’m retied USN. Some go fishing, other golfing and other such hobbies. Me? I invested in this game. Initially, fun but I have always been a really bad player so naturally, I spend more on that really fancy fishing rod and I still can’t get a break. Even worse, It’s even apparent to a really bad player, he’s being played. Even so, I am going to go back and play some more here in a while cause it’s always better than nothing else, I guess. I’ve always been fearful I would see a replay about myself here as an example of what not to do. Even so, I do enjoy the once in a while living until the end of the match and I appreciate you efforts Sea Lord.

  17. days when t9 premium ship was available for 750k free xp & you can get a t8 ship from the dockyard event for only around 2 bucks & playing the game a much simplier times then.

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