World of Warships- This Is One Of The Most Disappointing Premiums Ever Released

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the TVIII Premium American Battlecruiser Constellation, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Works fine for me in “Brawls”… Great anti-Tirpitz torp angles…

  2. I actually quite like the constellation. Her guns could use some better accuracy. But they kept the historical belt thickness and her speed is prett decent. Along with being a radar BC with torps. Its pretty unique. Just tricky to use.

    • She is a fun ship IMO. As you mentioned a radar battlecruiser is awesome.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      I can appreciate her uniqueness, I just wish she had one more charge of her heal, or a quicker cooldown of it. I feel like that would help her a lot.

    • kingofcastlechaos

      I play my Constellation pretty often, and my biggest issue is pushing in too fast. I want to use the radar and torps really bad, and it will go really bad if I go in too early. Having 534 ships in port (and being old) makes it hard to remember all the various pitfalls when I play. Thankfully, the other team is helpful pointing out my mistakes.

    • I enjoy the Constellation. It can be fragile and sensitive if you get out of position but outside of that you can even tank it a little bit. Armor piercing is pretty good and HE, while not great, isn’t awful. I dunno, I have pretty good matches with her (and I am a pretty poor player).

  3. le pas très gentil

    Constellation is just a normal t8 premiums in terms of strenght, but compared to how absurd what the US is usually getting in the game in this segment it feels like it is underpowered. I enjoy it though

    • i dunno i like this ship ALOT its sigma is decent the 16s have punch at tier 8 and it has deceptive soeed especialy with the second undecteded speed skill….it can kill alot of unsuspecting peolke with its torps but nostly it has soectacular flankibg speed…. it has torps radar repairs speed and 16s angled right it can take a hit show some broad and it will get wrecked

  4. She does pretty well in Random Operations. Action is usually short range, and the radar comes in handy, especially in Cherry Blossom.

  5. There were quite a few in crz 5v5 brawl. Her guns were dangerous for sure in the mi to close range.

  6. Stealth build Constellation with swift in silence perk can do some nasty flanking and ambushing work.
    I quite like this ship but I will admit that she can be quite challenging to play.

  7. I personally find this ship very fun to use but hard to learn. She has served me well in the last 2 ranked seasons. I tend to play her like a giant cruiser, sneaking up the flank and popping radar to support friendly cruisers and DD’s before surprising enemy ships with my torpedos if it comes to a close in knife fight because no one exects this ship to have torpedos

  8. The Constellation is one of the best brawlers in the game, it completely surprised me when I took it to one on one brawls, won almost every time in it.

  9. As the Constellation is a hypothetically completed Lexington-class battlecruiser hypothetically modernized in the late 1930s/early 1940s, the Kansas is very clearly a South Dakota (1920) class battleship, had they also not been cancelled due to the Washington Naval Treaty, and similarly modernized for World War II.

    Wargaming, however, got both ships’ guns “wrong”, likely for balancing at Tier 8. The main battery of both the Lexington and South Dakota classes would’ve been the Mark 2/3 16″ 50 caliber gun, not the 45 caliber Mark 1 guns used on the Colorados.

    • I think maybe they were afraid to use it since folks usually associate the 50 cal with the Iowas’ Mk 7 turrets (and in WoWS, the Montana ones). Those rifles were supposed be both more accurate and have longer range, which would have greatly mitigated the atrocious low speed of something like the Kansas by giving it probably over 20 kms of range with the same number of guns as a Montana. I’m guessing they still wouldn’t have been as accurate, for “historical” reasons (fire control systems evolved greatly from the ’20s to mid ’40s), but still, that would’ve been a hefty broadside.
      Weirdly enough, the other similar situation in game was allowed some concession, in that the New Mexico, the only other BB in the Tech Tree with 50 cals (albeit 356s) has very bad dispersion and some range only with the spotter, while the Florida, using similar guns, gets very good dispersion, even at longer range. So they could have given the Kansas a gimped version of the 50 cal 406s (considering the speed, it would feel a lot like playing a beefier New Mexico, actually), while giving you a taste of what they could actually do on a Connie with better dispersion and range, but with a lower gun count so you could still be motivated to work towards an Iowa or Monty.
      I think the design would have also looked slightly better, not like somebody threw some tiny, toy turrets on a gigantic hull and kept the rest of the space to play golf on.

    • About 70 Mark 2 and 3 guns were actually built prior to the treaty taking effect and were placed in storage. Many of them eventually equipped Army coast defense batteries in WWII, some prior to that. A Mark 2 gun is preserved at the Washington Navy Yard, DC and a Mark 3 gun at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD (about the only thing in their collection that didn’t get relocated to Fort Lee, VA). The Mark 7 guns resulted from a near-fiasco in the design of the Iowa class. The Bureau of Ordnance assumed they’d use the stored Mark 2/3 guns, while the Bureau of Construction & Repair assumed a new gun with smaller turrets would be used. When the conflict became obvious late in design (the barbettes being too small a diameter to mount turrets for the Mark 2/3 guns) the Mark 7 gun was designed in haste to avoid major delays in building the ships. Fortunately, it turned out to be a great gun.

    • @RobD Gaming That’s such an insane story, imagine being tasked with building something as complex as a BB and you go on an assumption instead of sending someone over to check what the other Team is doing…
      And this was for the main weapon system, for Pete’s sake, not what light-bulb was going to be installed in the mess-hall.

  10. I’m having the same issue with dispersion with my Thunderer. I remember using her long time ago when she was completely broken and getting devs strikes across the map
    I’ve stopped playing the game for like 8-9 months and return a few weeks ago. And… the dispersion with the thunderer feels awful. The nerfs were necessary ofc, but I think they didn’t touch the sigma…. however feels awful. Tbh my Colombo feels better.

  11. I have the constellation for about a month now. I use it as if it was a Kansas. At the start of the match i snipe from long range with spotter aircraft if needed and when i feel like it is safe to push up I try to radar the dd if its still alive. Remember as a constellation player you have the advantage of people not knowing that you have radar, torps with godlike angles and 34 kts of speed so use that as your advantage. Additionally try positioning yourself next to and island so when you are focused you can quickly retreat and if you feel like you are being pushed you pop radar and plan your escape.. Oh and hide your broadside like it is your life savings

  12. I loved this ship ever since I got it.

  13. This is a good ship. A very good ship. If you have patience, you will be a very carry-capable playing it.

  14. I have never once had an issue with Constellation. Her guns absolutely sing for me.

  15. I love the Constellation, especially with the amazing Independence Day camouflage!

  16. It’s hilarious this popped up today. She was just spotted testing for legends. I was excited now not as much

  17. The gun accuracy in this video reminds me of Japanese or German accuracy. But yeah so many Premiums in this game that come out, people play them for 2 weeks, then they just rust in port. Such premiums could probably use a few small tweaks to help them compete again. Plus with the NEW captain skills their are more ways to build out a unique ship like this. “Swift in Silence” + “Concealment Expert” comes to mind for even more speed when undetected.

  18. “As most of you battleship mains know, your shells go all over the place.”
    *cries in Dirpitz main with not only BB dispersion, but German BB dispersion as well*

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