World of Warships This is How You Battleship

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Sometimes you get those rounds were everything works out. This round was even more surprising in ranked, as I had to battleships on my team communicating, and pushing, and destroying. This is a case study in how you correctly, especially in ranked.


  1. They certainly lived up to their names!

  2. Lucky bbs.

    • Nope all skill done this myself with my NC caught a DD and another BB out because they thought I’d retreat lol

    • +Paul Kember yes but most of the time when bbs push they get focused torped and he spammed to death.

  3. It’s easier to find a white fly than 2 bbs playng like them in Ranked mate!! You was so lucky. 🙂

  4. Got FRIENDLY torpedoed 2 times by a rank 11 Tirpitz and rank 13 Kii last night. So i can say I envy you…

  5. i have a tip for ranked. First before match starts talk about a plan. Second, stay together and focus fire. If six or seven ships fire same target the chance to kill that target its bigger. Third, think like a team. a alone dd using smoke its useless. Try to protect ur CA/CL with ur smoke. Fourth, If u are a BB and want sniping, go to random. In Ranked u have to be more proactive. Good video, hope people get ur tips and stop being a sniping BB in ranked.

    • I set up a plan every game. The problem is 1. people that don’t listen 2. people that camp and then keep insulting other players how bad they are

    • I have always found if ships (cruisers and battleships) stay close to each other it usually ends up as a good win for the team. Also a tip if one ship is pushing hard and you are positive that there is no support coming for him. Don’t shoot at him immediately, wait. Let him separate and then take out the bastard. Works like charm in Epicentre(Random).

  6. minh khang tran

    It’s kinda annoying to see you keep fire HE despite being so close already, you could reap about 2k/salvo if you use AP.

    Other than that, nice match you have there. If only I met those BB in our team more often…

  7. Chris Hogancamp

    I play like this when I don’t want to use my DD but I’m always alone.  Then I get yell out for dying and I get pissed off and go back to DD.

    • I love playing BB’s like this too, which is why I almost only play german BB’s, but yes, more often than not you commit only to see your team-mates scatter and leave you to die alone…

    • Chris Hogancamp thats like me, i`ve just played Aki until rank 10

    • I love how with Kongou I can sometimes even get away with doing that solo. I get in, fire a broad side at them from an off-angle and am gone before their turrets traversed far enough to hit me. Gotta love them battlecruisers.

  8. I agree Zoup but campers gonna camp.

  9. the perfect random team doesn’t … Great round tho

  10. A_Certain_Weird_War_Machine

    How do I get teammates that actually listen? Because it’s hard to find people that listen, I only played a game like that on the T6 ranked on my Fuso, a Mutsu and a New Mexico followed me but not only them but my entire team they followed me like I was their flagship following my commands and focusing at the same target it was a dream but it was only 3 games the rest were crap af..

    • I do not know that there is any answer to that. However I do find that suggesting courses of action tends to work better than telling anyone where to go. . .
      Also if I am going to give guidelines of what I want to see happen – I make sure I do it early before people start getting tunnel vision.

      But most of the time I find it easier to adapt my play to them.

  11. No Premium consumables monkaS

  12. I don’t think I’ve seen 2 BBs do that since CBT.

  13. Joshua Hunnicutt

    Most BB players fall into one of two groups:
    The ones that push forward in most/all scenarios. (Fact: 90% of those scenarios make such actions suicidal.)
    And the ones that used to do that, suffered for it, and are now so afraid of it that they basically won’t leave spawn, regardless of the scenario.

    Then there’s the rare few that can discern between which scenarios make pushing forward a good/bad idea. And even rarer than that, are the ones that possess this skill, and actually get the support they need to make those aggressive maneuvers, and succeed.

    • The 3rd scenario is for morons that sit at max range all the match and get left the last ones in the loosing team, the smart cowards they are called, because after everyone is dead they get salty on chat calling the team names..but they end up with potential/tanked damage under 1mil….great bb play, keep being smart like that…

  14. Greatest recent BB play for me was Fault Line – cruisers and destroyers went A/C. Someone suggested BBs take B cap, so all 5 of us went hard B – the enemy DD that decided on the “easy cap”, got caught with his pants down and got eaten by a couple dozen heavy caliber shells – it was indeed glorious.

  15. Malgus Kerensky

    It is fun to call out the BBs in the current meta, but if DD & CA would spend more time pushing out or killing enemy DDs, we who are aggressive BBs would be more than happy to push. Generally CAs are busy snuggling up to islands and not focusing on DDs.Or as soon as cap starts going red, the entire group going for that cap turns around without even checking what is capping. It general meta is too passive these days; it isn’t just one class type. 🙂

    • Patrick Joergensen

      I agree fully. I have the Des Moines and Hindenburg, and I can’t shake the feeling of wanting to sell my DM because I so seldomly play it because of exactly that.
      As a mix between a cruiser and BB main, I like to push in, especially in brawling BBs like the Alsace, GK, Bismarck or Scharnhorst (the latter of which being my absolute favorite) and I generally take full broadside shots at spotted DDs just to try and give my team an advantage in case I actually kill him.

      But yeah cruisers tend to snuggle up to islands, and DDs just get to roam free because everyone is to preoccupied with those big nasty steelfortresses in the enemy spawn, to try and deal with the biggest threat there actually is…
      Especially in 4+ DD matches.. 😛

  16. Yeah this is how you go down hard in a BB if there are any decent DD players on the enemy team.

    I do like aggressive BB game play, don’t get me wrong. Nothing more boring than paintsaving in high tier lurkfests. But the only one of my BBs I can do this in with even a moderate success rate is _HMS Nelson_ because it’s my only one with this obscene British heal. And even then I usually get taken on by like four or five enemy ships and go down. On a good day it will work in _Scharnhorst_ if I really take the bit in my teeth.

    Admittedly never played any of those in ranked, this is my first season.

    But anyway, you can only do this in a BB with a properly functioning screen that keeps you from getting torped to death.

    • Nothing I love more than brawling, unfortunately, the HE spam and lack of DD and CA help makes it suicidal.

    • My luck is: whenever i push hard i run into 2-3 of 3 enemy DDs and all my allied BBs went for the other cap.

  17. OwO, I’m proud my clan mate made your experience enjoyable. and that there was teamwork

  18. that is soooo great to see : BBs players with guts!

  19. “No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy.” Horatio Nelson

    “It’s better to act than to react.” 2nd Lt.Torbjörn Faraasen (My executive platoon commander back in the day.)

    DDs need help by cruisers to take caps and take out enemy DDs.

    Crusiers need help to survive the fire from enemy BBs.

    BBs need help from cruisers and DDs to clear the way from torpedoes. BBs have the most HP and armor and should take point as soon as the torpedo-threat has been dealt with.

    Conclusion: Everybody needs to push and play aggressive not only to do bad things to the enemy but to prevent the enemy from doing bad things to you.

    I remember a game back when the Tirpitz had been put on sale for the first time. Two of them on my team told the DD spawning infront of them: “We’ll break for nobody. Just push and we’ll be there.” Last thing I saw of they were rounding the upper corner pushing half the enemy team in front of them. It was so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye.

  20. ranked is so much fun at T8. At T10 it is hell. God I hate the top tier….

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