World of Warships – This Kitty bites

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Kitakaze is IJN tier 9 tech tree DD and one of the most deadlies ships in this game. It packs a lot of firepower while keeping solid detection range. It’s hard to say which is more powerful with this ship…it’s torps or it’s guns.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. First comment…..first time for everything i guess 🙂 Keep up the good work brother.

  2. Oh i remember this one xD you had 2 4kill games before so hardcore cracken chase 😀

  3. *boom
    Cat: “nunu nununuuuuuhh!”
    Flambass: *drink a bit of water.

  4. Just to say a bit more about PR grind. I consider myself as a average player with average stats and I barely finished first directive 20 minutes ago, flaying every flag and signal I have. Dont think I be able to finish second, not in 4 days.You see, I have a job witch kinda take up most of my day. not to mention family and friends. And a life.

    • For someone like you (and me) WG expects us not to grind but to pay hard cash. Not gonna happen. And in fact from now on WG will not be getting any money from me, although I will continue playing the game for free 🙂

    • @Justsaying yup, excactly what im doing. been thinking of getting the georgia but aint happening now. spend a couple 100 so far so non special but still. somehow we do get in to it and spend more then we should on a game. remember when 60bucks was already pretty expensive….
      Sad to see all these publishers losing it over time.

    • @civiere Yeah I’m about 150 into it which is actually fucking insane, its easy to do. Mind £40 of that was for the Massachusetts which I actually feel is worth the money.

    • And trying to explain to the wife that you want to buy a digital ship is a challenge!

    • @Justsaying when u think of it, its bloody stupid. She’s right m8 😀

  5. Kitteh hunting a Quaken!

  6. The first thing i thought about the title “this kitty bites” was Jingles Cat, Akizuki….

  7. You flame kill secures?

  8. If only you had used Yamamoto for this man

  9. God that cat captain is annoying as hell. Half the video I tried to figure out what it was…

  10. Nobody:
    Elon Musk: catgirls!

  11. Another fun DD game… and again no CV, I’m beginning to see a pattern there

  12. Александр Пронин

    Красава сильно.

  13. Not wasting a smoke while being shot from all sides and dying with 2 left…

  14. hey Flambass, can you turn your microphone volume up or your gunfire volume down, i can barely hear you speak and then get deafened by the guns

  15. Smoke would also have been pointless, it was an acquisition Iowa

  16. in one of my first games with Kita i had 657 hits. Enemy BBs hated me. “Bugger off Kita” they yelled in chat. It was the first time i realized it’s me know spamming HE 😀

  17. 9:14 gunfire sounds like a train going past

  18. did anybody else beat off to this movie?

  19. Great music you played throughout the video 🙂 =1

  20. Flambass what’s your build for the Kitakaze?

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