World of Warships- This Is Actually The Most INSANE Thing Wargaming Has Done

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Genuinely the most FOMO event that WG has done. Making players give up mind boggling amounts of resources for a SINGLE ship. Insanity.


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  1. Only Wargambling could pull a stunt like this, and they probably wonder why no one trusts them anymore. I would say they’ve hit rock bottom with this but WG will always manage to do something even more scummy

  2. I love these new resource sinks, nothing like a good FU to all those long time hard working players that earned all that stuff, now if they want these ships they got to dump their hard earned goods. And another FU to all the newer players or players that don’t nerd out on the game that have no where near the resources for any of it.

  3. This reminds me of the first time they had the Puerto Rico up for grabs.

    • Funny when i made that comparison on the subreddit i was basically crucified

    • Puerto Rico is pedestrian versus this event. At least for that event you Only use DB’s to supplement. Here you have to give up every piece of resource you have just to get it. Yet for the long time loyal players who have been here since the beginning of the game get rewarded nothing

    • @CaptainPotatoAim What did people say was so different about it?

    • I remeber when Puerto Rico event started , I have literally shoot on every PR in the game enemy or frendly , and at the time frendly dmg existed , and often other frendly player join in , I got PR in one of shipyards , I dont play it , I be same would be with Kitakami.

    • man this is 100x more then a Puerto Rico

  4. And here I was thinking the Smolensk B Auction was the scummiest thing WG did

  5. No ship is worth that much in resources imagine all the great research ships you could get instead like Druid, Colbert, Ohio etc WG are on drugs

  6. Bru your actually gonna suffer for us? That shows your dedication to the channel! If you do end up doing this, you must do a video on your Insane grind

  7. I am honestly incredibly torn with this event. For the last year or so I’ve been saving all of my resources, as I had the gut feeling that a new high tier British ‘Free’mium ship would come ‘soon’. And when HMS Defence was announced mid year on the Dev blog I was _thrilled_, it was almost exactly like something myself and a few friends had talked about before.

    So I continued saving all of my resources, so that ‘whenever it comes, regardless of which resource it costs, I’ll be able to get it’.

    I’ve got 60k RB points, 360k Coal, and 36k Steel. Enough for 3 Tier 10 ships, one from each of the resource shops. I could get FDR, Brisbane and Slava all without having to use my resource ship coupon.

    ‘Easily be able to get Defence now!’ I foolishly thought to myself, upon reaching those goals a few weeks ago.

    And now… this is how Defence is released. And it’s going to wipe out at least two of those entire stocks, and probably dig into the third a little bit…. I feel fucking slapped.

    On one hand I have all the resources to get it, I really do. I can.

    On the other the sheer fucking audacity to ‘charge’ that much for it is galling. One of those times where I’ve done everything right, I did my best, I whaled on the dockyards to get extra steel, and I’ve ground my fucking arse off to ensure that I can get the one thing I really wanted. And I still feel fucking slapped in the face when they finally tell me how I can get it.

    Fuck’s sake…

    • It’s WG, you should know that already, long time ago.

    • If I could make a suggestion about which ship to get with RB points, go for the Illinois! I got it recently and it is a blast! So fun to play!

    • ​@Scott A G Good shout! I’ve played with it a few times on another account and I do really enjoy it, I was mostly just using Slava as an example of the most expensive RB ship

    • To get Defense you need 40 stages or 96k RP, 57.6k is for Defense alone which is ‘in line’ with other RB T10’s but of course the rest is for 3x medium Santa Boxes, the T6 Ellie and T7 F.F. which look like snowflake only tier ships.

      So for you the Defense is essentially 38,400 RP more than what it would be if they just released it into the Bureau.

  8. This is absolutely INSANE I guess I can totally forget ever having her in my port

  9. I got a feeling that whenever a Kitakami shows up in battle, they will be focused by almost EVERY ship on the opposing side.

  10. Good job WG. For now I lost any interest to acquire the Kitakami. And for anyone who wants to get her from the event, good luck to all of you.

  11. I agree that the prices for that event are ridiculous. Personally though, i dont really care about any of the ships. With the Jinan line getting massive buffs, both Smolensk (which is currently up for auction) and Kitakami arent appealing to me. Defence looks kinda fun, but i already have multiple super / battle cruisers so im not missing out on anything special.

  12. I am really intrested Elli and Ferruccio Kitakami has never been the thing I must get. I am sitting over 400K+ coal so I am satisfied but when thinking: That’s insane amount of resources and they have no dubloons in there nor Free XP, so its not straight buy out event (just that resetting ship line and using FreeXP or convert ship XP to FreeXP is roundabout as Sea Lord said). Its just bleeding out resources. I am just thinking that when you emptied your resources Kitakami that has only Asasshios deep water torpedoes, when you take out that ship… that’s insane bulls eye you paint on your ship. Everyone wants to sink Kitakami.

  13. I think it’s a play to get players to pay doubloons to convert all that ship xp that is sitting unused into free xp. And then reset constantly for research bureau points. I could probably do it if I was willing to fork out the doubloons (which I’m not)

  14. Turns out, if the Kitakami is your goal, the Grand Admiral bundle was actually a great deal!

  15. i will always remember a battle i had when i was grinding the old Colorado, in the old diagonal Islands of Ice map, there were 3 Kitakamis in a division on the other team, and they were in my flank xD
    i managed to kill them all (2 of them i totally didnt KS 😅) but not before they launched their walls in my direction xD

  16. Well-done WG. That’s how setup barrier for most player and made your limited book looks worth more than the selling price

  17. I can remember the glory days of that ship, being in a DD infront of it and getting team killed. Hell, it alone was responsible for over half the team kills back then.

  18. Krieg Guardsman 1114

    If you’re wondering how much the Kitakami will cost you, it’ll be about $3,140 in doubloons, if you were going to buy FXP for research points, excluding the free 2x bonus and starting with no RBP.

  19. 5:45 What’s also evident is that enough players have these crazy amount of resources to make this event worthwhile. Of course, I am sure you’ll be able to buy your way through the stages with real money.

  20. Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi

    The Kitakami is like Grand Admiral Thrawn, disappeared years ago, then suddenly returned.

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