World of Warships- THIS Is How Superships Should Be

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Hello guys, today we take a look at the new super German cruiser Clausewitz! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. The gimmicks in the superships make them overly disruptive. Too much burst damage. Just further contributes to the ‘one team being rolled’ syndrome plaguing current play,

    • The burst damage at least makes sense in the historical angle.

      I might be inclined to give “burst fire” to every ship that historically kept the ammo in the turrets or in ready lockers. Give everyone a sustained rate of fire that accounts for shells being brought up from magazines, but give them a button that makes the crew grab the ready shells and send it as fast as they can.

    • @Michal Soukup keeping ammunition in the turrets makes the turrets and magazines go boom if the turrets are penetrated and ready lockers don’t exist on ships. Ammunition is stored in the magazine, which can be flooded to prevent a magazine detonation. Queen Mary and Invincible were lost during the Battle of Jutland due to a majority of anti-flash doors being removed and cordite being stuffed into places that were meant to protect against flash, like in the handling rooms, in an attempt to increase rate of fire.

  2. The jump from Roon to Hindenburg is bigger than Hindenburg to Clausewitz

    • @arczer25 1 Heals are so valuable when you face overmatch and all the fire spam. Did enjoy Roon alot after the suffering with Hipper both times i ve grinded through them. Even Ibuki was a joy for me. Same with Donskoi. The T8 cruiser im currently at is the Baltimore which is no fun in this meta and im certain that the Buffalo will be another relief just because of the heals.
      And yes, you re right with the hulls. Buffalo with 4 turrets and being bigger has the downsides of course. But the heals make such a big diference.

    • @Gothia heals can compensate for mistakes in a match but that’s
      Being tier higher you face even more overmatch, fire spam and cross map shots. (Thx to Supershits)

      Don’t get me wrong, I too enjoy having heal on Cruiser (and wish there was T8 US cruiser with heal), but tier for tier most T9 cruisers are barely a upgrade and downgrade in some cases (cough cough Seattle)

    • wow that’s like every single cruiser line

    • @Danh Henri IV to Conde?

  3. Agreed. The transition from T10 to Superships should be more linear. Also, let’s be real and call them T11s.

  4. I agree with you, super ships SHOULD just be “bigger” versions of their tier 10 counter parts, and some of them are. BUT Wargaming being Wargaming “We need new Gimmicks to make new lines with.” So they came up with all those fancy “buffs” (or as Flamu calls them magic spells) for super ships and NOW tech tree ships, cus NEW CONTENT always gets whatever the NEW thing is and old content NEVER gets updated.

    Years from now people are STILL going to be playing the US, Japanese and German tech tree ships, while the others will be left in the DUST. Why you ask? BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE ANY GIMMICKS ATTACHED TO THEM! The US and Japan Trees are the OG trees and will always be good, and the Germans are “basic” so to speak, they have “stat tweaks” rather then full on “gimmicks” on their ships. (good secondaries but crappy main guns, good HE pen in exchange for bad HE damage, ectera ectera)

  5. The conde should be more slow and fat
    The zorky should be a khaba but bigger
    The yamagiry should be a shima but slower
    The satsuma is the satsuma
    The Hannover is the hannover
    Meanwhile, the SUPERcvs DONT HAVE TO exist.

  6. I like this ship personaly. Well made and balanced with a “supership” status.

  7. Some of the WG staff have said they’re supposed to be OP. These things are in the game to drain credits and I wouldn’t be surprised to see further credit-earning ability nerfs to them as it’s still possible to earn credits. They’re designed as pay-to-win and it’s not unreasonable to assume that WG will nerf earning little by little until a sweet spot is reached. That is likely to be where it is impossible to make credits but not cost enough to be prohibitive.

    If they’re going to nerf their performance they should just get on with it now before they piss more people off.

  8. The biggest frustration I have is that T9 suffers a lot from superships.

    T10 vs superships feels fine. But a T9 going up against them…. the T11 clearly has the upper hand.

  9. Love the content as always man, sorry to hear that you have the flu though. I hope you get well soon and rest well!

  10. Well the difference is supership Satsuma and Patrie and Hanover can been seen from space and the other side of the map anyone can hit them at any time. Subs can go the entire game with out ever being hit. That’s why subs took forever to test because its an unfair class of ship. And after all the testing and feed back was complete and the results said do not put subs in the game under any circumstances they still went ahead and did it. After that there was no point in not going to t11 they already jumped the shark.

  11. The jumper from Repub to Patrie is a nice jump. Unlike the other OP jumps.

  12. Pan Euro Dalarna is same, for a Super ship it’s kinda Meh which is absolutely perfect for the game. It’s a slightly improved Halland which has 4 guns w/ a 2 second firing rate and Dalarna has 6 same guns with a 2.8 second firing rate. Dalarna can choose between two differing torp types is its gimmick. Nothing to see here folks, a “linear” improvement to a tier 11 ship! Perfect!
    Because of this She doesn’t play well against many of the other Super Ships! Edgar and many (most) other Super Ships are “stupidly” overpowered and are ruining the game.

  13. The fact that she does not get the F ability or reload mod is just so absolutely stupid….
    What’s the reason for that…? Annapolis just wipes you off the map with it… Clausewitz can do some long range sniping at the same level as Hindenburg…
    makes it a good t10…. makes it a idiotic t11…

    If all except her get this, this makes her a terrible ship… you can’t compare her to t10 since you will be up against t11…
    It’s just classic WG bullshit….

  14. Good review. Still undecided if Clausewitz is an advance over Hindenburg that is worth 47,500,0000 credits.

  15. Just got the Clause 2 days ago. I do like it, but, feel it does play a little different. I am still feeling it out though and learning how to play it.

  16. Taiho was the old T9 cv back when they existed, but I agree Shinano should’ve been the super carrier

  17. Sekiryu is a powerhouse my guy. It’s better for WG to save historical carriers for premiums.

  18. Let supper ships have their own battles. And no double tier ups would be great. I think 45 million credits is way too much! But then look what a tier 9 ship upgraded costs!

  19. Agree 100%. A ‘super-ship’ should be a small, but noticeable upgrade from its T10 model. Maybe a few more millimeters of armor plating, or increased speed/rudder shift, better concealment, better guns, an extra turret, something like that. The current Wargaming solution of ‘let’s give ships more gimmicks than a bad Soulcalibur character’ is not sustainable.

  20. Shinano will likely be the premium T11 CV, like I expect the I400 to be the premium T10 Sub.

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