World of Warships- This Is Currently The Most Broken Ship In The Game

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Hey guys, today we discuss the Tier XI French Supercruiser Conde, which in my opinion, is currently the most broken ship in the game. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Gustavo Cabrerea

    You know it’s bad if it makes Thunderer look like an amature in terms of it’s ability to stay back and farm.

  2. I agree, when the conde was public nobody knew how to play him and he seemed the weakest, but now, when good players play him, you can see how strong he is, he is very difficult to hit, he hits hard, with long distance and fire,

    • Everyone knew Conde was the strongest from the moment of release. If you didn’t, it’s on you, but basically everyone else knew.

    • I kill Condes often cause you can kill as you can kill any ship…it depends on the same things as always… Positioning and map awerness… And yes everyone knew from the beginning that Conde is op and still is…

  3. You forgot that alternative fire mode also gives her like 40% increased HE pen and a reduced dispersion, meaning unless you shoot belt, the HE pens anything and if you can aim, shells are pinpoint accurate. If you run into stuff like Annapolis/DM/Salem/Mino/Moskva/Stalingrad or other things with prominent citadel that do not react to you, an alternate fire burst of AP even at 18+ km with right lead can cause a devstrike to most of them with the 24 shells of 24 cm that have appropriate penetration for the caliber and land within like 3 pixels of each other. Conde is basically popular for the same reasons old Henri was popular, it just does everything well as a dpm cruiser and it has the tools to exploit positioning advantages much harder than pretty much any other cruiser, because typically no other cruiser would be able to throw this much AP alpha with anywhere near comparable pen across the map.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      I thought they removed that from her? I might be getting that confused with Patrie

    • Kanade Tachibana

      @Sea Lord Mountbatten that,was Annapolis that they removed that from. Patrie a BB so I believe she has the accuracy ability like Satsuma has not an alt fire mode like the CA and DDs

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Patrie has 40% too, but there it buffs the secondaries mostly (as main guns don’t have pen issues). I’m not exactly sure how much HE pen Condé gets, I know it’s enough though to basically pen all the decks.

    • @Evangeline at max conde he can pen up to 73mm iirc with alternative fire mode with ifhe

      That might be wrong but I got that number from somewhere for the conde when I was messing around with her for jokes.

  4. I’ve heard that the top super uni clans have been running a double conde lineup

  5. “But wait! There’s more!”
    The ship

  6. Antoine Chauvet

    My first time with it in the test server, I got 2 dev strikes with like 8 cits each with the unlimited pen. If you catch a broadside, it’s instant punishing to a level never seen before. The accuracy is so high that while BBs would miss, Conde will hit the cit if you aim well. The alternative fire mode is what really makes it busted.

    I had forgotten there were torpedoes, didn’t feel much the need for them.

  7. Nah, the T12 CV is even more busted IMO

  8. It’s the same pattern as WoT took:
    faster and faster ships with firing modes that allowed for incredibly bursty devastating periods of fire (an autoloader or autoreloader) that has pushed the game tempo and has made pushing/doing anything stagnant. I see this happening and hope that it doesn’t delve too deep into madness …

  9. Not sure which I prefer, the days when the title referred to the Petro or this one, and I’m scared because of it.

  10. matthew matthew

    “This ship punishes you for existing”, so basically united states and eagle

  11. Alexander Miller

    I have not seen this ship in Random battles a lot. Maybe it would be best to just ban it from clan battles.

  12. Imagine give every one a broadside to shoot

  13. Panzerknacker & Raging Canadien have a replay up of a Conde’ getting 512k dmg. and 4200 Base xp. I used to just intensely dislike Stuper ships…now I hate them.

    • If a ship is broken, how can it also be over powered? If it’s broken it wouldn’t work well or wouldn’t work at all. Saying a ship that is broken is also overpowered makes no sense.

  14. andreas pedersen

    So in theory: If you want to win a game you have to stack up with the biggest and baddest ship… Sounds like when WOT released the Chrysler tank (i believe), which only could be penned with gold.

  15. Was at about 1/3 health in one the three night in clan, deleted a more than 1/2 health Yammy in a drive by using the burst fire. That’s not right. Superships we’re a bad idea for randoms and clan

    Although it’s funny how you say too popular ships get banned, but somehow stalingrads are always in clan battles and never get banned

  16. This is turning into a water-bound spaceship game. I hope a competitor will soon fill the historical void WoW is abandoning.

  17. I’ve played the Conde, first in the PT then when she was a “rental.” Hands down my favorite T11. And, this is why I’m looking forward to WG’s change in economy: they are alway looking out for us and choose the sensible way. This is why you can have two Conde in CB, but you can’t run your Kleber or Petro. Makes total sense to me. 🤣🤣

    • yup, it is swarming with conde, annapolis and yamagiri, but petro and kleber are banned. makes total sense

    • Make noisy announcements to nerf op ships to hide release of more op ships.
      Only condition it has to cost double credit or rather triple sum of normal T10. And let’s ban post battle reduction of maintenance costs with upcoming signal flags and camo reduction bonuses being removed.. completely.
      There is intention to force players play lower tiers, right?
      Say T8 where premium ships are in premium shop with discount coupons.
      Seems to me, those coal and steel, even research bureau ships become less interest.

  18. Christopher McLaren

    I refuse to participate in CB’s while superships are allowed, and CV’s for that matter. It boggles my mind why they experiment in competitive play with such toxic game unit/play design.

  19. I met up with a Brest last Friday (T8 French Heavy cruiser?)…. I’d say that thing is pretty busted, as well.

  20. As a standard ship class I have no problem believing this, but that’s only if you leave out the most broken class in the game which is the CVS

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