World of Warships- This Is The Best All Around Battleship

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier X American Battleship, the Montana, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. while it isnt true, its still a nice ship.

  2. Ahoy Sea Lord, thanks for the new video!

  3. *sees video title
    *starts video
    *sees Montana
    *happy monty noises

  4. Montana, best BB in my stats

  5. i like iowa more than monty, feels not so sluggish

    • Iowa is great for sure, but man, idk, there’s just something about that extra turret, such meaty salvos

    • @Majestic Hotwings I agree, Hoping it’s the same for steel ships.
      I love my Jean Bart but the Bourgogne steel ship looks even better, Back turret so I don’t get surprised from behind. Think it will be my first steel ship.

  6. Montana may be a good ship for starting WOWs because of her accessibility (Tech Tree, Decent ships in line), but in terms of powerlevel there are several BBs that outclass her by a lot.

    In terms of pure capability the Bourgogne is the strongest ship by far. Range, fire rate, shell characteristics, great HE for long range and angled targets, massive AP broadside when getting closer or vs cruisers. Reload booster, Speed boost, rudder shift, handling. But you need to be present mentally all the time and mistakes get punished more because of her health pool.

    In terms of stability and needed skill level the thunderer is just straight up overpowered. You can just shoot the best HE in the game at long range, ignore angling, armor, while stripping away the modules and health of targets. Short reload, battlecruiser godtier dispersion as battleship and overmatch AP. Rudder shift best of the best, concealment means even the dumbest player can go dark where other BBs would just die. Thunderer ist broken like crazy.

    • good analysis … in 2 days Marlborough will reshape meta. 25 sec reload on 89mm HE pen 16 gun ship with 20.9km range . Even with 1.4 sigma … its not issue if there are 16 BB HE shells in air every 22sec (you will take reload mod on that) And that thing is T9.

      The thing about terrible dispersion is that … its not that bad for HE – you don’t aim at waterline for citadel in the end. And with 89mm pen it gonna pen even Kremlins deck with ease.
      And biggest “downside” of Thunderer was accuracy – too accurate for its own good ;). So often you set only 1 fire … while with 16 shell wonky shotgun Marlborough may aswell set 4 fires on something without fire prevention 😀

  7. Just got her, after having a great deal of fun in the Iowa so hopefully the fun will continue, these American BBs are great fun Inc T8 Massa

    • Gonna be honest, in my opinion (and some others) the Iowa is leagues better than the Montana. But let me know what you think about her, you might like the Montana more.

  8. If you mean best tech tree t10 bb yes premium t10 I’d say Ohio is best all round t10 bb

  9. Ngl, best battleship for me in my entire time playing is my teir 6 U.S.S Arizona

  10. Man, the water.

  11. The Monty was my first T10 ship. I love it,she’s a good one!!!!

  12. I love the montana. I usually play with range mod and spotter so i get 33km range. At ranged over 21 km I only shoot he. The monty is one of the few bbs who are effective at range because of the accuracy and the 12 guns

  13. I love her. She holds my damage record

  14. Monty and Yammie are still my #1 and #2 for Clan Battles throughout all the T10 seasons.

  15. Tied for first Tier X BB? I remember when Yamato was the only Tier X BB.

  16. “when these shells connect”, that’s a problem. If WG nerfs BB guns any more they won’t be worth playing. The game is getting too far from reality.

  17. How long does it take, realistically to earn the Halsey commander?

  18. You should review Alabama! One of the best entry ships

  19. Are you going to do a review on the Yamato or the Bismarck soon? I can’t wait to see them if you are.

    Both are famous battleships, took a fuckton of damage to take them down, and are infamous in their own ways. I’m just wondering if they’re worth getting in-game.

    Bismarck i haven’t played in a while, while I’m still trying to grind for the Yamato. Long story short, are they worth it in today’s meta?

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