World of Warships- This Is An Incredibly Dumb Ship

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the Tier X British Freemium Battlecruiser Incomparable. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Gustavo Cabrerea

    This ship is just Repluse after a good bulking session.

  2. One glad it has torpedo’s I wish war gaming would put torpedoes on the ships that actually had them that would be a help

  3. Emil Kollakowski

    11:35 I felt that camera shake in my soul. I hate when the dispersion just trolls you like that

  4. James Colebourn

    Hey slmb, broadly excellent vid, though I take issue with one bit in particular… Good AA had me on the floor lol.

    If the measure of good AA is can shoot a plane down before the rest of the squad hits you, sure. But I’d say thats functionally irrelevant. It cant defend itself from a kaga, let alone anything T10, regardless of how flimsy the planes are. I’d be VERY hesitant to describe the AA as good when the ship is an hp pinata of the highest order for a CV, not to mention their ability to safely ruin your day via spotting at 10km/20km when firing.

  5. SLM……. The RN Battlecruisers design was not flawed at Jutland. What caused the problem was poor handling of shell propellants which were stored outside magazines and turrets to increase rate of fire as the shooting accuracy was that poor quantity of shell fired was needed to alleviate poor accuracy issues.

    • Totally correct. Fisher’s orders.

    • undertakernumberone1

      the design was still flawed since the ships were not made for the battle line, yet were pressed into the battle line.

    • @undertakernumberone1 That would be a tactical flaw not a design flaw then.

    • @undertakernumberone1 The design was emphatically validated in its original purpose at the Battle of the Falklands Islands 8 December 1914. BCs were the right concept for sweeping global shipping lanes clear of enemy squadrons, away from line of battle main fleet actions.

    • undertakernumberone1

      @Turbogerbil again… not really. At Falklands they ran into weaker, outdated designs with a far larger fleet… had they run into a more modern design, such as the Derfflingers, in more equal fleet that might’ve ended up differently. And Dresden still escaped, causing a massive case of “overreaction” becuase the pride of the royal navy had a tiny scratch… and lead to the Royal Navy shooting at Dresden despite having been surrendered to a neutral nation.

  6. I got Ragnar as my first Steel Ship and coul’t be happier. It’s THE BEST ship in the entire game for my playstyle.

  7. Christian Wilson

    I’d highly recommend bourg as your first steel ship

    • Aristos Achaion

      It’s pretty much the go-to recommendation, but I’d still suggest going for whichever ship suits your playstyle best. Steel is a bitch to earn and you want that investment to be worth it.

  8. Love/hate the game after all these years. It’s addictive. All in all, it’s an incredibly dumb game in almost every aspect, crafted by Russians for profiteering and used primarily by western democratic end-users. Hmmmm. See a pattern here???

  9. i realy cant decide between this and the mecklenburg. both seem like totaly fun picks!

    • One players opinion: If you do ranked / clan battles and are looking for a useful BB, go Incomparable. If you do mostly randoms and wish the Marlborough had some armor on it, go Mecklenberg.

  10. My dude’s YT career has gone great that hes got his own private jet :,) i can hear the engine take off. Im joking of course lol

  11. SLM is more or less on the money here, Incomparable is hilarious. However, the armour is not as good as he makes out, pretty paper thin. Any BB will blap her severely unless heavily angled, torp protection is non existent and HE spam does horrible things to her. AA isn’t all that good really. And she gets spotted from the air at over 9km, CV spotting can really ruin your day. All that said though, I still love her.

  12. 1:24 What they were smoking was *incomparable* to any thing we know of
    3:41 the expenses were *incomparable*
    4:45 she’s *incomparable* to any other teir 10 battleship

  13. It plays like a light cruiser with 20-inch guns. I love out-spotting other cruisers and blatting them out of nowhere. I go for reload over range, which probably isn’t as competitive but having long range makes the ship boring like everything else. Excessively-long range BBs are why high tier games are so campy. Reduce their range and fun gameplay can occur.

  14. Might be dumb but we can all admit it isn’t a sub or cv. And honestly, that is a win in my book.

  15. Probably gonna get the Shikishima for 3 reasons. Better base despersion than Yamato. Rediculous overmatch, and the loud Bass from its guns.

  16. I would love to see a series called “lines in review” where you go back to look at some recently added lines like the Dutch cruisers, thick German dds, and others, and see what they really are like after a few months in the game.


    This dropped right after I bought Ragnar. I was so mad. But I’ve done a lot of ranked and am only 3k steel away once coupon refreshes. But like you’ve said in past ranked is miserable. I’ve had several people go out of their way to tell me to F off when I’ve had a poor game. One even said they hoped I die of cancer. This is a video game people.

    • Just plain ridiculous. Sadly I ignore the chat for the most part. Sometimes it has relevant information. Now the chat is filled with armchair admirals. Listen I am running because I am being torped and targeted by two three ships as well. Armchair admirals will cry that you are running away.

    • Yeah, many seem to foget that. I don’t care about my “Karma,” but when someone feels the need to share their toxic assholery in chat, or worse, follow you back with messages in port?🤨🤨But then I consider the idiocy of the guy who blames the loss on me after he’s been camping in the back in a yamato sniping while I’m trying to cap and deny caps in a Kagero and get killed by double div Tashkent and Cossack, but still end up 3rd in xp. I just feel bad for a guy whose shoe size is the same as his IQ. Just got to consider the source and enjoy the game play.


      @Bret Bengard usually i respond with some sarcasm just to show them their being ridiculous. The guy who wished I got cancer I told him he needed help.

    • @Bret Bengard I feel you. The person telling you what to do after getting ERASED showing nothing but broadside in the first two minutes.

    • @AARON HEMSCHMEYER Terrible on their part. Just ridiculous. IT IS A GAME!!!

  18. 15:11 pls name the ship which has simultaneously better armor and accuracy. She has BS dispersion with 2.0 singma

  19. When talking about the British super heal you usually compare it to the conqueror, but doesn’t the Nelson have the craziest heal? Would you compare the conqueror heal with the Nelson heal?

  20. dislike counter

    It’s so weird having so many bbs with dd or better torps. Brisk would be good on it also
    Debating this or mecklenburg. The accuracy and stealth is the main draw.
    Even though the armor is crap it survives everything but giving broadside
    Oh yah superships would eat this alive

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