World of Warships- This Is Absolutely INSANE!!

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Hey guys! Buckle up, we have one insane round from Cutlass in the TVIII Premium Soviet battleship Lenin, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. And at the same tier, we have the Tirpitz… what a sad contrast. What a match. Both teams absolutely boggled it like monkeys. ^^

  2. Cutlass team almost completely dies out, victory actually no longer up for grabs. Cutlass: “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”

  3. Wow! What a game! Loved watching that. What a thriller!

  4. Was waiting eagerly to see what you thought of my shiggles was listening to hardbass when I was playing for style points and buffs, I compare the second half of this match to “The slap part 2″(Really funny vid go watch it). There is a reason there is a Team in my name(“I AM THE TEAM!!”… No? Battlefield friends reference? Ok I’ll just go be a nerd in the corner). My commander build was the recommended minus all the row 2 stuff bar turret rotation because it’s only 20 point, wasn’t a special or improved commander at all. I just had like all the signals I could shove on at gunpoint from the port stores. I will forever call this match “The almost perfect match” since if I held my fire for later on Kansas it could have been all 12 but it’s Hindsight and who the fuck expects this to happen after. We have actually met in battle before typically in CBs of course back then I was some rando so I doubt you remember, I’ll be sure to say Hi next time from my Daring. I’m just some random orchardist from NZ, a shitlord, big brain Teaboo DD main and lucky idiot unparalleled with some weird luck deity watching over me(And CVs that always have a hard on for me, to be fair I kill them if they leave me be as well so…). Oh before I forget, shameless plug I have a channel where I do post my shiggly bullshit maybe we can get SLM to watch my 91 shoot down Edinbruh game which was my previous best game ever(Doesn’t compare at all to this match).

    • I will say, that is the kind of battle results screen that should be printed out, laminated, framed and hung on a wall. I don’t think iv ever seen someone ALMOST KILL the entire enemy team in a Random Battle before, iv seen 7s, 8s, 9s even. BUT 10! That is a new record.

    • Dude, your match was fucking amazing!
      Send it to Jingles, you deserve the accolades

    • men that was seriously INSANE, how are your sweetie hands doing now ? mad respect for pulling that off with a Team like that

    • @Antonio Soffici Thanks! Already have, it’s in his hands now.

    • @Hoschi0913 Still a little shaky. Now I just wanna one up it even though it’s near impossible.

  5. Hoebee Dienstverlening

    I love this kind of play, 11 kills wow !!!

  6. WOW, that was something. Thank you Sea… for sharing this most special video.

  7. What a match to watch , that was just awesome . Thank you Sea Lord for sharing that .

  8. I thought the time I shot down 56 planes in my Tier V British cruiser Hawkins, but Cutlass was way better, and 11 kills! Hats off to the enemy guy in the Vasteras for being the last man standing on his team. That ship is Tier VI and has no smokes. I have to admit it’s a favorite DD of mine!

  9. Sheltonious Maximus

    Every time I que for a match I envision myself having this type of game. Then the match begins and reality sets in.

  10. A perfect game. WOWs needs a new award for this level of performance.

  11. Awesome play. Congrats Cutlass and thanks SLM for posting it.

  12. That match was in a word, “outstanding!” You really should share that one with Jingles!

    And to Cutlass, Bravo Zulu!

  13. I thought the title “this is absolutely insane” would be a clickbait but omg, this WAS absolutely insane.



  15. Unbelievable, Cutlass was sinking ships like he was playing in a training room. Congratulations!

  16. Seaboard thank you so much for posting this video it is indeed one of the most entertaining matches I’ve seen it a long long time not just for the gameplay but for your excitement level and your continual struggling with the pronunciation of anything even remotely foreign. The Lenin can be such a beast under the right circumstances and I thoroughly enjoy playing mine when I can. I just wish I could approach even half of the level of the devistion and destruction of this guy achieved.

    • With a “big brain”(Gonna have to find me one of those), belief and shitty teams anything is possible especially with good heap of luck. May the winds be in your favour and your shots true.

  17. Well played Cutlass. Your skills are complete. Well played.

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