World of Warships- This Is The New Rare TIX Premium, Don’t Fall For It

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Hey guys! Today I discuss what will probably be touted as the new “rare” TIX premium for the Christmas containers, enjoy!

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  1. Funny enough this was the ship I was aiming for a few years ago, I’m probably the only person to be disappointed when I got Missouri first ^^;

  2. Strangely enough I earn way more credits with the Musashi than playing the Missouri, just by the fact that the Musashi is a bit OP at its tier

    • Same, also the credit income doesn’t feel that special, if you don’t take any singal flags that boost the credits as well. A lot of people think they’re gonna earn 1 Million credits+ every match with Missouri and that is far from reality.

    • 200k credits even though you play like shit is what the MO allows. But ye. MO is not as good as people think. She gives up a lot to get radar…

    • @SaiyajinOG exactly. I get comparable results in my Georgia and sometimes in Salem too

    • If I need to make a few extra credits and I don’t have many flags available, I go to my Atlanta and my Atlanta black

  3. More probably it will be the Georgia, Alaska or Jean Bart

  4. Sebastian Vilois

    Short story: Don’t spend your money in loot boxes

  5. Me who got the Musashi for FreeXP in time: huehuehuehue

  6. Played a few battles in my Colorado yesterday. Had tons of fun playing against Musashis.
    I could overmatch him, kill him with superior number of barrels, reload, dispersion and alpha potential. Oh wait…. At least i can outrun him right?

    • @Danhvn without aiming mod 1 Musashi and Colorado have the same dispersion at 20 km, with Colorado having less guns but 2.0 sigma, so overall Colorado raw accuracy is slightly better

    • @Stefano Crosazzo at 20km IJN BBs have 228m maximum dispersion while USN BBs have 260m. The only range USN dispersion is better than IJN is at 6km and below. Tell me more.

    • @Danhvn go pick a fight on some stupid subreddit rather than here. You just blatantly ignored his argument regarding sigma, of which colorado has a massive advantage in consistent accuracy over the musashi

    • @Danhvn Horizontal dispersion, game shows ONLY horizontal dispersion, there is also a thing called vertical dispersion which is FAR more important for a battleship, and guess what, Japanese BBs are the worst in it of all the nations, even German battleships have better vertical dispersion, not to mention that Colorado has 2.0 and Musashi 1.8 sigma. Musashi is one of the least accurate t9 battleships, MAYBE beaten by a Marco Polo( i am not sure about this one).
      Check for vertical dispersion number.

    • @Spencer Willig I’m sorry but sigma was never that important. Tell me how Republique is accurate with her 2.0 sigma

  7. Musashi is still one of my all time favorite ships, I love playing her. I find a lot of success in Musashi closing the distance slowly, way more than pushing up with Yamato at T10

  8. Sriram Bharadhwaj

    I want them to bring Musashi back as a coal ship

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      so nabs can purchase it after their entrance as clan members? nah musasi is a pure bb not a fuckin artillery stay at spawn and fire

  9. I really hope they will bring back krohnstadt one day

  10. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    3:03 In the Musashi Naval Legends, a survivor gives a story of his time as I think an AA director. Imagine if he could play wows

  11. Marcus Jones Stinks

    The only rarity is WG like it was when wows first launched. Too big to fail, and predatory marketing.

  12. Santa containers are even more of a scam now that Missouri is now getting nerfed and Musashi is going to be the new rare ship to get.

    WG: Money now ask questions later

    • If they really want to be greedy they will add that “extra money” mission that old Missouri will get, or release the old Missouri but only in the santa crate.

  13. Shitty Pony OC Recolor

    Damn, I’ve had the Musashi for what I felt was so long that I forgot what the price was. I thought this whole time that it was for coal. But “only” 750,000 free XP? That ain’t too bad either, at least it wasn’t a million.

  14. I would also like to take note that back in the day she was the cheapest tier 9 coal ship in the whole game. If I remember it correctly she was available for 175k coal without a coupon.

  15. I never regret bought this ship, she’s not Missouri but in the end 460 still 460.

  16. I’ve had it for a while.

    Like within a month of initial release

  17. Buy Musashi with free exp? Yes. Buy with money? No, just grind for Yamato.

  18. “It has bad AA”. Same could be said about almost any ship in this game now.

  19. The Musashi is an absolute Monster, when facing T7-8. Everyone that says something else, is a bad player. No discussion. Even when uptiered she does pretty well. Musashi is one of the best premiums that were available.

  20. The biggest issue with Musashi is the lack of AA and HE spam… not too much of an issue in ranked for some reason.

    Really strong ship.

  21. @Catch_022 That’s why I prefer the Mizzou…

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