World of Warships- This Is Absolutely Disgusting

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Hello guys, today we have a replay from AntiFunPolice again! This time in the Super Cruiser Annapolis! Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. On a related note, I played the Des Moines for the first time since i got her today, AND I GOT A MATCH WITH 8 SUPERSHIPS! 6 of which where Annapolis’s, WELCOME TO TOP TIER MATCH MAKING IN 2022! Now i see why people tell you to avoid tier 9 and 10 these days, pity then i still have all the campaigns to go though to unlock all that fun stuff.

    Still, out of all the Super ships id argue the Annapolis is the most balanced. She is just a bigger Des Moines with a Burst fire Gimmick.

    • Still amazingly fun compared to a match with multiple subs, a cv and some dd.

    • I only play Tier 7 and Tier 8 games now. I avoid Tier 9 and Tier 10 like the plague it is.

    • @FARHANA Akter Muna Oh yeah Satsuma is pretty much a Shikishima on steroids

    • I have under 10 tasks left on Yamato, Halsey, and Honorable to finish them all “With Honors”. Massive pain in the ass to be that close and get a bunch of super $hit to deal with.

    • I play co-op. Some of my most amazing games are ones where I am playing a supership (Annapolis or Edgar), I am the only human player on my team and all of the bots are in superships. Outside those games, superships are kind of ‘meh’, as the rewards do not match the credit loss.

  2. Flambass is on the enemy team. The game is already lopsided lol

  3. I still have to get some T-X ships before the snowflake event, but then i believe this one will be my “first and only” T-XI.

    I suppose “Antifun” and “Flamb ass” are the same player.

  4. WG: “What is this? Someone earns credits in Supership? Nerf credits.”

    • I hope they do. They made this big spiel about how they are supposed to be a credit sink yet I have not seen a single game where someone actually lost credits in a supership.

  5. that was quite a neat demonstration …. but most of the time, one loses money over these supership games …
    and super-BBs are not really that impressive if you ask me. they’re just there to play at 25 km, with very limited mobility and below average damage delivery.

  6. Andrew Potapenkoff

    Shlieff should have make a push and use secondaries and trops in QQ range.

  7. You know, I’m glad Wargaming told us that superships add to the fun of the game. Otherwise we might all make the mistake of thinking that they detract from the game. Same with subs. If Wargaming hadn’t enlightened us, we’d all think that subs were fantasy-based cancer that’s hurting the game. Luckily, Wargaming assures us that they add to the fun. Also, Wargaming has assured us that subs don’t shotgun, which it’s a huge relief knowing that what I thought was shotgunning wasn’t really. Oh, and supercarriers that launch flying Abrams battletanks are also perfectly balanced, which I’m also glad Wargaming has clarified. Here I thought it might be imbalanced that an AA build cruiser has to inflict over 15k damage to get a single aircraft kill…but luckily that is NOT the case. It’s perfectly fine, balanced and we’re all having far more fun than ever before.

    • Super ships would be ok if there were only a few per match. Subs are never ok. Cv are never ok. They are what ruin this game.

    • Of course we are all having fun. Spreadsheet says so, so it must be true.

    • The sarcasm is strong with this one, master Yoda….

    • @Th. K. ah yes, thank God we have the spreadsheet. If we didn’t, we might be upset!

    • @Rob O I have no issue with subs/CV’s being in the game. They played a massive historical role. However, Wargaming needs to balance them. My idea would be:

      1. Make AA a human-influenced skill (as in, a CL player can aim their AA at incoming planes, just like a CV player can aim his planes’ attacks). This makes it human vs. human instead of human vs. crappy Wargaming AI.

      2. Nerf plane regeneration. CV’s should have a set number of planes. Once those are gone, they are gone. No carrier in history has ever gone to sea with an aircraft factory on board. However, allow CV’s have bigger squadrons and be able to choose between attacking in flights or as a whole squadron. This gives CV’s the option of more sustainability or higher alpha with less sustainability.

      3. Each CV flight should incur a cooldown on return to ship. Once again, historically accurate. Once a plane lands it needs to be refueled, rearmed and then repositioned to launch from the flight deck again. These factors had a massive influence on history, being one of the reasons cited for the Japanese defeat at Midway. I don’t see how you make a naval game and don’t replicate that mechanic.

      4. Give subs less maneuverability, more in line with history (so 20knots per hour or just over surfaced and 7-14 knots submerged). Also, nerf torpedo reload times a little bit.

      5. The airstrike depth charges should outrange a sub’s torpedoes, thus a BB can kite a sub so the sub player needs to use skill to sneak up into torpedo range and fire without being detected (as a historical sub captain would).

      6. Give DD’s and CL’s a towed sonar array that can detect subs at distance. However, deploying this array slows the CL/DD and increases its own detectability range (similar to firing a main battery). Thus, CL’s and DD’s can detect subs easily, but open themselves up to retaliation as well. Once again, enhances the idea of skilled play.

      Do this and now there is balance. Subs are now more historically accurate as ambushers and sneak attackers on isolated targets, as well as providing valuable recon. Carriers can still spot, provide recon, have a higher alpha but less sustainability.

  8. This game gets a 9/10 for looks. A 2/10 for actual naval battle situations and tactics. A resounding 1/10 (minimum) for how the sighting works.
    The concept that you can sit behind an island or in smoke and still see an enemy ship because some other ship or plane on your side has it in sight is just unrealistic. It’s better than the tech ships have in 2022.
    In WW2, imagine the poor schmuck of a radio operator getting info from the bridge to relay ALL the sighting from every lookout, the sighting of every ship seen, every few seconds an updated version ..–…—-..–.-.-.-.-.—–……——-……—-.-.-.-.-.-.—-.-…….(name of ship, more coming) ..-.-.—-….–.–.-.-.-.-.- and so on for thousands of dits and dashes, well, you see the problem.
    Modern ships with benefit of computers can come close, a representation of all info gathered on a plot table or MINI MAP. Still a far cry from this game’s system of the bridge being a holographic suite where you look out and see all ships your fleet can see in real time, in the 1940’s.
    Solution, simple, if your ship doesn’t see the enemy, all sighting from other ships or planes just gets put on the mini map.
    This would solve a problem with CVs in that their planes sight all enemy ships for all to see. ” Sighted enemy ships, number, type, course and speed as follows…….” was about it . Also, smoke used as it was, to mask ships from enemy, not to sit in and fire out of, since the mini map is all the info you get while in smoke at further distance ships.

    • I agree in concept with your complaint. Then it reminds me of the actual time it takes to reload torpedoes, (30-45 minutes having actually done it) , radar that sees through mountains, sonar that sees through islands, plus many other examples of the difference between this game and real life. You still need to remember, in order to make it fun, where real people will play the game, you cant use real life as the metric. Like you I think it needs to be toned down, but if they did too much it would be a “Simulator” and not a game.

  9. What a surprise the troomp topped the enemy team. Flambass one of EU top players.

  10. I turned off Superships and generally play the game about 75% less now. Good job WG.

  11. The enemy player in the Tromp is Flambass, BTW.

  12. That Yugumo is a complete shame to see his gameplay. As a DD he goes around the islands on the East and becomes AFK effectively.
    The Kearsarge has no clue to how to use his ship. 12 great guns wasted as he uses it as a carrier only? 🙂

  13. Within the so OP Super Carriers,Super ships,Subs its just super Madness..WG should tone down that.

  14. Interesting game development decisions wg made, that is why I am only playing low tier games, nos superships

  15. When I started to play this game the Atlanta told me just about everything I know about WGings attitude towards how they want this game.
    I may not like some of the way things are done in this game but I choose still to play the game. I did take 10 months from the game and when I came back here where the super ships.
    Well it was in Aug. that I came back so I finished getting the new lines of ships that I wanted, then the BattlePass and Japanese Ca”s have come out, just completed them last and still playing.

  16. @ 3:50 if dude would have loaded AP and activated F almost certainly would have sent broadsiding Schlieffen back to port instead of sticking with HE spam. That F key is magic for punishing weak broadsides. Then he lets the Schlieffen get away with broadsiding again at 7:00.

  17. @NoName i remember that, and if i remember correctly, they also said that there wouldn’t be any heavily armored ships either (super ships), but that was also a different time, and i believe different people was running the game as well

  18. I dunno if all superships are that super. Every time I take my Hannover out it feels like I am in an armoured pinata.

  19. Great example of everything wrong with Wargaming and why it long stopped being fun.

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