World of Warships- This Ranked Season Is Kinda Dumb

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Hey guys, today I talk about the current ranked season and the problems with it, let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. 12 vs 12 is so much for ranked. My opinion. 7vs7 would be ideal.

  2. i like that they implement the arms race but as you said the 12v12 is too much.
    and the just like in random battles, you have people how just don’t get what they have to do and it’s frustrating.
    but i hope they will implement it in random at the end. we need more game modes!

  3. Sudeshna Das Sarma

    Convoy escort would be a nice addition to the game where one team is escorting a convoy and the other team will stop from reaching the designated zone and destroy the convoy
    Another idea put assualt mode where one team defends the base and the other team invades it carrying troops
    There are so many possibilities if WG starts to do this instead of making another fucking paper tech tree

    • But the escorting side won’t be able to hide, stopped, behind an island for most of battle. How do those cowards play then?

    • @Bill Wales thats the idea your escorting

    • Sudeshna Das Sarma

      @Bill Wales did you play operation raptor rescue or narai?
      It’s pretty much like that where the convoy is in the middle and we gain HP by staying in the green circle and we have make sure it reaches the particular zone indicated on the given map while the attacking fleet will be like the space battle defenders of the space station in the space battle mode

    • They tried an assault mode in one of the space battle events. One team defended a base and 4 objectives, the other tried to destroy them. The defenders got a continuous heal which got stronger every time one of them died. The attackers respawned when they died. IMO it worked well and was fun.

      Haven’t seen it since, of course. Too many russian fantasy ships to work on.

    • Sudeshna Das Sarma

      @Ian Webster yeah something like that but I think those four objectives should be well defended and healthy (large hitpool) forts to make the mod more realistic
      I don’t think paper ships are that bad but they’re to be done when nothing else is left but no say WG , more fantasy ships should be brought into the game which if Russia had built then would be the poorest country in the world

  4. 不死原飴羽

    I stuck on R3…teammates are so random some of them can carry like a god, but sometimes I can’t even make it with 200k dmg in ibuki.

  5. I’ve been super lucky, just playing georgia instead of worcester and I won enough games to go from 9 to 2 yesterday, one off rank 1. I’ve been really lucky with teams and I’ve averaged 120k a game so that’s good for me

  6. I’ve had games in my Zao and done literally fuck all and won. On the other end I’ve had games where I went full Godmode and my team threw big time. Ranked now more then ever is a luck of the draw, skill can only help you so much

    • Especially with 12v12, as you can only pull so much if your team decides to go full POTAT. It’s just frustrating that you have to rely even more on your team not making questionable decisions than last ranked season.

    • Thanks why you division, I have like a 83% win rate in division, reached rank 1 in no time.

    • Simo Villapando

      With so many potatoes capable of being crammed in one team, not even a 3-unicum division can carry them

    • I had a game in G.K. 201k damage sank 3 and then still was able to throw the game when we had a BB, one Des Moines and 3 DDs vs their 3 DDs

    • @Marno Jones I did a monster 292K game in a Republic and my team of potatoes still managed to loose.

  7. People who are not worth their rank are getting a free ride in this ranked. I know a guy who just bought a Alaska and just sat in the corner of the map each game only coming out when there is one or two ships left on the enemy team that got carried to Rank 3. This system is flawed.

  8. LowCommentaryGamer

    I’ve been rank 2 for oh how many games, 12? Somewhere around that. 12v12 ranked was such a mistake

  9. UltimaBasti - Potato On The High Seas

    It’s just randoms. I tried Alaska, Ohio, and Yamato. I was struggling. Finally, I got tired of the stupid random play. I got in the Daring. Went straight for the middle buff. The game is all about the DDs capping the buffs. Passive DDs will lose 8 out of 10 times. I ranked out in 30 games, total. From rank 5 to 1, I lost only 3 games. A clan mate of mine used Marceau, and was extremely aggressive, went 100% win rate. He ranked out in 13 games.

    • Totally agree. Yesterday I got sick and tired of losing to totally incompetent DD players that I decided to take my Daring and go for the center. Result : 5 kills and a victory, first in team. I hate playing DD’s and I am not good at it, but this tells it all. Game is so toxic that you get reported almost every game, incl. this 5 kill victory in which I carried almost single handed….this makes me so sad…

    • UltimaBasti - Potato On The High Seas

      @John Vdk I think with all the noob friendly ships that WG has been bringing out, players forget that you still need to play for the objectives. And that’s what’s the problem with these supposedly OP Euro DDs. They’re geared for run and gun, farm the slow BBs from a distance, torp them from 15km schtick. They don’t actually do what DDs are meant to do. And yeah, radar and CV, makes DD life hell, but if you’re brave enough, and use your brains, you can outwit even those.

    • Euro DD ranked me out in 30 battles after struggling to 5 with GK.

  10. Stefano Crosazzo

    I was one star away from rank 3 yesterday. Game lost because of our Thunderer alone against two low hp cruisers that kept showing broadside. The noob kept firing HE, of course.
    Ranked sprint was supposed to be fun and kinda effortless, and it was; so obviously WG decided to turn ranked sprint into random, at t10 which is the most toxic of the game, arms race so that the toxic lasts even longer. And you can’t do shit about potato teams. I will try to grind rank 1 but this time… it’s bad.

  11. I stopped playing Ranked a few years ago, I have never liked it in any form. The stress of feeling like you have to win ruins the game for me, I almost quit the game over it.

    • If you do not want to win, it is great that you have quit ranked. Now, please, also quit WOWS altogether, because I certainly do not want you on my team, thank you.

    • @jksoler when did he say he didn’t want to win?

    • @jksoler can you read? He has stress because you have to win or loose a rank. With the shitty teams , like the one in the video, you just keep on playing ranked and occasionally win a star only to loose two in the next games.

  12. It is a mess. I’ve seen it all so far in just a few days. Had some great games in my Zao and also saw a game where 7 friendly ships all hid behind one island. It’s a giant weekend fest.

  13. Same experience. Every game is a blow out. First night I played, I lost 7 matches in a row, surviving all and being the sole survivor in 4 of the matches playing my new Shimakaze. Second night I had 2 matches also blowouts where I was literally steaming at 40kn from the west side of the map to the east never getting close enough to even fire a gun at an enemy ship. Mind blown. The game result is totally random like a random battle and the cap clock ticks way too fast. You just exist in a battle that happens around you and can affect nothing if the team doesn’t will it.

  14. This has been my least favorite ranked sprint thus far.Seems like lots of new or returning players that don’t understand the current meta and are sailing into the middle and sitting in smoke, yolo charging, or hiding behind islands the entire match.

  15. that made me laugh im sorry skilled based in ranked

  16. Every game i have is like this, stacking one side and a slow painful unsupported death

  17. That Smolensk wound me up just watching it on here spamming away

  18. I think Arms Race is a great mode, love playing it. I’m really bored of Ranked and Clan Battles being Tier 10. Plus, 12 v12 just feels like any other Random Battle. Ranked/Ranked Sprint is supposed to be an enjoyable change of pace! I don’t think it’s coincidence that the BEST game event of recent times was the Tier 8 1v1 and conventional Tier 7 Ranked are always the best fun.
    If this is a test for Arms Race to go into the Random Battle rotation, then I’ll tolerate.

  19. You have to play a “carry” ship to rank out quickly. That would be Stalingrad, Ohio, Smolensk or for me Des moine.

    • Yep, I finished in 21 battles in my Des Moines with 76% winrate

    • Jerred Boshears

      Dont leave gk out. It’s a monster in this mode. I’ve done my best damage ever

    • Don’t forget Kremlin.

    • Usual i try to rank 1 in 20 or less matches or just in one day. As u said, taking „carry“ ships. But this time after a normal start i had 11 defeats in a row where i felt really unable to carry anything. In 7×7 or smaller teams i feel better because there isnt such a huge random factor

  20. Having 8 Smolensk show up in matches broke me of the hope of getting any rank.

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