World of Warships- This Is One Of The Best Ships In Game, & You’re Probably Playing It Wrong

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Hey guys! Today we Take a look back at the Tier VII Premium German Battleship Scharnhorst, enjoy!

I forgot to include my commander/module setup in the video, my apologies, here it is:
Commander Build: PM, GTG, AR, CE, BoS, FP, SI
Modules: MBM1, DC1, ASM1, DC2


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    I forgot to include my commander/module setup in the video, my apologies, here it is:
    Commander Build: PM, GTG, AR, CE, BoS, FP, SI
    Modules: MBM1, DC1, ASM1, DC2

  2. Scharnhorst: Will always have a place in my heart and play roster.

  3. FlyingDutchmanVideos

    I rarely take it out in randoms anymore, but secondary build Scharn worked wonders for me in Brawl and previous seasons of Ranked. For me, the armour on Scharn and Gneis put it just in front of the Prinz Heinrich: you can take hits that do much more damage to the German BCs, and it allows you to survive much longer in small format matches while also getting your secondaries into the fight. Luckily, I’ve been around long enough to have a bunch of late-stage German commanders, so I can just change my secondary captain out for one that’s more focused on survivability if needed.

    • Brawl was hilarious, T7 brawls in my favorite. I’m sure you are one of the better Scharns but I was shocked at the number of bad Scharns that would go full broadside to dump their torps, only to get sunk by a wall of battleship shells.

    • I prefer to play sharnhorst in brawls

  4. Scharnhorst could use some gun buffs, either improved AP angles like Hood and DoY or better accuracy. Right now she is very meh, guns can’t overmatch and yet have dreadful dispersion and poor AP pen. HE is German, so it sucks as well. Back in the day WG made her guns too weak in exchange for armor and torps, but forgot to buff their performance every time they kept introducing better ships

    • It was not WG, it was the history. The main battery of the Scharnhorst was not better than this. The 38cm guns were not ready so they decided to arm her with 28cm. They were way underpowered. And for a game how much do you want to buff 28cm without making them overpowered? You have 9 guns instead of 6 of her sister Gneisenau with 38cm guns and reload is way faster. And historically Scharnhorst was well protected. People need to know and understand ships if they buy them. If you purchase a premium Scharnhorst you will get a Scharnhorst. If you are not sure just look up wikipedia what that ship was about.

    • @John Creasy01 I know a lot about history. If you think WoWS should be balanced around historical accuracy you are in the wrong shop I’m afraid, since WG clearly don’t give a damn about that.
      That being said, do you really think 9 28cm guns with 20 secs reload is acceptable? Guess what, it’s not. HE DPM is terrible and AP is anemic at best. Is this historically accurate? Likely. Is this a terrible in-game experience? Hell yes. Hood is way better for example, simply due to more consistent guns that overmatch. Sinop has tons of armour and huge guns. KGV has brutal HE. Colorado and Nagato have dispersion, pen and overmatch. Even Gneisenau is better, with improved secondaries and AA and overmatch (when the guns actually hit something). Scharnhorst is sadly at the back of the pack atm. She CAN do stuff but only if she is allowed to get close and personal, which can only happen in low populated environments like ranked and brawls, and even then it’s not THAT easy. She NEEDS some gun buffs in order to remain at least playable in T9 randoms.

  5. I love my Scharn.. she still slaps cruisers like “who’s your daddy!” slappage. Pure hell on DD’s that get to close. She’s nimble, fast packs torps, fire fast, and well armored. She’s a sweet ride still after all these years. One of the few early premiums that have held up through the years.

  6. Scharnhorst is a battleship, because we germans declared it as such. End of story, there is no argument in my opinion. Graf Spee was declared as a “Panzerschiff” or rougly tranlated, a “tank-ship” at the time.

  7. I like it, but the dispersion really makes it a RNGesus game when you finally get the AP broadside on the enemy.

  8. I got her in a full secondary build and I think it’s still beast! I do good in ranked right now even tho I gotta push into the 9.5 range

  9. Thank you so much for posting this. This is by far my most played ship and somewhere in my top 5 of favorites. Nice to see her getting the recognition. I received mine in a xmas container a few weeks after I started playing. As much as we love to play her it seems that most people truly hate to play against it, and for good reason. Having this ship to fall back on made the Colorado grind (and most of the other US battleships) much less of a torture.

  10. I got my first Kraken in Scharnhorst a few days ago in the new ranked season. =) In my opinion the Scharnhorst is the best looking ship in the game. Gorgeous and sleek.

  11. My Take on Scharnhorsts Classification, she is a fast Battleship. Germany classified her as Battleship back then, The Brits did too after learning about her armor. And the Battlecruiser Classification didn’t exist in germany. So That’s that.

  12. Yeah, I loved my Scharnhorst from the moment I got it, which was the first day it was available. Has some of the best lines of any BB in the game, for one thing. However, much as I love it, it gets in too many tier 9 matches, in which it’s, well, ineffectual most of the time. Not all the time, but most of the time it just doesn’t make much of a difference in the match. It can be a monster in brawl, ranked and the weekly operations, so that’s where I tend to focus its time.

  13. I remember back in the day when WoWs was the new WG game and my hole clan from WoT jumped in. One of them gifted me the Shiny Horse and ever since she became my favorite premium besides Derpitz.

    She is my to-go ship on T-VII ranked games and she will always have a place in my heart <3

  14. Ive been able to make a secondary build work even when facing tier 9s mostly by only using the extra range to punish DDs and cruisers that get too close and then get themselves spotted. I just run it like a cruiser when bottom tier and Im a bully when top tier but the secondary guns are just to keep ships with torps from rushing me since they do break things like torpedo launchers on ships when they hit.

  15. Scharnhorst was a battleship, and the reason why is honestly pretty simple.

    Battlecruisers are not designed to go head to head with the main elements of the opposing battle line. They are not designed with the battleships of their opponents imagined as their main enemies, and this is reflected in the fact that they are generally designed with armor meant to withstand cruiser-caliber fire. Even when one considers the German battlecruisers of the Great War, these were NOT armored in the same manner as the dreadnoughts of the High Seas Fleet, and while they boasted heavy armor for a battlecruiser, they were still not meant to get into slugging matches with the likes of the Grand Fleet’s dreadnoughts.

    Scharnhorst was armored specifically against the French Dunkerque, with its new 13-inch guns. While the Dunkerque itself was not necessarily a true battleship, it DID have battleship-grade guns, which means that Scharnhorst was indeed armored to be able to fight against enemy capital ships. Furthermore, the 11-inch guns Scharnhorst was completed with were not her INTENDED armament; the 15-inch guns we see in-game on Gneisenau were. These turrets, however, were not quite ready at the time of the ships’ construction, and the improved 11-inch guns were chosen as an interim solution as well as to calm British fears about the purpose of these ships. Regardless of their actual role in practice, these ships were designed to be both armored and armed against contemporary battleships (particularly the French), and to be able to defeat them in a straight up fight. Commerce raiding was not a major design emphasis, and they actually had quite a number of factors that actively hampered their ability to do that.

    Tl;dr – These ships were designed to fill the role of a battleship, not a battlecruiser. Just because they ended up being used that way does not mean that they are suddenly battlecruisers.

  16. I’ve literally been playing the scharnhorst since it released and it’s my favourite ship. I played more battles with it alone than I have all my other ships combined. I slapped with it in brawls the other week. Went on a 6 game win streak before I finally lost one. Love that thing even today 😂

  17. Considering the Alaska has larger 12 inch guns, with improved pen angles, that hit harder, and similarly hard to kill, I would put Scharnhorst solidly in the battle cruiser category, at least in my mind.

  18. Finally someone understands! Its been my favorite ship since i started the game 5 years ago, and I hate to see people nowadays saying it isn’t good anymore

  19. It’s funny that you never see arguments about whether Dunkerque was a battlecruiser, when 330mm guns were also undersized for her era and she actually *did * have more battlecruiser-like armor.

    Scharnhorst was a fast battleship, simply a small one.

  20. When I was still playing the game, my spamhorse was one of my favorites to use.

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