World of Warships- This Is The Scummiest Event Yet

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Hey guys, today we go over the absolute rip that is the Ruckus in The Depot event. Let me know what ya think below!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. They will increasingly get worse until there is a major push back from the players. Then they’ll go back a step and leave it at the worst people will accept, and then try to make it worse again later.

    • Halo Infinite moment

    • Wait until the credit system changes on signals and cammo. When there’s no longer a standard -10% -20% reduction to post battle service costs. When you’re likely to lose credits playing a T6 in CO-OP if you’re not ranked in the top 3.

    • @Walter Melyon WG piss off enough people they will pay for It, WG turn your game Into a shit show please, wait there already doing It. Every year Its the same old thing with WG I wish I had never started really ……..

  2. Even if you purchased all 300 of the Storekeeper’s Packages you would only get 1362 depot tokens and you need 3200 depot tokens to get all of the Ruckus in the Depot bundles.

  3. I had a Tier 6 crate as the first pick and calculated it would take 7 bundles to get enough tokens. Unfortunately it took 16 and I ended up with the Huanghe for 4k doubloons, but depending on your first bundle pick it could be worth it.

  4. it was always like that, owning pixels is very like owning nothing

  5. “Wargaming must have been hanging out with EA”
    So true, I laughed to hard. Thank you for that 🙂

  6. that one person in subturd scoring 169 bxp in 16 minutes long battle (!!!!) still surviving is a perfect example of why subs keep getting buffs. animal will never be able to correctly play it, unless it was full on autopilot with blocked user inputs, yet being completely annoying to deal with

  7. I got the T9 container in the first option and for about 4500 dubs ( that I obtained in the last half a year from super containers or other rewards ) and got Groningen. I know that it can be obtained for free XP but I play mostly COOP and free XP is something I don’t have much. So in my humble opinion for me it’s a win.

  8. Syed Ushher Ahmad

    Wasnt that the big red button you click to go into battle?

  9. 1 year ago, WG promised to become sober and scale down on random loots. That was dust in the wind. Got even worse.

  10. The ‘event’ is a perfect example of how gme companies attempt to trick people into forgetting they are using realy money. Cash –> dubloons –>crates for rng tokens –>to buy more rng stuff from a 2nd series of crates. CLOSE YOUR WALLETS. No issue buying stuff directly for dubs, but this is just shit fuckery.

  11. it’s funny this is the only event of the four currently going on where there’s no way of buying more tokens once you’ve used the ones you got from the storekeeper’s bundle

  12. Big Red Button name suggestion, part one: ” Aaaaand it is gone!”

  13. Yes, profiteering now gotten ridiculous, can see the difference in just the year I have been playing. It is the players choice to buy, but constantly bombarded with way over priced offers to the point it is now closer to gambling than game play, IMO. Thanks and keep the content coming.

  14. Christopher Surdak

    WG Summer, 2021: “Sorry to be so scummy, we will try harder and will be more transparent.” WG Summer 2022: “We are proud to present to you compound loot boxes, allowing you to gamble for the opportunity to gamble.” Maybe they should hire Amber Heard to be their head of product development. She too is an expert at tripling down on her lies.

  15. Monotone Strategy

    I was able to directly buy some of the tokens in the web version of their premium shop, combined with the first visible “Storekeeper’s Package” for 30 tokens, to get a year of premium (first visible Ruckus in the Depot” bundle) for less than $25. But definitely not buying any more than that – it really is scammy.

  16. With the sheer amount of bundles in each section it would have been good if they let you get enough tokens through playing to get like the 1st box. Shame it is purely cash focused, maybe if they did some missions and such it may not have seemed so blatant.

  17. I happened to look into this last night for NA and calculated even if you bought every single gold bundle for 57,000 Dubs (and thats the “discounted” price) you’d only end up with 1,395 tokens. To get all of the good bundles you need 3,200. So ~$230 to get 13 of the super random bundles.

  18. I totally agree with you SLM on that one: this is extremely scummy

  19. When they announced the release of subs in pvp it was obvious WG would lie and scheme their entire way in the game. Did anybody really think they would do literally anything else?

  20. I remember when i first thought about buying a ship in this game, i expected most ships to be 5 or 10$……Lol i was sorely mistaken. I just dont understand how someone can spend 80 or more dollars on a ship when usually they are similar to tech tree ships with just different loadouts, however im glad those whales are out there, they have enabled me to play this game completely free for 7 years now

  21. Premium Is good If you need It ,to grind this game ,or you will be grinding 30% more. Free xp , commander elite ,credits never buy them, Buy ships and try to have a good time when WG Isn’t screwing you over…..

  22. Similar for me, my first container offered was a T6 ship and I caught that one. But not any more.

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