World of Warships- This Is Dumb, And Needs To Change

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Hey guys! Today we discuss T-Rex ASW charges that a select few ships still have for…..some reason. Let me know what you think below! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. I played two games while watching the video and sank a submarine in each game. With the Massa B. ^^ (Which doesn’t happen often in general.)
    But yeah, that shit needs to be fixed. And in general you should always be able to fight submarines at the distances at which they can attack.

  2. I have a Massachusetts, but stopped playing it in favour of the Alabama, due to the short range ASW. I also have an Ohio which is also ‘knee-capped’ in its ASW range (6km instead of the normal 11km). The Pommern, with its great secondaries gets 10km range. War Gaming’s reasons are illogical.

    • Illogical is an understatement, man. I come from the console version of World of Warships, and things are pretty bad there. Back around the time they released tier 8 tech tree vessels in Legends, they said that they would have Training Room in the game by the end of the year, around December. Fastforward to December, “We do apologize, but Training Room has been delayed until the first quarter of 2023.” Legends lost like 80% or more of the player base. Not many of the longtime veteran players remain, if there are any left. We still don’t have Training Room, BUT we do have Clan Battles coming in next update. Which doesn’t make sense, because you NEED to play as a functional team in Clan Battles and not play for yourself. It’s gotten very selfish in Legends and Clan Battles is the LAST thing you want to bring in before Training Room in order to understand the game fully.

  3. I think this ASW range is some sort of oversight by Wargaming, I don’t think human beings can be so stupid as to do this by design.

    • you will be amazed that they actually use ASW range to balance a ship, just look at Ohio with 6km ASW range lol. keep in mind that those are also the same human being that implement subs in the game to begin with.

    • Ask LittleWhiteMouse what kind of people are at WG.

    • One could/should think that but you are talking about Warcrapping, where the impossible is so often made possible!!!!!

  4. Geoffrey Stevens

    What they really need to fix is throwing a couple of poor Tier IX ships into a battle where there are three supeships per team, and the rest are Tier X.

    • Buddy I love when I am in my T9 ship in T10 ot T11 battle !!! ,simply because grindig line ot farming XP is easyer as high tier ships give more xp and credits , I regrid all the time Haru line , so I play often kitti in high tier battles , when I farm credits I play 2 ships Musashi & Benham both fit well with high tier ships , I am not unicum player , I have average 57% wr in 12k battles in Random , I dont brag I give you real life advise , is not ships is YOU , you need to get better in game , learn how to airm better , know what ammo use when on what part of the ship , my first 100 battles I was 46% wr player , as I played for fun I remember 1000 battle I had 48% wr because I played for fun , when I started to care about game , I started to learn how to play , knowlage is a power use gamer blog & wows wiki , I habe made whole board with notes about ships , after I got torpedo about Tirpitz I knew those have torps , when I tried go broadside to BB in T6 cruiser and get claped I have learned not do that , I have learned hard that you dont yolo in Mahan , secred to getting better in wows (and in life ) is knowlage and use of that knowlage in game (and life) , after 5 years of playing I have unlocked all lines and now I play for farm credits / regrind lines , and now I am good enough to play ships that I sucked on and had low wr , and there is just 3 ships that I have 46%+ wr I will push them over 50% and when that will happen my overal WR will rise I will be unicum in max 2 years, so buddy dont cry that game is unfair , learn how to play it 🙂 o7

    • Hashterak's Gage

      ​@Huzarion yeah I lean a lot when the enemy carrier gets me to 50% hp in the first 2 minutes of the game.

    • @Huzarion OK mate. I’ve only been playing for just over two years, and only have three Tier IX ships, the Kearsarge which I got for coal, the Iwami from grinding the Japanese tech tree, and the French heavy cruiser Carnot which I got in a supercontainer drop late last year. Yes I lack high tier experience. Yes I am a dumb, stupid player, used to lower tier battles. I think you will find though that even the mighty Sea Lord finds issues with the current situation facing Tier IX. I’m not a statsman. I just like to play daily. I congratulate you on your long-winded advice for me, since I guess English is not your mother tongue. It’s hard to spell English correctly. It’s a difficult language. It is my mother tongue. I’m a 66 year old Aussie who also happens to speak Cebuano, understands Tagalog, French and Spanish, and is fully aware that multi-tasking is not my strong point. I’m not crying. Rather I am complaining. There is a difference you know. It comes down to a certain saline liquid, which WOWS has never caused me to emit. You and I are not the same, fortunately. The world would be a boring place if it were so.

    • Theres been a 2 tier variable since the beginning of the game. T8 can face 10s or 6s. Thats not going to change. Ive been playing since the game became open to the public. Almost 8 yrs now. Unfortunately, youre going to have to deal with it. We all have to. You want them to stop because you are facing superships in your T9. How do you think T7s feel about facing your T9? I have to agree with Huzarion here. Just get better at the game. Learn what ammo does damage better to certain ships. Learn where to hit them. If youre a lower tier player, and won or purchased a few T9s, *because Iwami wasnt in the tech tree*, the problem isnt the uptier youre facing. Its more than likely your personal skill level in the game. I say that being sincere and not knocking your ability to play. The one thing WG cant sell is skill. A T6 player has no business in a T9 battle. His/Her lack of experience will show.

    • i too like being nuked by satsumas in iowa

  5. I “love” the fact that my Jean Beart has ASW range of 5 km at Tier 9…

  6. feloniousteabagger

    I love the Mass. Very strong ship and its a total drag having to deal with a sub when you are all alone. It is no fun for me when the only thing I can do is die.


      I hear you lol. Why is my asw so short in my mass and a few other bbs.

    • Even if you got a few teammates with you, there are many, who can practically do nothing. Lots auf cruisers just have DC and wenn there are other enemy ships near, they can’t attack the sub at all without getting defstriked … The Problem with the short Range ASW is, that the subs most of the time have no problem keeping their distance and killing you from 5-6 km away and you can do nothing, because you cannot even get in ASW range …

  7. Even if it did have the range they are so fast the ping isnt that useful much of the time because they are well past it and you can’t tell what direction they are going

  8. i like playing support roles in multiplayer games, let me spec into better ASW, a skill that extends the range would be great, even better if it was a part of the existing anti-aircraft specialization stuff. Sometimes cruiser ASW feels too short, or add some destroyer specific ASW improvements so they can hunt Subs better if they choose to do that, seems like it would be very flavorful and historically inspired.

    • i mean you kinda can if you are playing a BB or some other ship with aircraft ASW, which is all you should be playing if you want to fight subs. Between skills and mods you can get a 30% cooldown reduction with 25% increased depth charge damage and aircraft hp(not that that part matters lol). Get good with airstrikes and you can regularly land full damage direct hits and kill subs within a minute of finding their general area. Worcester is probably you best bet for fighting subs and carriers, even though imo its AA is super overrated (not enough flak, jinan and gouden are much better and can actually prevent strikes entirely, but have ship ASW, so useless against subs).

      I do agree though, I want more ways to spec into ASW, and the biggest thing I want is for destroyers to actually be viable sub hunters. When im playing destroyers I want to feel confident vs subs, and when im in subs I want to actually have a reason to be scared of destroyers lol

    • Communisticus, totally agree with you. The fact that hunting subs in a DD is basically suicidal makes no sense.

  9. I agree on the fact thet >t5 <8km ASW is far too little (creating a problem and selling the solution: new Prem ships) But if you see a surface ping SHOOT IT to test if he is on the surface. Guns do work if he is spotting you. If you are in your musashi and a sub is within 9km either he is really overextended: charge him and eliminate him or your team is already losing stupidly bad and anything (a dd) could be doing similar things to you.

  10. Thunderer too. I’ve adjusted my gameplay with all ships where I face a +4 km differential with a sub – I’ll just drive to the other flank if I spawn on the same side as a sub. Fun and engaging.

  11. I can see having various ranges on ASW if a ship has other decent ways of attacking or evading subs, but the ranges should be between 8 km and 12 km, never any less on any tier.

  12. 1:18 depth charges dont work like that, you can get full damage (5k+ per drop) direct hits on max depth subs with aircraft ASW as it doesnt take depth into account at all (which is nice when you are fighting them, but it feel very strange as a sub). in fact the damage potential of most BBs vs subs is substantially higher than many DDs since the depth charges do more than double the damage and with aircraft asw you can quite easily get 25-50% of your depth charges as direct hits doing 5k+, while with ship based ASW you have double the cooldown and 95% of your depth charges will be spash hits doing less than 500 dmg (and since its lower damage, even if you do get a direct hit its only around 2k). tbh even the ships with nerfed aircraft ASW range are better at ASW than ships stuck with ship based depth charges, and are more scary to fight when playing a sub

  13. kingofcastlechaos

    All the ASW needs to be revisited. I am going through my 556 ships one by one to get their win rates up (masochistic to be sure) and am having my mind blown at some of the port queens lack of ASW. Leone for example is a DD with ZERO ASW. That was a hilarious battle when I caught a sub out and then ……………sailed in a circle holding my…joystick like a tool and doing nothing to the sub. OMG it sucked.

  14. I have complained about the short range of some ASW in the surveys WG sends out. IMO the minimum range of ASW airstrike should be the same as the torpedo range of subs at that tier

  15. Agree completely! Some cruisers are still only available with those primitive depth charges that have to be thrown directly on the sub … like the Italian and German cruiser line. Outrageous

  16. Each tier should have thier own limit for ASW, not each ship. You could separate each tier by ship category so BB has longest ASW then cruisers and so on. Massachusetts only having 5km is laughably way to short.

  17. What doesn’t actually make sense is that Georgia, a ship order than the Ohio, gets 10 KM ASW while Ohio, a newer ship compared to Georgia, gets like 6 KM ASW

  18. I don’t know what i would change about ASW, but sub torps need a larger minimum arming range. I have lost count of the number of times that I’ve gone after a sub in a destroyer and the sub pops up gets the torps off within 1KM and they arm in time to destroy me. It is extremely difficult to dodge them at that range given i’m at top speed to try and catch the sub and the torps are fast as hell. DD’s need some love on their capabilities to hunt subs. . . kind of what their jobs were but they are the weakest against subs in this current iterration of the game.

  19. BB should have ASW range equal to the tier, If its one of the couple stronger ships with low ASW range (Musashi) Tier-1. All cruisers should have ASW plane with same tier same km. Maybe make a couple stronger Tier +1. Its really hard to chase down a sub in a cruiser while constantly dodging homing torpedoes.

  20. CesarinPillin Gaming

    I was also pissed at the horrible range of ASW of Jean Bart. Not to mention how long it was with nothing against subs.
    And WG’s excuse was “you need to interact with them differently”.

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