World of Warships- This Is Desperately What The Game Needs More Of

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Hey guys, today we talk about the new and improved Convoys Mode, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Mercer the Gamer

    Honestly I would like to see that that if your ship is closer to the convois they get some buff, like a heal or a bit faster reload.

    • Have to cater to the ape brains. What you said is probably the best way for the defenders to be persuaded to play the objective. Dangle a tangible instant benefit in front of them.

    • Could also be that the enemy ships can “unlock” points that show some of the route or slows ships down. Defenders can speed the convoy up or heal them, or add more. Basically the game needs more to do and more ways to help the convoy in some way.

    • @Swarm509 Great point! See just put the comments section in charge of development and we might get a good game mode.

    • @Jos B Could be a little like the scenario escort battle where there is a heal circle around the repair ships, I think this needs to be relayed to WG….whether they act will you know how they are to feedback.

  2. problem on new convoy is that the attackers can see the routes
    also you can damage convoy ships with depth charges

    • @Tarquinius Superbus dunno when they will fix that – probably next year like that torp bug we had earlier

    • they probably won’t fix it in this patch
      since it is not as problematic as asymmetric battle issue that we had last patch XD i still hope it will be fixed in this patch though, how the hell did they miss this issue

    • yeah, with the end shown, often attackers just sit back at the end spot and wait.

    • @ugaladh maybe give the convoy team points for how far each convoy ship gets – the further they go, the more points you get. If you cut down the game time, you can give each team a chance to escort. The team with the most points wins.

  3. A few ideas that could make convoys a bit better:
    1) Attackers shouldn’t know the exact route of the convoy at the start… they could have it revealed later, either after time limit (half of match?) or through some objective
    2) Maybe an option of several waves of convoy ships could bring variety… let’s say two for the first wave, then six, then another six (but maybe with an option of of one or two tougher transport ships… some cruise liner or some other large ship converted a troop transport, maybe bit less maneuverable, but much more durable)
    3) Have the option of asymetric or even PvE asymetric matchmaking
    4) Maybe have some kind of bonus zone around the convoy ships, so you would get bigger rewards (xp, credits, achievements) when escorting them (Could clash with the first idea if a team would try to misdirect enemy by purposefully chosing to engage them at a different place of the map, thus hiding the route)

    Also, for the sake of variety, maybe have other models of convoy ships than Liberty… they could have identical hitpoints and other stats, but different camouflages, flags, models, gun placement, types of guns, etc…

  4. Well, the mode was fun to play, however, thanks to their “not armored well”, BB AP. Just over pent it, even when it’s bow in

  5. Tống Nguyễn Thiện

    As a SEA server player, I’d say convoy is way more fun here since everyone is playing for the objective most of the time (except the Chinese bots, we don’t talk about them)
    But as far as the fun goes, people start min-maxing, especially the defenders, as just defending 1 line, I repeat, 1 line is enough for victory

  6. Its good to have a game mode that brings ships together to engage in a tense battle as opposed to sitting back and sniping.

    • I feel like the blimp game mode did it better though with more interesting engagements. While there were some bad rounds with dumb players I found most battles were pretty epic brawls.

  7. I love how they add these things. The 1 issue I have, this time round they give you a yammy, gearing and zao yet yet you can only use them in clan battles nothing else. I have tried numerous times to start a clan battle, join devidion etc to no avail. Hours just sitting around waiting and doing nothing. To me they have sofar wasted these ships on me cause I have not been able to play a clan battle at all and not because I havent been trying. They are stupid to be restricted to a unplayable unjoinable restricted time frame gsme mode.

  8. I think the help the escort team needs is in misdirection. Why does the enemy get to see all the routes? They should have no idea.

  9. Would have been cool to have an operation version aswell always liked operations miss the cherry blossom one.

  10. and maybe give them french saturation, so they can survive slightly longer

  11. When playing yesterday, I saw either a Neptune or a Minotaur actually end up sunk by one of the Liberty Ships.

  12. Defending the convoy on some maps this go around is almost impossible. It can still be fun, but defending is way too hard. Attacking is where it’s at.

  13. Geno Breaker 666

    They need to make the new game types happen more often.

  14. Any game mode that forces teams to actually close with each other is great in my books!

  15. loving this mode, gone for secondary georgia for the fast outflank raining accurate ap down. GK and pommern for the brawling times with a side secondaries even found the moskva to be a good choice. If i’m defending and in GK i snipe and park up by the objective and like rasputin, wait for any who made it this far. secondaries engage! hahaha thinking might try atago ….

  16. i think i would prefer this, and arms race, and dirigible derby as a “mode of the week” type thing rather than added into the random rotation. I actually prefer these to randoms at the moment (randoms are just brain damage), and having them on some sort of rotation (like operations) would be a good way to introduce some variety

  17. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Secondary build Jean Bart is so awesome in convoys. Especially when you stern angle.

  18. The healing zone feature on Raptor Rescue and Narai is a good idea for the convoy mode but they also need to do something against capable CV mains using FDR and Nahkimovs to rush planes towards the spawn point though, imagine losing so much HP on the liberty ships just as the game started.

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