World of Warships- This Is The Premium To Buy First

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Hello guys, today I answer the question of “What premium should I buy”. Hope you enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. I think the Tirpitz was one of my first premium ships. I did buy it before I had any BB higher than tier 4-5 and yes I did struggle. It’s now one of my most played ships. I did the same in WoT. I bought the infamous Lowe before having any idea how to play it and the player base let me know in no uncertain terms what they thought of me. Lesson learned; money can’t buy you skill.

    • @Nino Bixioi
      I know the temptation myself and played for dearly now I just use my Massachusetts and Z-39 for credit grinding. I’ve had to learn my mistakes completely humble pie moments.

    • I got the Tirpitz as soon as it was released (I think the game was still in Beta). Had no tech line German BB’s at the time. It was embarassing 🥴 I stopped playing it until I had worked my way up to the Bismarck

    • Luv the Tirpitz and was my 1st BB premium purchase but the Mass is just so fun to play

  2. mechanical engineer

    The best coal ship i ever got in this game is salem! (perfect for begginers to learn how to play a cruiser)240.000coal ! if this ship is still available save up coal and get it! i have 6mill xp and trained on this ship 3 x 21 skill commanders till today! money maker, free xp maker and xp maker for missions! i never regreat getting this ship! my biggest mistake is the waste of coal for yoshino! and dont buy premiums with real money especially t8s! all time you will end up at t10 games!
    btw 8:23 flat broad harlem ready to be punished and go to port! but tirpitz dispersion is there for you all the time! lol

  3. The problem of Tirpitz it’s her age. Is a great ship to get, it’s so fun and it’s recognizable. But she needs something new. She is no longer unique, and she is arguably worse than recent ships or premiums. She needs a refurbishment.

    • @Peter Lustig If not for secondaries, then she has nothing. She becomes a shit premium.

    • @FrankvC for average skilled player you might be right

    • @w ramsey it should have hydro or radar since it’s more of a close range ship than Bismarck. It had torps but no hydro, weird. Guess u can always get the torp acquisition skill but even then it’s not good. I bought it many years ago and never really played it, especially recently. It’s just not good now. I’m guessing if you want a brawling German bb with torp and hydro, get pommern

    • @Preston Garvey NGL Tirpitz with radar would be so fun. Even if it’s only a 20 seconds one

    • It was a top pick in 1 vs 1 ranked for T8 but that proves even ships in our reserve fleet have a place and time lol ; i have the Pommern and with Lutjens is a lot of fun

  4. The Massachusetts was my first premium before doubloons. The Z-39 was my second premium. I have so far 4 or 5 premium ships. I originally bought Gascogne and I played up tier games and got crushed games time after time til i dumped the Gascogne I still Massachusetts and Z-39 and my Saipan.

  5. I got georgia becaus it had the ship symbol with same with other premium ships other then TX ships from armory, and that was a good decision i guess back then

  6. Minny-apples-ess biker

    Thank you. The Tirpitz is so much fun. It was one of my first premium ships. I’m a fool at WOWS, I have so much to learn. I’ll keep trying my best for whatever team I end up on. @DeutscheMarine23 on PS4.

  7. I perfected playing this thing in a division with a friend, one of the ships I can even recommend playing together in a division

  8. Jean-Philippe Morin

    First premium I bought back then was the hms harekaze and hms graf spee in a bundle. Graff spee is quite nice. Still one of my favorite ships. I struggled a bit learning to play the harekaze, rough time at first because I didn’t know how to play a destroyer and also I was still at tier 6 grinding my first line, the german cruiser line. I have not used it a lot at first until I got used to it and now I play it with the torps reload booster, no smoke. I have way more fun with it now then back then.
    Then I got the massachussetttts. Great ship also.

  9. I started buying premiums on day 1 in beta. I knew I would be playing the game a lot, and was a WoR veteran. These days I’m not sure how much extra credits most ships earn though.

  10. The Derpitz was my first premium BB since I started playing in beta so many years ago. I, and many others have had an illegal amount of fun in it. The meta may be different now, but she will always be a barrel of fun for anyone who gets her. She does really need to get an up armored deck to mitigate the saturation damage that all German BBs have issues with, but she’s still solid as they come.

  11. The Tirpitz B was my first premium. Love this ship.

  12. I bought the prinz eugen as my first ship 4 weeks ago, I bought it because i think its cool. I didn’t grind the german cc line. I did grind multiple other cc lines so I was very comfortable with cruisers in general. I really love the prinz eugen I still think its cool, when the 25% coupon resets I might get the san diego

  13. The Tirp was the first BB that you can buy and I and a lot of others bought her just to have a higher tier BB. It’s still one of my favorites but it desperatly (since day 1) needs a dispersion fix and it would be very popular!

  14. great advice, i got the V gulio ceasare(2015) as my first premium tier 5 bb. Pounded credits with it to support tech line. Earned the BB X Puerto Rico (long Campaign), got CR VIII Hampshire from some short campaign, Currently CR VII Omono (short campaign). Wait for a coupon before you buy one.

  15. tirpitz was my first premium because I wanted to get the ARP Takao years ago through a mission. I had to win and survive 100 battles and the requirement was a t8 ship. I didn’t had one, so I bought the Tirpitz. She’s one helluva ship 🙂

  16. I’ve purchased a couple of premium ships, but most of my premiums I’ve bought with coal. You gave great advice for new players as well as us intermediate players! I’ve enjoyed the game for 2&1/2 years now and will continue as it’s a completely free game if someone wants to play it that way. 🇺🇸

  17. Ägir is my favorite premium. She is a beast. Another favorite of mine is Nelson just because her fire spamming is ridiculous.

  18. Tirp was my first premium ship as well, it was a great ship to learn on; and I still love using it to this day. All around great ship with great armor, decent guns, and great speed.

  19. Massa is my favourite by far. I bought the Warspite when I first downloaded the game, largely due to Jingles and being from the UK (previously playing WoTs), but I got a 300% gold bonus that allowed me to get the Massuchusettes. My best decision, I think. Mostly ftp after….

  20. I love the Frandre got some getting used to it’s horrible accuracy but those secondaries make it so much fun when you get that rare chance to get up close to other ships

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