World of Warships- This Is Still The Biggest Issue With CVs

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Hey guys, today I share one of those fun and engaging matches I had involving everyones favorite class. Enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Thought he’d confused the KHABA with the YOLO EMILIO at the start, with that driving… How’d the team screw this up, the CV was perma’ after him…

  2. 7:36 what’s that???
    also petro has decent aa imo

  3. Just as this vid popped up I was in a battle in a Bayern getting harassed by 2 T6 CVS…..

  4. That Midway is lucky, when I play us cvs and dd tries to dodge its bassicaly impossible to hit him, cuz us cvs bombs are just so innacurate you can sometimes get perfect aim on dd and still miss everything

    • @dziugyslovs Because if they dont do cidel hits they do shit damage, like you REALLY have to know your enemy when it comes to AP bombs and AP rockets to get good DAMAGE on them. That said at least they take actually thought and skill to use, as apposed to HE rockets or bombs which can be described as “SHOTGUN GO BRRTTTTT” More ironic Hvars technically do more damage then tiny tims (due to number of rockets admittedly and assuming all hit), tiny tims are better vs cruisers and BBs.

    • @Jay Werner I hate ap rockets on german cvs theyre the most useless thing in wows, cuz they are only effective aginst dumb people, and everyone that has atleast 10iq knows how to angle

    • @dziugyslovs Same. even the graf zepplins dive bombers are more effective. pro tip do side attacks with then rather then front attacks due to the circular aim, i got so many citadels one match trying that i was stunned. a real “I CRAKED THE CODE” moment.

    • @dziugyslovs actually after the last update with Manuverbility nerfs and retinal nerfs the tec tree usn and ijn were really good for tier 8 and 10 but are garbage compared to the new power crept CV’s.

    • @Jay Werner I actually like the GZ now that the tier 8 tec tree CV’s have been nerfed.

  5. Your Flank style I followed on my Kremlin with my Friendly Conqueror and It was tons of Fun in shooting broadsides of the enemy soon DDs also came for the support.

  6. You really need to zoom back 1 tick when you play dds

  7. just add a bloody spotting delay of 10s-20s . This simple thing can make a massive difference

  8. Back in the days when dd spotted cv and started spamming HE shells that cv was done. Now you cant burn them and stop sending planes. Needs something like 1000 hits to kill that ship and you cant do anything to those planes. After you sink the bugger with torps theres still planes in the air spotting you and prob sink your ship.

  9. One Problem is also that if you try to go for an anti aa Build, you are still not really save from Carrier attacks.

    • no, you are not “safe”, but guarantee after 1 run the CV will look for other targets unless you are the only “lonely ship” on the map

  10. Olaf Messchendorp

    They should add a spotting delay for carriers (like radar)

  11. Spotting damage and most other “team” activities warrants little to no reward, so there’s little to no incentive to do it. I earned a Dreadnaught award in my Daring one match, and came in dead last on the scoreboard, even though I was the lone survivor in a loss. I tanked over 2 million damage, and caused ungodly amounts of spotting damage and got next to nothing for it. Was a good fun match that we ultimately lost, but at least it was fun until I realized I was dead last on the team and all of the contributions I did didn’t count for my score, credits earned, or XP earned.

    • Absolutely right. They need to make team play rewarding. I’m mostly a DD player so would love to see an incentive for other ships to actually support me when I ask for some covering fire and take away their rewards if they do nothing to help which is the way it goes most of the time! You ask for support, they reply with a Wilco and then the piss off in the opposite direction!!!!!

    • this problem already been pointed since early time when game came out, but due to incompetence by WG they still not implement this so dont expect it will implemented for anytime soon. even somehow things like “kill assist” is not availible where other games is a must where your objective to destroy another team

    • Yeah thats the saddest part of world of warships, all it cares about is your DAMAGE (you can get no kills and still be top of board) and Cap circle caps. everything else is secondary.

    • @Gilang ferrial oh I’ve been playing off and on for like 4 years now. It’ll never be changed.

  12. The CV focus was expected by me as soon as you got out by yourself. You were the only dd, with no AA support, and no way to hide. I don’t disagree with a lot of what your saying, but his focus on you was fairly predictable just situationally.

  13. this tactic was already covered by potato quality in his video

  14. Make CV spotting like during a cyclone, you allies can see ships on minimap but not be be able to see or target them.

  15. FDR and Enty become balanced mode once Mother Soviet brings out their CV’s

    • I thought FDR would be less common in tier 10 since it’s so expensive but it’s such a stupid ship

    • @Duck-A-Tank Yeah i know, Planes are so THICC they shrug off even the BEST AA damage, their payloads are massive, hell the Carrier it self has more armor, and the downside? only the bombers have the fighters consumable……which is not even a down side. Sure the planes take forever to ready for another run but….they can take the damage so it doesnt really matter.

    • Time for Projekt 72s with IL-2 Sturmoviks.

    • Ravishankar Somanadha

      Mother soviet cvs have more armor than fdr,faster than mvr and are impenetrable with 200 k hp and 40kts speed a 24 km radar and 10 km hydro

    • Mother Soviet CV probably will have nuke dive bombers

  16. it is about over-defensive playstyle versus over aggressive playstyle. booth are good and viable in certain situations. knowing when to do what is what separates good players from the best

  17. I had a 2 CV game yesterday whilst in a Tirpitz, might as well have just set myself on fire to save them the trouble.

  18. My biggest complaint with them is that they can produce an infinite number of aircraft. It’s slow but still. If they can do that then battleships and cruisers should be able to slowly repair their AA armament

  19. It was nice to see your CV dropping fighters above your Worchester while you were attacked by their CV for the last 5 min … because he really needed it

  20. The pinacle of frustration with these damn CV’s is, that in the unlikely event they misplay and you can catch up with a CV, they are protected by several OP game mechanics (no detonation, barely no fire damage etc…

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