World of Warships – This One Hurts

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Played in the Grozovoi where we found ourselves in the best worst of our ship lives. Hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful !

Soviet Destroyer Grozovoi Replay – Discord Server


  1. Supreme Flagship

    Hey Notser, I have one question about WoWs gameplay. Are torpedoes on battleships (Tirpitz, Mutsu, Kii) useful?

    • and always wait til the last second to use them!!

    • Torps on BBs are a fantastic tool that a majority of the player base has 0 clue how to use. You don’t even need to be in range for them to be useful. The threat of torps will influence a game. A tirpitz merely moving towards enemy ships will cause them to hesitate, retreat or sit and charge. Tirpitz has unparalleled jousting power. 8 guns and torps in a 2 or 4 km joust will annihilate any BB in the game

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      You can also use the lead system to see if a ship goes forward backwards or if he turns The deterrence power is also nice to have and they are great for the brawls Germans do excel

    • In my (rather average player) opinion they’re useful but highly situational on battleships. Torpedoes are much more useful on dds (they’re better torps for one and you can – radar/hydro and all the other things not withstanding) usually get into a better firing position more easily when you’re in a dd. Battleships do their damage with guns, making sure you’re positioned well/selecting an appropriate target to engage with your guns at a decent range – not too far to be ineffective, not too close that you can’t disengage if needed or are likely to get surrouned should be your main concern if you’re a bb. Occasionally though you will find yourself in a close quarters engagement with anohter bb (if it’s a destroyer or cruiser then you need to get lucky or the other ships torpedoes are far more lethal than yours) then a carefully used torp shot can win you the 1:1 engagement. Often other players will forget you have torps for one thing), make sure the other guys torps doesn’t get you too though! (recently deliberately pulled a notser in my gneisenau to avoid getting torped by another one who was coming around a corner the other way and then calmly stuck my own into his side.)

    • It really depends on the Battleship to be honest.

      Tirpitz has proven it’s status as a good brawler with its torpedoes. No BB, not even the T10’s, wants to get too close to a Tirpitz in fear of those torpedoes.

      Mutsu and Kii are a different story. Kii itself is kind of an underpowered Amagi with torps. It sacrifices so much to get those torps, and torps that are at the VEEEERY rear of the ship, that they just don’t see much action.

  2. I detonated REEEEEEEEEEEEE

    • michael amadori I don’t need to argue with player who avg tier is 7.8 your right..

    • what reasoning is that??? Like seriously what is the point you’re trying to make? Please explain it

    • I don’t know what kind of weed you’re smoking but that has almost no significance to the arguement at hand it just makes you look even more retarded

    • What is wrong with average tier at 7.8. It is not like his average tier is tier 2 or 3. It is not because you play a tier 10 that makes you smart. Just look at that Republique player and tell us if he is smart because he plays a tier 10 ship.

    • Robin Schaefer bro. People like to have fun at heir tiers. Quit getting your knickers in a twist

  3. “Followers” must be the most polite euphemism for “idiots” I’ve ever hared of 😀

  4. The best conversation in chat:
    player : wtf , youtube Notser ?
    Notser: yes
    Notser’s division mate : unfortunately , it’s not Flamu

  5. ayyy lol I’m the NC that couldnt stop in time behind the island

  6. Sigh, f-wits ruin games for everyone.
    Just curious as to why you waited so long to smoke up v the BB. Not that I think it would’ve made much difference, mind you, but is it just your habit of wanting to keep a consumable for some reason?

  7. “Fortune only favours the bold”– BUT– “Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread.”

  8. Must all of your vids be T10? T10 is boring. T5-8 is best range.

    • YourUncleDarnell

      Most of us dislike +T9, notser. The games are dull, the maps are crappy, and most of the ships never even existed. How about a mid-tier game, bro?

    • Silent, no worries. I never watch the T10 videos.

    • I love me some tier 10, everything just feels right at tier 10, guns are accurate, dmg is high, and so is the rewards. Mid tier is more casual and fun tho.

    • I used to think this until I unlocked multiple T10s and got a Missouri to pay for everything. Ships less than T10 feel like garbage mostly. Maybe keep that in mind if you want to play for fun and stick to lower tiers – those were great times.

    • Low to mid tier gameplay tends to be garbage.  There’s plenty of videos from Notser and other contributors in lower tier games, but it is not where competitive players thrive.

  9. I believe that a large portion of the player base on NA are apathetic and indifferent to actually winning. It’s all about those participation trophies now. Winning isn’t important anymore.

    • …and how does one get a Missouri? It’s not for sale anymore.

      That’s my point. You have to pay cash to get around the silver deficit. I can get XP just by playing…and I can get way more XP than I need by playing.

      For example, I have now nearly unlocked the Colorado twice in terms of experience on my New Mexico…but I don’t have the millions of silver to purchase it yet.

      And saying that ‘all I need to do’ is play a premium ship or pay money to WG proves my point. The lack of silver is a design feature to encourage us to pay the WG casino.

    • Silent Assassin Gamer

      One has half a brain cell and bought it before they took it off the shop. You can get as much silver as you want through the premium shop. You cannot do this with XP. You have to play and actually be good to gain XP at a decent rate. XP is what slows progress. Not silver.

    • Silent Assassin Gamer, by your argument…paying money is then required to progress…so the game is Pay2Win by definition. (And will be a future target of exploitive games marketed to children legislation…)

      If I hold my resources to purely those within the game…then silver IS the limiting resource.

    • Silent Assassin Gamer

      No that isn’t my argument. You can get to tier 10 without spending a dime of real money on this game and people do that. Your argument is that winning matches and XP are irrelevant in the game and that silver is what holds you back from progressing and that silver is limited in the game. You absolutely cannot progress without XP and you can’t simply go buy XP like you can go buy silver. From the beginning your argument was completely flawed because without XP progression you can’t unlock anything in the game whatsoever. XP is what limits a players ability to move forward. There isn’t any way to get endless amounts of XP but you can get as much silver as you want if you spend money. One doesn’t have to spend the money but the possibility of getting more silver is there whereas the only way to get XP is to actually play the game. Winning the round gives the player more XP than a loss. So how can winning matches and gaining XP be irrelevant when it’s essential to actually progressing through the tiers and unlocking modules? Also, paying to progress faster isn’t pay to win. Buying silver may allow you to buy the next tier a little faster but that doesn’t change the ships you’re purchasing. It’s the same whether you buy it with silver you earned in the game or silver you purchased with real money. Ships like the Belfast however are pay to win. Wargaming rewards people for performing actions that aren’t conductive to team play. They reward players for playing selfishly in their team based multiplayer game. It’s completely retarded and is why I rarely touch the game anymore. It doesn’t matter how good one player is if their entire team doesn’t play as a team. If players would play in a way that would support their team they’re likely going to have more wins with means faster XP and silver accumulation to progress to the end of the tech tree. That’s why I’ve moved to playing games that don’t rely on random people. It’s more fun and rewarding. Wargaming titles just cause migraines in players who know what they’re doing in the game.

    • Silent Assassin Gamer, yes…we agree that WG rewards single play rather than teamplay.

      My point is that far more people play completely or mostly free and so don’t spend money on getting silver or ships. These people don’t care about XP as the gate to progression because you get XP by grinding far faster than you accumulate silver.

      I don’t deny that people who are willing and able to pay money worry more about XP. They are not the only set of people playing and I would guess they are not even the majority of people playing.

  10. Isn’t it wonderful when you have a chance to win and the last guy on your team is a nearly full health BB with survivability expert playing World of Yacht Simulators where the objective is to not let the evil red team destroy your park benches?

  11. Ugh… it’s the people that have made it to T10 and still don’t know how to work the mechanics of points, caps, and time that drive me up the wall.

  12. Republique “captain” has 9000 battles with 44% WR & 23% survival. This one hurts.

    • Those two metrics no longer mean anything when you have no control over your teammates.

    • Waynes Interested

      wut?! with 9k battles those numbers actually MEAN, that he is “most likely” incapable of regularly aiding his team (if not carrying) to win the match. You dont have control over your teammates, but you can make good decisions accounting their bad ones. 44% means, he is just there…in the game…somewhere…doing something…i.e. not winning games

    • all ppl down from 50% say the same thinks for years now!!!!

  13. can we all take a moment to appreciate the North Carolina running radio location

    • The Fuzzy Unibrow

      I was baffled by that… More important skills to take with that amount of skill points…

      Also, that player is in the comments. Find him, congratulate him.

  14. It’s the build of DolphinPrincess. He holds average damage around 130k in his groz. That’s higher then most unicums have in their farming cruisers like hindy

  15. Mike Kraner-Henthorn

    looks like most of my games.

  16. LeonaTimberCompany

    You’ve been patting yourself on the back a lot the last few videos Notser. You have lost what set you above the other CC.

    • LeonaTimberCompany

      Again, not what I said.

    • No, but it’s what I’m saying, because you keep bringing up “what’s important in life” and all that crap, which at the end of the day means nothing in this topic. Because I think everyone has it figured out for themselves what’s important, and yet they still want to enjoy a good battle or two or do something else. It’s called taking a break from things and just relaxing, let loose and have fun.

    • Hard to not comment about a lose like that, I think some of you want me to explain my play in detail but then ignore 3 ships who play so poor without any explanation. They can’t carry and were left to fend for themselves. It isn’t mean to call it like it is, some are followers and some are leaders. I’m sure they’d do great if I wasn’t bad and getting blind fired in smoke. I need to play better if I want to overcome scenarios like this, relying on the team isn’t reliable

    • LeonaTimberCompany

      Nailing somebody in smoke is pure luck, that has nothing to do with the quality of player. When you open your channel and the intro video comes up, what is the first thing someone hears you say? “You should be nice to everyone” Everyone includes the players that don’t play at your level. I know it is frustrating to lose a game like that, but when your frustration leads you to publicly belittling other players, you crossed that line. That is what set you above other CC in my opinion.

    • @Leona, actually it has nothing to do with luck, well maybe if you don’t have the spotter plane, but with spotter plane you can hit targets rather reliably, that’s why I use the spotter plane on my BBs, so many times have deleted Cruisers and even DDs sitting in smoke with that tool.

  17. Notser as the driver of the Republique you took out I would like to thank you for the knowledge that I almost killed you when you burned me down. Looking at how much damage I did to you I am really regretting the fact I didn’t have my manual secondary spec captain in there. Especially when I saw how close to dead you were.

    I remember thinking after you killed me “Please God don’t let this end up on YouTube,” but now looking at it from your perspective I feel much better about it lol.

  18. One of those games where you just ask why, why do I have such special teammates and then you say that’s enough warships for one night I need a drink

  19. Noster, man….. Where do I start…. Your ego…. its getting out of hand. Why? Almost every video now is you posting a game where the whine is so strong or a video where you crush everything.

    We all get you are a awesome player. I think however this is starting to show too much. You are now complaining about stuff that happens to everyone as if god forbid you should be immune. This is the game we all get, 60-80% of the time. Its the new normal sadly and wish you would just focus on the awesome stuff you do, and not whine like a wounded baby everytime you couldnt carry enough.

    So in other words, less QQ more Pew pew . There is always another battle. Do what you can and move on.

    Thank you for the content

  20. This is why win rate is a stupid gauge on how good a player is btw

    • just heard that yesterday when i mentioned i had lost 4 games in a row being first in my moskva

    • Damage and experience earned tie in with decent win rates. I know of at least one guy with a crazy win rate, but low damage and experience earned since he’s earning it all at the bottom tiers.

    • Thats the thing joe is they really dont… Ur friend with shity stats proves that even more. win rate is pure MM luck! end of story, goodnight! Im sorry(not sorry) but if u kill half the enemy team with 200k+ damage and can still lose that means with out argument and proves with out a doubt that and individuals skill has minimal affect on the outcome of a match thus proving by simple logic WR is a usless gauge of player skill!

    • If thats not simple enough to understand, picture a player that gets tops score, more base xp than the best player on the opposite winning team, coud “in theory” never win a match in 2k+ matches and be leagues better than u and i combine in skill but by that math have a worse WR… again win rate is RNG MM and RNG is LUCK bro sorry WG community but u got it wrong

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