World of Warships- This Gimmickless Ship You Should Get

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Hey guys, today we take a look back the Tier VI Premium American Battleship Arizona, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Hey seal lord ! Love your vids.
    If they questioned that she did not belong or not in the game back in the day .
    Imagine what we all thing of all superior soviet ships in the game today hahah
    Playing since CBT damages your sanity as time goes on.

  2. Arizona is really a nice investment I had made when I got her two years ago, I always have a fun time pulling her out even in ranked games, slow ship but hits like a train when you shoot at the right target 😀

  3. love her , playing her in some operations , loads of guns . reload is quite long tbh i think she has a slightly better heal than mex

  4. April WhiteMouse

    True story: Wargaming got mad at me for comparing California (a tier VII battleship) unfavourably with Arizona.

  5. The “camo” you have on her, is the one she had on the day she was sunk. The red top on the turrets, were an insigna for her beeing the flagship of the battlegroup. Why mark it like that. Well because of bad/poor radio communication, they often had to drop messages/orders from planes, so the red top made this much easier to spot the right ship. I should really get this ship too.

  6. Steven Wiederholt

    For those interested in the history of ships in game check out Carbine Carlito’s youtube channel and his Community tab.
    Example nine days ago
    “Hatsuharu was launched on this day exactly 89 years ago on the 27th of February 1933.” (Snip)

  7. This is a great ship! I would highly recommend this ship. Got it in the Verizon email thing, and love playing it. Got the dreadnought achievement a few times in tier 8 games, and citideled a Kansas a few times with it. 100% worth 26 dollars!

  8. Should do a review of the Atago an even older premium but still a very good ship

  9. Tomorrow…Oklahoma!? 😀 Great review of the Arizona. I love to play her as you said, to work on Commanders AND to generate some credits. Since you can use Commanders across the board, you can train up your DD and Cruiser Commanders with her too. Not like in the old days when a BB Commander was ONLY a BB Commander unless you spent doubloons or XP to retrain them.

  10. To this day, I often think back on how I scored 3x citadels (map Neighbors) after shooting a full salvo while using the spot plane on the IJN Amagi. I knew then she was a solid premium ship.

  11. The accuracy of the guns IS its gimmick. Very few sacrifices have to be made in order to drop an entire salvo that land on target every time you pull the trigger (assuming you know how to aim).

  12. Got this thing as a rental for a few days and I have to say it’s one of the worst ships I’ve ever played. I would take Texas or New York any day over this ship.

  13. Got the Arizona in a super container and was presently surprised at how much I enjoy playing her

  14. Actually Flandre did have a big gimmick – long range high DPS AA with 10 x Flak, and some of the highest secondary DPM in the game with good range on the secondaries too. Unfortunately this is largely negated by poor flak accuracy, and poor shell penetration respectively – but an AA/secondary meme build is definitely still viable, and therefore her gimmick contributes to players’ decisions to buy her or not.

  15. I call Arizona the Death Star (or DS II, to be more specific) in the way she can delete ships with ease.

  16. she is still a beast. being a slow ship, having map awarness is key.

  17. Marco Polo also has no gimmick, it loses the fuel smoke the Italians have (unless you consider 16″ rifles a gimmick for italian ships).

  18. Love this ship. The history factor alone makes it worth playing. It’s a really nice looking ship. And the guns seriously punish your opponents, especially with the AP boost. Great opportunities to citadel. It can take a beating as well. Very fun battleship to play.

  19. Still waiting for the Nevada to be added. The only BB to have gotten under way during the attack. She fought both fronts and had to be sunk by torpedoes after refusing to sink from not one but TWO nukes being dropped on her.

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