World of Warships- This Map Still Exists

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Ocean man, take me by the hand.

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  1. I once had it 2 times in a row. It appears rarely but when it does, i loose hope before it even starts…

  2. people: wth wargaming why is this ocean map still exist?
    WG: it is the most historically accurate naval battle map

  3. I absolutely love the map Ocean and am actually excited whenever I land on it for a battle.

  4. I get ocean once per major update. I was asking if anyone else likes it today… I wasn’t on it though. Brindisi would be nice there.

  5. I love ocean. No islands, much more strategic movement because of that and to top it of no map unbalancing.

    • While this is true to some degree, it’s much more unbalanced when it come to ships. A ship with bad detection-range will simply focused down. And you can almost forget playing any ships with “short”-range gun on this map. Overall I with Sealord, in the current meta, the map is extremely bad balanced.

    • @Deckaio That is true,however it would be easily solved if people cooperated more, also on the other hand maps with islands make cruisers that can lob shells over literally impossible to deal with because by the time a bb gets near it he has lost more than 75% health, while on ocean only OP ships like Smolensk that have smoke can easily continue their playstyle.

  6. Had Ocean yesterday on EU server, of course I’m in Friesland…

  7. They’re probably reworking the map every now an then and pull it out for the time they working hard on it. 😀

  8. 10:43 “Sad Panda”… That’s high tier weeb man

  9. Open Ocean is a great map when playing a ship correctly

  10. Worst map is any map that has six carriers split between each team.

  11. A few years ago they had one called “Ocean” that was nothing but open water. I hated that map do not miss it a bit.

  12. OCEAN??? I thought they removed it. I haven’t played on Ocean map since like 2017.

  13. Graf Zeppelin isnt a carrier, its a light cruiser with no manual gun control that happens to have a flight deck and some planes

  14. Epic! Now you made me sad!

  15. It should feature more often, seeing as its the most historically accurate map in the game.

  16. I like Ocean, but I wish there was a bigger version that showed up more often in games. Ocean is a bit small for tier 10.

  17. I can never get Ocean with my Yoshino. lol

  18. Oh yeah i had a game on this too yesterday. I actually found it more annoying for the Cruisers since they had no cover. I mean they had a Worcester and a Smolensk, but when all was said and done someone got vision on them and our BBs blapped them hard.
    But i have never seen this map now since the very early days. Maybe someone messed up the map rotation yesterday?
    I also out of my 15 games got at least 6 times the same arctic map.

  19. It’s the only historically accurate map

  20. I’m tempted to say the Ocean Man comment is a mini-Jojo reference.

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