World of Warships- This Is Absolutely One Of The Worst Premium Ships In The Game

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier VII Premium French Battleship Strasbourg. A ship which I enjoy but is absolutely miserable to play in most cases, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I have this ship. Payed for it absolutely 0, as I have received it as a reward for some mission/chain of missions/collection. If she’s top tier, than oh Lord she’s a nice ship to play. Anything but top tier is not bearable

  2. It is a good ship on T7 against T7 if you play her right. Hell even against T8 you can take and give a punch.

  3. I love my Dunkirk (as long as you play her shotgun point blank she’s an absolute joy machine 😀 ) but wouldn’t go for the Strasboug, she’s almost the same ship one tier higher 🙁

  4. I’ve got the Dankship, and at times I love her, at other times I loathe her. Some times through a battle her guns are consisten with dispersion. Other times, usually for the whole battle, its like when you shoot, the turret wiggles and randomly elevates and depresses guns, and actually pointing guns at the enemy is at best a suggestion for the shells who will often instead choose to go on a cycling holiday in the South of France rather than anywhere near your target.
    And 9/10 times the crew are going “Hmm…you know what we need to do? Store 3/4 full tanks of engine oil, Oxygen tanks and piles of oil soaked rags everywhere all over the ship. Because its a case of

    *One hit*
    *Three fires break out*
    “The ship is on fire!*
    *uses Damacon*
    *Problem solved sir!”
    *gets hit*

    At least the main armour belt change is acutally historical, the Strassbourg did have a slightly thicker belt than the Dunkq.

  5. I did not play mine in randoms yet, but it’s always a pain to deal when I meet one on enemy team. Definitely a good BB and very unique for its tier. Funny how JB is considered very good, when its just uptiered Dunkerque with reload booster and biger calibre guns. Dunkerque is not worse for its tier and likely even better

    • Waverley Journalise

      Dunkerque is a battlecruiser and has the armour of that. Jean Bart is far better protected, internally and externally, and way more consistent.

    • JB is a Richelieu not a Dank. And ofc it is considered good. Richie is pretty solid at T8, and the gimmick is pretty fitting at T9. Dunq is already pretty bad at T6 so obviously it will be dreadful at T7.

  6. Surprisingly most of my games in my Dunkerque has been quite a bad experience and the result is that my win rate in it is terrible. My win rate in the Strasbourg on the other hand is very good. Actually, my win rate in it is quite a bit higher than most of my other premiums. So I tend to like the Strasbourg much more than the Dunkerque. That being said, I can understand that it is the other way around for most people.

    • Same scenario for me. I like the Strasbourg much better than the Dunkerque B. I think the reload booster can be a real advantage. It can lay ruin to DD.


    I have Dunkirk Strasbourg flandre and jb and Bourgogne and love playing them all.I use my 21 point jb commander on all of them and love it. I find they play well and usually have pretty good games with them.. my only problem is my jb captain is built for secondaries so every ship I play him with is a secondary build but it still works for me. Not great for the other ships that’s all because they arnt secondary ships lol

  8. I really like the dunkerque, I’ve had some amazing games in it, but I’ve also had some pretty terrible ones, it has a heck of shotgun dispersion

    PS: why you call it Straussburg tho? Ahahahah

  9. She was given out for free through missions so there’s a reason she is tuned towards the lower end of the spectrum. A “stocking filler” for the xmas loot boxes for sure. In saying that, I did have fun when I played her back when released but fun and effective are two different things.

  10. I find the dunkerque more tanky on the console version, most likely the lack of heavier guns lol

  11. Can you revisit the Hyuga ? It just seems like i can not enjoy this ship like i used to before the nerf.
    Despite the only nerf they told us was 1 second increase reload time but it felt like they did something with the accuracy aswell. Idk i don’t enjoy it like the first few days i bought it when it was released.

  12. The French tier VI VII I tend to use He most of the time and tank the BBs for my team near a cap, easy and usually not the best damage ship but fairly usefull with the speed and front guns, safer against destroyer.

  13. I agree, 1) it has dunkurque’s armor. 2( it’s T7 so that means that armor is going to do nothing.

  14. I’ll be honest I’ve had nothing but amazing games in my strasbourg. People don’t expect the clap because everyone thinks it sucks. Lack of overmatch is an issue but it makes up for it in versatility and ability to push a flank quickly. Plus that reload boost WILL catch people off guard at tier 7.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      That’s exactly my experience with her as well. I’ve posted some extraordinarily good games in her more than once.

  15. It is an old premium… powercreep slaped it really hard. It was decent at the time but the introduction of many 15 inches guns at tier 6, cv remork,…. now it is just a pain

  16. I’ve played it on Narai (it’s actually decent), but nowhere else. No way in hell would I take it into a random battle. You can’t get close enough to make up for the dispersion (without dying, that is).

  17. Complaints Department

    The secret to having great games in the Dunkek and the Strudelburg is to only run them in Operations. Then, you’re always top-tier and have a much harder time dying, losing, or having a terrible match that ruins your daily multiplier.

    Modern problems require modern solutions. Here’s hoping we get the tier 8 ops back soon.

  18. Ashleigh Elizabeth

    I don’t play Strasbourg a lot because I’m either always busy grinding tech lines, running ranked or clans or running my tier 9 and 10 premiums for maximum credit and FXP earning. But when I do play her I usually have a good game in her. For their size the guns can hit surprisingly hard and the reload booster can be a nasty surprise to people who aren’t familiar with her. I’m quite glad I ran through the grind to get her holiday season before last and wish that something as decent had been available for this last New Year’s event we just went through. I definitely don’t think she is one of the worst premiums by a long shot, not with ships like Oklahoma, Yahagi, and Marblehead in the game. I have far better success with her than I do with my Nelson or PEF at the same tier.

  19. Eh, I still think the Yahagi is the worst premium ship. Super squishy with very bad guns and is less than agile for a light cruiser. The torps are great…if you can get them off without being spotted and blapped out of existence, and the firing angles are absurdly terrible. You have to give flat broadside to fire them.

  20. No question in my mind now in 2022 that playing in the Dunk feels quite different from how I remember her playing back around the time of her initial release, aka she feels noticeably weaker to me as of late probably due to more BBs being added to the game at and near her tier with larger gun calibers which can more readily overmatch her bow. So basically bow tanking in 2022 in the Dunk is really not a thing anymore, when around the time of her release I def. remember being able to survive for much longer periods of time while bow on. Secondly, the Dunk these days at least in my opinion also no longer seems to be as effective as she used to be with her HE. Back in the day you could grab the captain skill for improved fire chance, pop on the 2 fire chance flags, and you could be a pretty damn effective flame thrower style BB in the Dunk laughing to yourself while you watch the world burn down around you. However, these days IMO her HE damage rolls seem to be noticeably smaller and more pathetic on average, probably due to Russian BBs with their thicker armor schemes existing in the game as well as various other newer lines with their improved armor layouts and icebreakers therefore contributing to more shatters on average I would suspect. HE shell damage rolls aside, it also feels to me now like Dunk’s overall fire starting capacity has been greatly reduced as well over time, compared to how easily I remember her being able to start fires reliably salvo after salvo some time back… Anyone else feel this way too that the Dunk just somehow feels weaker now overall to how she used to play, or maybe this is all just in my head and a case of bad RNG who knows?

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