World of Warships – This is slowly turning into my fav tier 10 BB

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Ever since we got this ship for testing, I’ve been playing it and more I play it, more I like it. I wouldn’t say it’s easy to play as some of already existing ships in the game but it’s awesome.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Who else thought he was talking about World of Warships at the start not real life

    • Hopefully no one, since in game Iowa destroys Bismarck nearly every time. Bismarck only has a chance at very close range.

    • IOWA has the advantage in accuracy, range, radar, gun size and armour. Irl the Bismarck/ Tirpitz were outclassed. She was built to sink them.

  2. Why do you get more fires with your secondaries than i get with my Cleve

    • More than I get with my Zao.

    • It’s because WG cater to potatoes and they are ones who usually play ships like Georgia, Tirpitz, (soon) Ohio. Zero skill required, just sail around and wreck others solely by the AI. This is why they like ti, why they think it’s fun and the only way that potatoes can have their moment too. And to not ruin their skillless voyages on the high seas, WG will massively nerf IFHE which means less ships that can pen their AI controlled toy and the IFHE (which is mandatory for quite a few ships to deal damage at all against BBs) will get the fire chance halfed. So yeah, when a light cruiser or DD had to shoot 300 shells for 2 fires that can be healed back to 100%, it will be 600 schells for 2 fires once the IFHE change goes live. Meanwhile the AI controlled, skilless ship will set fires left right and center while at the same time the ridiculous big guns overmatch cruiser armor and rip lighter armored BBs (frenchies and so on) to shreds.

    • agnaaiu found the Worcester main

    • Because the secondaries on the Ohio are pretty good, throw in demo expert with a secondary build and it’s amazing. Same as the Massachusetts.

  3. Raul Alexandru Bota

    And I struggle in T9/10 MM in the Bismarck…

    • i have my dmg record with a Bismarck in T10 xD it’s kind of hard to see the optimal point to go in with Bismarck, i still can’t do it every match. But you have to go in cause otherwise you’re just cannonfodder. You can take on every other BB in a brawl as you have every tool to do so 🙂

  4. I like Georgia, and this looks more and more like a Georgia but better. I want one.

  5. One South Dakota class ship dont know the name was stationed in the British fleet to help against the Tirpitz. And the US and British Navy said dont attack Tirpitz alone or in a range of 8-15 km because of her armor and firing range systems. And only attack with supirior force. So you see how dangerous the Bismarck class was. But it depends on the role the ship has. Bismarck class was for raids and fighting off Queen Elizabeth class and King George V class ships and the H class should be for Fleet battles.
    The game is way to arcade to see how good the different ships are. The armor system and HE system is wrong too in a real life way. The ships were fighting broadside on broadside the armor was built for that fighting style. I recommend YouTube videos like the Battle of Jutland animated.

    • @Jon south That is very true. A lot of investment at stake here.

    • @Jon south That’s how most people play eve online 😛

    • @Ole KøhrsenI may find Eve a little boring but I can never criticise it’s in game economy and how it mirrors real life economies and doesnt suffer from the same issues as a lot of other in game economies

    • The game is also way to arcade to see the *weaknesses* of said ships. The Bismark and Tirpitz had serious weaknesses as well as strengths. One of those weaknesses led directly to Bismarks loss, no redundancy in the proppulsion. When that torpedo hit any hope of Bismark maintaining course was gone, against a Royal Navy or USN ship of similar size, while maneuvering would have been restricted, they would still have been able to maintain course albeit at a lower speed. Bismark and Tirpitz despite their size were a fairly old style of design, there were few German Naval Architects around with much in the way of experience of designing major capital ships thus they relied heavily on 1916 designs as a start point. As a result a fair degree of her displacement was wasted, especially when you look at her armour scheme, which was in all likelyhood far too extensive.

      As for her targeting systems, the British systems were just as good, they were better in different scenarios however. The German system was best in a short, sharp engagement, wheras the British were expecting more prolonged engagements, so their system increased in accuracy as the battle wore on.

      Most importantly though, going 2 on 1 in a battleship engagement was standard advice for *all* navies at the time. While say Bismark may have been able to destroy say HMS Rodney in a 1 on 1, she would receive massive, possibly even crippling damage whilst doing so, requiring months, possibly even years to repair, assuming it could ever be repaired fully (Hms Warspite suffered problems to her prop shafts for her entire career due to damage received at Jutland). The sinking of the Hood was an anomoly, it is remembered because it was rare for a Battleship to go down like that, you cannot base Naval Doctrine on your chances of getting lucky magazine hits…..

    • I think that was USS Massachusettes or USS Alabama.

  6. That yoshino kill was nice, also i like the enemy monty is sailing full broadside and is like WOW, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN. nice.

  7. “This thing in my hands” Flambass 2019 🙂

  8. That Yoshino Dev Strike . . Nice one Flambass . .?
    Note to self . . when in Yoshino stay well away from Flambass in the Ohio . . . . ?

    • Well all the CC told us about that. Player using Yoshino as a torpboat while they show full broadside. You never do that, not only against Flambino xD

    • Ivan TheTerrrible

      Note to myself… when in Yoshino stay… wait, i don’t have Yoshino. Nvm, all good here 😀

  9. Bourgogne just called me, she is jealous :p

  10. What for real not a single comment about submarines are going to start testing in a couple days

    • hitlersmissingnut

      J6st started playing and then found out about subs. I can’t wait to see how they do that.

    • @hitlersmissingnut yeah I’d like to know too. Welcome to the game. I played for about 5 years now it’s not a perfect game but I enjoy it.

  11. I do understand your frustration with the Shima regarding the smoke, at the same time I kind of get him as well. Dont know how many 100s of smokes I have wasted on BBs that just sail right thru them and suicides after I lay them.

    Also feels great that WG will pretty much only give this to Super Unicum Streamers that already have 5 Billion Free XP, Credits and Dabloons….. Maybe its time to become a Submarine Main so all the surface BS wont effect you. Just sail around looking at fish!

    • @kaz I think you misread my comment a bit. I wasent harsh on the DD, all I said was I got that Flambass was frustrated BUT at the same tima I also totally got the DD, because I as I said have wasted 100s of smokes trying to protect BBs that just YOLO in and die for no reason.

      So I wasent coming down on the DD player.

    • @OldSchool Gaming I read your comment fine. I do NOT get his anger at the dd. The dd did it right. Flam did it wrong.
      So, no. I do not ‘get’ his anger at the dd. I understand he’s angry the dd didn’t read his fuckin’ mind and place the smoke BEFORE he fired while moving at full speed in open waters while broadside to 4 ships.
      That’s called ‘heat of the moment bullshit blaming someone else when you make a plain and obvious mistake’ syndrome. FDA is working on a cure.
      Until then, we should all just kinda step up and admit when we’re wrong, even if it’s after the fact. Maybe especially so, and DEF especially so when we’re ST’s or CC’s, while live streaming, AND THEN uploading to youtube, eh?
      Look at some of these comments on that dd. If any one of those people ever runs into someone with his name, or a name close to his, they are going to treat him like he’s a bad player. When in fact, he displayed much better play tactics than the one streaming. That’s bullshit, and I will not sugar coat something this blatant.
      That player doesn’t deserve any of the bad sentiment, while the person who made the mistake DOES. And this happens ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

      But hey, let’s all be nice and understanding to everyone EXCEPT the guy that did it RIGHT. Him, well, who cares about him, he doesn’t have a youtube and twitch following, so fuck him, right?

    • @kaz I think you might need to rewatch the game, I’m not saying the shima did it wrong, but flambass did ask for smoke 3 times so its not like he actually did get smoked as soon as he asked, flambass also didn’t fire his guns after he asked for smoke in an attempt to disengage so your point about blapping is iffy unless you mean his secondaries which don’t increase your detection in smoke when firing so. The shima did reverse to get him into smoke better but could have just placed it in reverse and problem solved, just saying, your putting blame back on flambass he also doesn’t deserve, regardless of how you feel about his viewers raging at the shima.

    • How often do you lay a smoke for your cruisers and seconds later… WTF… instead of using it while you go and spot for them, they keep sailing broadside out of it for no reason. Damn I had a game some days ago with a Chapayev, he rushed behind me into the cap, first I thought, well nice radar is here…. second thought… why is he not slowing down… second later, he’s crazy, gonna smoke for him and save his ass… and no he sailed past and got blapped instantly…

      A good smoke can be the difference of dead team mates or easy 100k farmed damage for your team, but either dds don’t want/aren’t brave enough to smoke up for the team or their team don’t know how to use it. Even better when dds smoke but don’t spot… indeed frustrating…

    • @kaz Have you actually watched it? Because if yes, you’re just blatantly lying. So either stop lying or go watch it and stop talking out of your ass.

  12. “OMG, this thing in my hands” – remember boys, only you can give yourself the pleasure you deserve 😀

  13. Imagine that a BB with zero dispersion..someones favorite ship.

  14. austinpowersfasjer

    “Omg this thing in my hands…” – Flambass 2019

  15. If you wanted secondary guns worth a damn you used to have to choose German, which means your main guns can’t hit things right in front of you. You have armour, but it takes monster pen damage.
    This thing? USN guns that hit hard and reasonably accurate plus excellent secondary guns and functional armour.
    Typical WG lazy power creep.

    • The secondaries only did that damage from fires (Also not sure if flamba is using IFHE). The Ohio, mass, georgia only have an array of 127mm guns, which cant even pen bow plating without IFHE. The germans have a mix of 120mm guns and 150mm, and 1/4 pen HE mechanics, so the guns are capable of doing damage more than just setting fires without having to run with IFHE.

      The German armor is also miles better, and they get a hydro.

  16. Historically, who wins between Iowa and Yamato?


  17. stefanos perivolaris

    Staligrad is out..
    Flambino: New fav cruiserr!
    Dont show broadside!
    6 secs later…gets citadeled

  18. Several Potatoes Shoot Stuff

    I love how countries use so many resources to build battleships only for them to sit in the harbor and get sunk on their first mission.

  19. OP tier 10s entering the game behind grind/pay wall and now subs? Time to finally move on?

  20. MasterBait or MasterBaiter

    Not the strongest, not the weakest. It’s still paper…..

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