World of Warships – This is INSANE

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After that game where Kitakaze failed to kill Fletcher and I died to enemy cruiser THIS is the very next match.
Game you have to be KIDDING ME !!!
This is INSANE, this is absolutely INSANE !!!


  1. Haven’t even bothered playing Ranked this season, could see it was going to be a total pain in the ass when it was tier 9 ( way too much radar and the most usable DD with radar is a premium that most players will never own ), add in all the buffs and it never seemed like a good idea. When extremely good players can’t carry there is something very wrong…

  2. I just got deleted in DM by stealth firing montana 1 1/2 minutes into game, have sympathy 🙁

    • If ur were sitting broadside I don’t feel bad lol

    • +Matthew Robinson Actually I was sitting broadside as I was about to slowing down behind an island getting ready to radar the C cap on Atlantic and I stopped too slowly so my nose poked out slightly behind the island and I got spotted by an unspotted DD so I radared while reversing and 2 seconds later I get pretty much detonated by an unspotted Montana firing from behind an island on the other side

    • +Charlie Lynch Lol Ouch the pains of T10 big guns!

  3. It’s 4:47 in the morning; I haven’t been to bed yet; but Flambass has a new video posted… I know my duty and I will do it!

  4. Thats why i dont play ranked with all The morons atm i like to keep my sanity

  5. Just played ranked watched team head in every direction going for buffs, enemy team stayed as a group went from buff to buff wiping our team. Tried slowing them down with hit n run tactics and island use in my Neptune, but to no avail friendly team was too focused on getting those buffs. And this happened over and over where is the teams that work together ha usually on the other side!

  6. Nothing to see here, just a standard game in Ranked!

  7. Whether it’s random battles or ranked battles, I think a large portion of the player base is still shell shocked from the changes introduced in 0.8.0 and are still trying to adjust to the hotfix. More potato players than ever because they just don’t know what to do anymore. They don’t know what meta works, so indecision has hampered everyone. Had a battle last night, Des Moines, 12 citadels, 3 kills, 150K damage, and 400 more base XP than the second place player on my team…it was a loss of course.

  8. Slawomir Chmielewski

    If you were in Kitakaze you’d win this game. Your radar was redundant with radar cruisers on both sides. You’d have enough DPM to probably kill the Black early game and then spam the BBs.

  9. I think that somebody from wargaming should explain to people that world of warships is a STRATEGY game, and that in order to play it properly you have to use your brain

    • +play030 CV’s were broke before, they are even more broke now. Now tell me I am a liar again troll. You love CV’s because you can sit in the back hidden and do damage to others who have to rely on RNG only. Way to be a puss.

    • +play030 It is broken. Wake up and realize that most people hate this patch, including Flambass.

    • Tell that to CV players 😛

    • When i rant about this, my Mrs says it’s because most men cannot Multitask, she also says when I start Ranting I stop multitasking

    • The renaissance man

      +Elias Nilsson but some believe they screwed it up again.. so maybe in the future will there be a HOTFIX for the HOTFIX?

  10. The current ranked season really puts the ‘rank’ in ranked.

  11. EVE ONLINE, best game ever!!!

  12. This has been my experience with arms race ranked… it doesn’t matter what ship you drive, how hard you carry, how hard you try to work with and coordinate your team, because it’s 100% determined by a dice roll of who gets more potatoes every single time

  13. Pro tip to help you get better: Winning is easier when you sink the red ships…

  14. Have i said how much i hate that ship (mostly because i dont have it) smoke+ rdr

  15. I mean, your team wasn’t the only one that made mistakes there. Several times you could have pushed in relative safety and didn’t. You could have utilized your torps better, instead of just lobbing them at the reversing Musashi. They could have been denials to Black. Or you could have moved positions and denied the Kron entry to get the heal. You could have told the friendly Kron to not go that way. Little things, but everyone made mistakes in that match.

    On a lighter side. The enemy Black was scared of pixels the whole match.

    • “you could have told the friendly Kron to not go that way”

      when have you ever asked or told someone to do or not do something in WOWS and they respond positively. Best case they tell you “no its ok” and proceed to go get deleted in first 60 seconds.

  16. i got the dreadnought in Fletcher. However, I was able to carry.

  17. I feel you. Why do players not shoot back when your teammate is getting shot at or they have them spotted. Sad

  18. Have you heard about our lord and savior, Odin?

  19. Flambass shows us how to expertly rush a battleship….

  20. BB players do not understand their roles this season or the fact they can’t sit back max range sniping. unless you get a lucky dispersion early game you aren’t going to kill these CLs and DDs that have heals and concealment out the ass, then add in a reload boost or two… their DPM goes from great to insane and they melt you.

    I have been playing a FDR secondary build and pushing the center cap early trying to keep an island on one side or the other so I can be withing 12k for secondaries and useful main guns, so I can stay angled, use my hydro to protect cruisers and DDs near me, and basically be perma spotted so I can sit there and soak up damage.

    When team mates move in and kill squishys fast other BBs can’t kill me fast enough then I can regroup heal up and move in to brawl their BBs.

    the problem is I go in and start soaking up damage and no one moves in to radar and help with DD and CL and I will end up eating torps or HE spam and I will burn to death.

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