World of Warships- This Is The Best Way To Play Preussen

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Hey guys! Today we take another look at the new Tier X German Battleship Preussen, enjoy!

I forgot to include my commander/module setup in the video, my apologies, here it is:
Commander Build: PM, GTG, AR, CE, BoS, FP, SI
Modules: MBM1, DC1, ASM1, DC2


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I’ve always ran Aiming Systems Mod 1 on all my main line German BBs, along side Reload Mod.

    The hybrid build is the way to go after the German BCs took over the full secondary build.

    I’ll definitely give a full main gun build a try though, looks promising.

    • Yes they are far too big, slow and easily spotted, full tank is the only way

    • Why not spec into furious and super heavy AP if you are VERY into the main guns? 15 second reload with a 16k alpha on each shells when you are on fire(which you are guaranteed all the time since you are big and clumsy) is nuts

  2. I play an Hybrid Build with Close Quarter Combat with AR 1/4 of HP left i reach 15 second reload on this ship and i got report soo much because of this build..

  3. this is how you are meant to build ther Tier 9 DeGrobe.

    Also, secondaries on the BCs.. they are just that much better.

  4. Your running the exact same build I chose. I got questioned on it in Discord because they think i should of run a secondary build instead. lol NO!!! 457s with a fast reload time and accuracy kicks ass! You will get way more points from the 457 main guns than you will from the secondary’s every 21 seconds. Then with adren rush it gets faster. Love this build and ship.

  5. What is odd though is when you fire the guns it sounds like you fire 408 mm guns, while my GK with the 420 mm guns sounds like yamato’s guns. Really hope they will change it to the big boom sounds like other bb’s with 457 / 460 mm guns.

    Also since i have GK build as brawler, i keep Preussen as hybrid. Which means my secondaries still have a long range (GK does have more), but my guns now not only have a reload of 21 seconds which is quick for 8x 457 mm guns, but also more accurate (not sniper accurate but definitely improved)

  6. How you pronounce Preussen (which is the old way of writing, the new one is Preußen) is more like “Präußen”
    the “äu” or “eu” is quite easy and i thing you did it right.
    The “ss” or “ß” is called the sharp s, or sz. Which is harder but doable. The hardest thing is probably the “pr” into the “eu” a hard sound into a soft sound into a hard sound (ß) and again soft (en).

  7. I can’t wait to get my hands on this ship! It looks so fun, and different from the rest of the secondary based Germans. WG made the right call for this ship.

  8. Personally I find so sad to play german BBs like US or IJN ones… reminds me some old video from others CC endorsing main battery builds on Bismark… In my very personal opinion or this german BB works with secondary build or I go play Thunderer instead, with more agility and fire chance…

  9. It always so nice to have a BOT/NOOB CV on the other team makes it a easy win !!

  10. Truth is, Republique does the same thing (throwing 8 shells that overmatch 30mm every 20 secs) but BETTER.
    Still, not complaining about a German BB that actually CAN work in the current meta

  11. 3:00 this is insane! I mean hello my Jean Bart has a firing rate of 22 seconds – 15 seconds with reloadbooster. And she is, or was the fastest shooting Battelship I know on T9-10.

  12. They always told me I was trolling with the main-guns build in the FDG and now Prussia
    But people don’t cosider you get a godly 21s reload on both of them

  13. i think all main line German BB should be played with main battery as focus. Secondary builds should be left to Battlecruiser line.

  14. I take Sec mod but CQC skill and MBM 3 for 19s reload in dakka range

  15. thanks for advise going to use it fits my playstyle good build

  16. Is the Preussen build make this ship better (or as good) at this style of combat such as the Thunderer or Ohio? Some comparison between the three would be helpful. As always I enjoy your videos and appreciate the time you put in to bring them to us.

    • She’ll most likely, and as I’ve seen on others’ streams/vods, play like a less accurate Ohio that’s built Gun/Tank. And then later game, get up closer for AI rain of fire, except you can pen more than Ohio can, but let’s be honest, you’re hoping for fires from secs… these aren’t the nicer Shlieffen secondaries which is just a lawn mower ravaging the countryside

  17. GK is actually a lot better then Preussen for secondaries, not taking the accuracy mod doesn’t hurt her as much because she makes that up with shell volume. Don’t forget about the legendary mod to boost the secondaries even more.

  18. The Preussen is a loser as far as I can tell. 9 matches, 1 win. 3 citadels in total, and maybe 3 sinks. The AP doesn’t citadel, the HE doesn’t cause fires. It takes massive damage from all angles. The only thing it does well is to generate potential damage. 3.5 km against a flat-broadside Ohio = 3 pens, no cits. Oddly enough, it did citadel a GK at about 6km, again flat broadside. I didn’t know that was even possible.

  19. I’ve always ran a hybrid build on my German BBs, including GK (haven’t progressed far enough through the BC line): MBM1, hydro mod, secondary mod, concealment, then main battery reload, and it’s worked fine. Commander still has the secondary skills, but also fire prevention and extra heal, so I have secondaries, tankiness, AND main guns accounted for, and it works WONDERS on the Preussen if you manage your DCP and heal cooldowns well enough.

  20. Dirigible Dirby should just replace normal battle! it makes people get a little bit closer. Backline snipers still snipe in the game mode anyway, so they are not losing out on anything.

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