World of Warships- This Is The Supership To Get

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Hey guys, today we discuss which Supership you I believe you guys should focus on obtaining, the Satsuma, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Shikishima got their girl taken by the Hannover.

    Satsuma is thr result of Shiki going through the Training and Gaining montage trope to get their girl back.

  2. yeah with few exceptions the satsuma is vastly better then Hannover even if the meta was the older days. At high tier beyond tier 8 [ such as Massachusetts like ships or Odion] it just better to have ships such as Montana and this featured video ship.

  3. I am beginning to despise the word “Meta” because Meta becomes a self fulfilling prophecy to the point that even if the hypothetical Meta does slightly shift to allow different things, copycats will still religiously preach the old meta and refuse to listen to possible changes. The meta this relects is sort of the old Deadeye meta still lingering, which is funny, because the deadeye meta was a false god meta to begin with. Furthermore, with this game in particular, the player base is even more resistant to change than in other games.

    • Waverley Journalise

      Agreed. The meta should be anything that you personally can play well, and damn the sheep that preach otherwise.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      I got reported yesterday for playing Gwagon, simply because it doesnt fit the meta

  4. I am shocked that at least on this chanel everyone seems to just accept the fact that the superships are game destroying, beyond OP and stop you from even Touching T9 ships. Its like: “well i guess a 120k HP aimbot ship with absurd caliber that can two shot a jean beart from the front is alright, lets play that”.

    • Still better then fighting CV’s. Also it is really no different then getting double uptiered T8 vs T10 feels about the same

    • Tbh I love facing them in my tier 9 ships, I just farm them easily. Don’t see much different between those and tier X to be honest, they sink about the same.

    • the only really op ships are the supercarriers, although the Conde is very strong compared to the others. Annapolis is just a better dm and the super bbs are easily farmed

    • @Twinky Octopus …super bbs are easily farmed. How the HELL am i supposed to Farm a Aimbot BB, that can (and yes it happened) TWO SHOT me on 24km in my Tier 9 Jean Bart from the FRONT. And that was a Jean Bart, one of the most OP T9 Ships with one of the biggest ranges. What in the actual f should i do in a freaking pommern? Nothing. The Hannover is bullshit, but Satsuma is completely OP. It should maybe have like 85k HP to be even slightly balanced. Same thing with Conde, i have seen a Conde kill two Tier 10 BBs without even losing half its HP.

  5. I refuse to contribute to what I see as a problem for the game. Even the closest I will get to CV gameplay is Kearsarge. Which is balanced some what by having to actually get in spotting distance to use. Still feels kind of dirty doing 10k rocket hits.

  6. Superships should not be in WoWS. They need to go into either their own game or a different battle mode.

  7. I think superships are a fun edition to the game. Some of the gimmicks on them are crazy but, it’s still fun and it gives people with tons of credits something to spend on. As for balance they balanced them better than they have subs so far and well the CVs are CVs so that’s a different issue. I think the complaints so far are a bit early for superships because none of them are actually game breaking. I see the real issue coming when we get super russian ships, super Kleber, and we’ll see how crazy Patrie is.

  8. The existence of the Satsuma as she is now makes me wonder what the purpose of Shikishima is now. Then again Shikishima is in some respects better than Satsuma on account of a smaller profile, less detectability, and better economy. Maybe I’m overthinking…

  9. For once, I actually disagree. From a ‘power’ and ‘influence’ perspective, either of the SuperCVs is much more impactful than any of the other super ships. Satsuma all the way for the ‘fun’ factor – as long as there’s no SuperCVs… it’s a TON of fun to farm Hannovers and Satsumas in a US or Eagle.

  10. “Negative Economy” is my point. 50 milion credits to buy it, and loose credits every match with it is not the droid – ehm – ship i’m looking for.
    Anyway, if you don’t want to buy ALL but only ONE supership, wait the others. There may be even better ships.

  11. Saki Saki Kawasaki

    Remember there’s the service fee of 360k PLUS ammo cost. I went with Conde and with some credit boosters, I need at least a 25‐30k damage game and a win to break even (400‐425k). Waiting for Patrie … 😬

  12. Its been asked a few times in-game chat and I’ve frankly told people not to bother with T11 ships. It is an in-game currency sink that WG wants people to blindly jump on. T10 ships can hold up against T11 without an issue, but still make money in game.

  13. Although I am against super ships belonging in this game just like subs, I did get the Satsuma and the Conde just to be able to stand a chance in Tier X battles after the super ships were introduced. I do understand WG’s decision to double the repair costs of super ships to try and limit the number of these ships in battles. Even with all the economic signal flags and the appropriate camo mounted, I am very lucky if I can make 100k profit in a battle. Hence, I don’t play them every day. One thing for sure, I stopped bringing out my Tier 9 ships these days as they will be facing these super ships in battle.

  14. Arizona Anime-Fan

    the BBs are the most balanced superships. they do sort of work as a t11. the cruisers get more broken, due to their gimmicks. an Annapolis <10k will delete pretty much anything (including BBs), it feels far more broken then the BBs. the same can be said for the conde (it's broken, though no where near as deadly under 10km). the DDs are underwhelming as t11s, they aren't even as strong as many t10 dds...

    the broken aspect of the superships is the CVs, they're completely and utterly broken, more like t13-14 ships then t11.

    so imho get the Annapolis if you love the desi. it plays exactly like the desi, only a lot better, as it has an instant delete ability which is second to none, and as anyone who's played the desi can tell you, the one thing that shortens the desi's life in battles is the inability to delete things when you need to.

    get the conde if you like CAs in general but don't like the desi

    get the satsuma if you love backline snipping

    DO NOT get the Hannover, i've taken them 1v1 in a Schlieffen, sort of embarrassingly easily, the Hanover is underwhelming.

    don't get the DDs unless you absolutely love the shima and want a shima+ or you love the khaberosk and absolutely want a + version of it. they both aren't as good as many of the t10 DDs out there

    and get a CV if you like cvs or just want an easy button.

  15. I disagree the Annapolis is a much better ship to grind to as it’s a better DM. Or the Conde as its a better Henri IV. As far as DPM and not getting killed by a T-XI BB, I can kill them faster than they can kill me.

  16. Just call these tier 11s that feed on the 80 dollar tier 9 premiums they’ve been selling 😆 🤣

  17. I like how the comment sections are appalled at the rest of the playerbase enjoying superships at the cost of losing credits more often than not. Lol downside of playing an “op” ship is you can’t do that indefinitely or be perpetually broke and unable to do anything in the game due to no credits. Wargaming playerbase lol

  18. kingofcastlechaos

    I would much prefer WG just start another game and use the these superships as the new T1 starter ships. Then they could take them all the way into modern times and people can sit at the back of the map and launch missiles at each other based on where the satellites show them.
    Just leave WoWs alone for once and let people play the game we signed up for.

  19. I suspect Hannover will be better for the next season of clan battles as they’re only allowing 1 bb and no petro so I’d take the tankyest bb available which is ether the Kremlin or Hannover

  20. I don’t plan to get Super ships just because I have Shiki and thus 510s even though one pair less. And in comparison to Super ships, you can actually earn decent creds on her without gambling with cash flow in case of not so good game. As for Super ships in general, they should have their own Super ships tier, because I think it messes the game tiering to say the least. Anyways, my 2 cents

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