World of Warships- This Is How Tier X SHOULD Be

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Had an amazing game in my Kurfurst today that brought back good memories, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. You have convinced me to go back to full secondary build GK

    • You should not go secondary. Most of the time your teammates let you down, especially if you are no aware of your sorroundings. You will burn down easily.

  2. No flame for you SeaLordMounbatten but for this game is an example for how bad the playerbase is…i mean wtf…mistake after mistake after mistake of all of your oponents….holy cow. I mean how does the enemy captains find their way to the toilette at the morning???

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Dennis Keßler but, both teams had players like that, and both teams had players that knew what they were doing, so that’s why I say this is an example of “good teams” because they were equally matched

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Yeah, maybe. Im just dreaming of a good playerbase where everybody knows what to do like we meet in CW at hurricane and typhoon. Thats gameplay that i enjoy but maybe that’s to much. I think you are right.

    • vincent poujardieu

      @Dennis Keßler Unless the Match Making goes skill based (good in a match, bad in another) the games will be varying a lot in quality. And neither good nor bad players will have fun on a regular basis

  3. gg man I was the Zao that game. You put in a ton of work

    • ​@WindedBison GG~! Btw I always wonder if the EGIRL’s really a full female clan as the name implies? I mean there are certainly good female players, but damn it’ll be such a feat to gather so many of them in the same clan!

    • @latebraker Interesting, I would say, by the look of stats distribution and names, it could very well be nearly all-female. However, I do recognize the one and only Gaishu, and that’s probably a he~?

    • @Grand Gao I’m kidding there are actually no females. Gaishu is somewhat master troll.

    • @latebraker xD you certainly got me with that one

  4. dunno how i ended here, but thumbs up for that discord warning, made me smile as i was already reaching for the mouse 🙂

  5. Great game! Gratz! Seldom you can push in a BB though. It is a big part of luck here. If the HE spammers had a bit better position, you would burn, burn, burn and burn. There would not be anything you could do besides burn to death.

  6. Yeah, this use to be most tier 10 games then WG comes along with all the gimmicks, CV rework, HE spam, Flood of radar, etc, etc. People have to relearn how to play their ships every 3 friggin months thanks to Wargaming’s stupidity. May ships are totally useless in this meta (Z52) since things are out of balance. I’m selling ships that no longer work since this isn’t going to change anytime soon.

  7. Great game for sure. Also, off topic, but that outro music sounds like something you’d hear in Mass Effect

  8. Awesome effort bro…torp beats in a GK lol (so close to getting her, cant wait!!, luv secondary builds)
    Kia Kaha!

    • GK is great. But its 2020 and T10 is a complete HE Daka mess… You need luck to get a match where your BB without tank build wont get shredded by things like Smolensk, Wooster, Conqueror, Kleber or Harugumo. Good luck to you, but the sad truth is that sec build BBs got no place in T10 anymore.

  9. shima sacrificed for you xD

  10. Can’t agree with you more, well said!

  11. So this is totally if the wall. What if WG also awarded XP based on player proximity to caps and other ships. I understand some ships just aren’t meant to be played that way, but we’ve all seen those BB players at the back of the map giving their teammates zero support. They finish the game near the top of the team because they racked up damage, but they didn’t really help win the match. However, v even if WG did add that. It wouldn’t help with cruisers spamming HE with impunity from 17km away behind an island.

  12. The problem is the maps. At tier X they are too open. This worked because the map had a lot of islands.

  13. Fake, that last Zao is a Paid actor.

  14. Yeah; it’s sadly getting pretty bad. It’s not who’s on the best team now, it’s who’s on the least sucky team. I’m not easy to anger but lately it’s been pretty frustrating. They need some way to actually force players to learn their ships or better yet as I keep saying add a >/< or = feature in MM that better diversifies the team make up.

  15. TX is so hard to play because you get punished so hard for minor mistakes.

    There’s so many BBs that can delete cruiser players from across the map. Republique and Yamato come to mind.

    Too many cruisers at TX are high DPM fire breathers. Smolensk, Worcester, Colbert can pester BBs to death that choose to push and contribute instead of farm from long range.

    DDs are all but useless. Aircraft carriers counter them too hard and they can take full damage penetrating hits from BBs.

    Aircraft carriers are either ridiculously OP or hilariously useless. No in between.

    Kremlin exists.

  16. So you did about 12k damage to the smolensk, yet at the same time he did 40K damage to you with HE and fire damage. You think that’s a great trade off? My point is HE spam is BS! You have the armour, guns and heals but it doesn’t matter because he has the fire rate and HE spam.

    • You do know that almost all (if not all iirc) fire damage can be healed? I am not saying that HE spam is not a problem, but BB’s often let fires burn on purpose especially if it is just one fire. I used to play the Conqueror and i got these massive damage numbers via fire damage, but it did not influence the game as much. Also it is stupid to compare any CL to a BB.

  17. why should it be the case ? cqc fights throw all the skill out the window

  18. How do you get that a German Admirals pennant?

  19. Use that heal……..that sounds familiar.

  20. Maximilian Hindenburg

    Currywurst Pommes Schränke Was will man mehr

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