World of Warships- This Is The Worst Ship In The Game

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the Tiger 59. A ship that I completely forgot existed. Enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


  1. my thought upon reading the title: “tiger something…? Yup … the tiger”

  2. Were those Tirpitz secondaries out-damaging your main guns? 😀

  3. I think that the ship could be fine if they gave it HE, and maybe an engine boost instead of the radar

    • With only two turrets, no-torps, weak armor, high citadel, low health…it has to have both Smoke and radar otherwise….it has no hope and no purpose. I agree … should have HE too. It only has four guns and no secondaries.

  4. I’m still hoping to get this floating rubbish can from a container because it looks really good

  5. Ironically, Tiger is a real world ship with a real world rate of fire from an advanced automatic & radar-guided gunnery system. Most of the other ships in the game have unrealistic gunnery and other systems. Tiger in theory ought to be one of the most OP gun ships in the game – if the game was realistic in its balance.

    • @Sirawich Kliangkaew there were already semi auto 5inch with reached upwards of 22rpm, semi auto 6inch guns on Cleveland/Fargo reached 10rpm with give higher RPM due to gun count.
      Primary thing with Tiger Autoloaders were their AA capabilities trait only shared with Worcester.

    • Des Moines with autoloading 8inch guns along with dedicated post war anti surface gunnery system:
      “Are You Sure About That”

    • With few guns and light armor? probably not. Heck, this same ship is in Warthunder which *is* supposed to have realistic balancing and its hardly op there. American light cruisers like Helena and cleveland outperform it, to say nothing of heavy cruisers or battleships

    • Aye, but before this bote came along we still were in a game where the second most heavily armoured BB in history (the KGV class) is literally made of paper thanks to WG arbitrarily putting its citadel on the outside of the ship.

  6. WG have really not done her justice, The HMS Tiger was an Air Defence Cruiser designed to escort carriers, in later improvements she got the seacat air defence missile system. But ingame her Air Defences are meh where really they should be god tier, the 3inch guns were known as Plane Snipers, combined with Radar fire control could snip airplanes right out of the sky. She was never primarily designed to combat other ships, which is why she performs poorly in that role, combined with Meh AA instead of her real life god tier for a 1950’s ship and you get this hot mess. WeeGee applying Historical Accuracy at a whim again.

  7. They could have at least made her tier 7 so we could meme around in op’s with her.

  8. Wow, who would’ve thought a completely dedicated anti-aircraft cruiser would suck at engaging surface vessels.
    WG just needs to make an AA meme out of this ship, 10km AA (with no AA-firing detection bloom), fast-reloading accurate flak, 100% hit rate, high damage continuous AA.

    • Lmao they are never in the business of making good ships. They like to make stupid ships to trap you in your containers, so that even you’re lucky and get a T8 ships, it is equal to nothing because it is a terrible ship.

  9. got her in a container , played two games , avg dmg of 150k dmg and 3 kills per game …… shes not that bad , you just need to use her right.

    • You just cant go in first

    • @Barry Hutchison i did ?? why would i lie lol i also have 7 kills and over 4000 pr in the othotnik in one game another ship ppl consider terrible , like most bad ships she requires a brain , shes a ship you have to pay extra attention to mini map for , count radars , use every island u can like its ur life , and she really benefits from a team that pushes into her .

    • Sample size.

      My first game in Fenyang was 193k, doesn’t mean it’s good.

    • @hi im’ ,are autism sure , after 9 games in her my avg is down to 91k and 1.4 frags a game , but i still make her work .

  10. It’s unfortunate that in their fear of making another og Belfast, they went the extreme opposite way with another ship that actually existed. I once killed a Tiger with my Alsace secondaries while my main guns was firing at another target.

    • The original belfast was powercreeped nowdays. Its still powerfull but not like in the old days. They should give Tiger better reload so you actually has atleast DPM.

  11. They missed the chance to give her good HE, AA and even better dispersion

  12. I got it in a crate.
    I actually have had fun playing it.
    The mobility, accuracy and tools make it enjoyable for me.
    I do think it needs buffs.
    DPM and ship speed and shell speed would be appreciated.

    • Got it in a crate, too.
      Thinking about the same points that need to be buffed, i miss especially the acceleration. Top speed is sometimes not enough to evade pushing enemies and relocate.
      Torpedos would be very nice, too, but in order to be a realistic ship, they won’t give it torps, i guess.
      I wish it would have accuracy and shell speed of Yubari.

  13. I got it in a Santa Mega Container last night. Still padding out my T6, T7 Premiums (and the odd T8/T9) with the crates. This first bundle of 8 crates I got 4 ships, and decent signals. The second bundle got me Tiger and 2 x 2,500 doubs so Santa is still playing nice with me.

    • i got 12 ships out of 20 mega santa containers. T7 hyuga, 8 T8 ships (Tiger, Z-35 and Indomitable. what a pieces of crap), 2 T9 ships (YOLO Emilio and Bajie)

  14. This is far from the worst but it’s for sure not incredibly fun to play, I find joy in it’s difficulty and lack of armament. Just my opinion and I do admit it is awful lol.

  15. IMHO I actually quite like her. I’ve managed to have some pretty good games. So for me, she’s not even the closest to being the worst. If you’re used to mino then you’ll understand how to play it. Love the fact she’s historical.

  16. You will never convince me that there is a worse ship to play/forced to grind than the COLORADO!

    • Easy, Russian mid-tier cruisers. High detection, bad armour – just enough to arm AP shells, flat gun arch’s so little to no hiding behind islands while firing at enemies and horrid turning circles. Also, British cruisers Emerald, Hawkins and the ultimate bad Ablemarle.

    • Cruiser class as a whole for each tech line from tier 5-8 is horrible experience.

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