World of Warships- This Is Pure Evil

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Hey guys! Today we witness evil incarnate with a triple Illinois division! Enjoy!

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. To those wondering, yes, i do play like that XD

  2. It could be worse, it could be 3 US Hybrid BB. Still even i can see POWER of 36 203MM Auto Loaders getting flung at something. That is some premium Division play though, sticking together for AA and ASW defense and focusing fire on one enemy at time.

  3. 1. They didn’t come one two and three on the team. 2. They got seven kills not eight… C – see me after class.

  4. You haven’t done toxic OP division until you’ve done 3 X Benham.

    AKA battleship herding as you can get 96 torps in the water at the same time

  5. Could this take the place of the legendary triple Georgia div?!?!

  6. I’ve been in this div before, this can’t be stopped

  7. This was indeed pure evil, but watching that sub run into that wolf pack of Illinois was just the chef’s kiss!

  8. The cruiser we all wanted.

  9. Mountbatten be like:

    “Our clan is recruiting!”

    Also Mountbatten:

    “Here’s a triple Illinois div to scare you into joining us”

  10. I am all for tactics promoting division play. I also like that they went middle and just steam rolled. Fun!

  11. it already nerfed, previously it has also good secondaries

  12. Good game. Almost unwatchable FOV and vertical aiming was a little rough, but seems like they had fun.

  13. A halfway decent torpedo DD player could have absolutely stopped them cold. The enemy team didn’t have one. So this hilarity happened.

  14. I have been firing AP on BB’s no matter what as it has improved pen angles. Killed lots of BB’s in brawls that way.

  15. Its nice to see some kind of team work………

  16. One benefit of the Illinois is if your on the other team and your trying to earn Fireproof. Just stay in the Illinois range and you will get the award easy. Having lived in Illinois i am surprised there is not a tax to play her lol!!

  17. it a great ship for sub hunting if you set it up .
    it would nice if they buffed the buffalo reload , to match the illinois .
    i am not getting the pen these guys do , but have a ping of 130 . so take what i get

  18. You guys did not even lose a ship! I can imagine the MM complaints of the enemy team lol.

  19. Pretty good. I remember watching a Jingles video some years ago with a triple div of Lyon BBs. They also had practiced their firing skills so they all fired together. Pretty hysterical.

  20. SilverStorm Forge

    Yes, I continued to fire AP even on bow in NC because I was farming full penetrations on it.

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