World of Warships- This Says Alot About CV Balance

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Hey guys, today we discuss a rather interesting announcement from WarGaming regarding the upcoming Verizon tournament.

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  1. Ken Elissy Orcejola

    WG be like: balans time, no cv for this


  3. Atlanta used to be my Fav boat ,But its not fun anymore 🙁

  4. Umm you misspelled *balans* there on the title and thumbnail

    Also WG needs to make AA actually useful instead of just decorative fireworks in the sky

  5. Definition of “Unfair game” in clan battles: 2bbs team vs 1bb+1FDR cv team…

  6. Maybe Verizon just insisted that a tournament they fund isn’t absolute cancer to play? Unlike ranked, CB and other crap where WG is on their own.

    And arguing that CVs in modes with less participants are broken because they have far less AA opposing them gives the impression they aren’t broken in any gamemode, including 12v12.

  7. this is really a question….as far as why they would exclude CVs from this highlighted competitive play, but force it on the player base in general for regular clan battles? lol. At the end of the day, they are focusing on their bottom line. I think they KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that the current iteration of CVs is broken, from negation of RNG largely in regards to the CV attacks, the infinite perma spotting due to unlimited range/flight duration, the incessant attacks on any ship that cannot really be negated by actively maneuvering either in turns, nor can a defending ship fall back out of it’s engagement range as again…it’s infinite. CV’s negate the majority of any innovative sorts of tactics with pretty much the elimination of the fog of war. CV’s are oppressive in clan battles and i’m sure they have no desire to showcase that to audiences who may be spectating. but for rest of us, with their formatting of 7v7 are just stuck in something that’s just not really fun.

  8. From my first games in WoW during Beta testing, I’ve maintained that CVs are OP and don’t belong in the game.

  9. Guess this is the continuation of my previous comment that “If CV’s are good for competitive game, why nobody wants them at the COTS tournament”. CV’s do not only influence the game by their own (broken) gameplay. They also make EVERYONE else’s gameplay worse by forcing the other vessels in a herd mentality in order to reduce the chances of getting focused. So all the early positioning, ambushing, flanking and spotting of an exciting competitive game gets thrown out of the window…who wants that in his game, and who is going to spend time watching such a game???

  10. It’s beautiful going on the forums to get help and people telling you “CVs aRe BaLaNcEd YoU nEeD tO lEaRn To DeAl WiTh ThEm”, then you look at their account and they are cv mains

    • @Longshot Babaoy I am not that naive, but ruddershift time is not on my side when trying to avoid planes

    • “Just dodge.”(tm)

    • @Longshot Babaoy Maybe you could offer your services to teach the top super-unicum players in the world how to deal with CVs as they are currently unable to. Because of this inability to deal with CVs and their pathetic unwillingness to learn how, they all now threaten to boycott tournaments if CVs are allowed. As a result, we are all deprived of the pleasure of witnessing the point-and-left-click skills of geniuses such as yourself.

    • idk man, when i’m in my yamato and inside “AA c0v3R” with other ships (like halland, wooster, mino) and the MvR still goes yeet and drops a fat 26.4k on my broadsidingtoenemyteaminattemptofjustdodge(tm) ass, maybe i’m the problem, i should probably dodge harder

    • @Tom TV-Show Clearly. I suggest talking to @Longshot_Babaoy. His wisdom should be shared as widely as possible.

  11. I am more of frustrated with the current state.. Teammtes that leaves flanks… and usualy dont even bother going for other , because enemy teams has 2 ships and team is afraid to move in.. or they jsut get melted in 5 mins..when there isnt this, then there is FDG or Haku, or other CV harasment.. especialy in todays games where half the flank team members leave their possition to go to camp to lemming, and then CV is like look, 2 ships on flank and they harras you for jsut trying to be good teammate.. also the ammount of incrising Overpens is getting even more frustrating theese days…

    Like yesterday, I got with Sharhorst into T9 battle, got left on flank alone with wingle DD and one camper CL, alose got focused by Midway, and when I found Perfectly broadside Buffalo 10km away and give him full salvo, all I got was 6 overpens and CV killed me… so yeah, it was fun..

  12. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    @echofighter and what about weaker CVs like graf and the entirety of the RN line?

  13. Imo they need to revert the AA numbers, the priority and flak are fine, but the way continuous AA damages planes isn’t effective or reliable. Like why is there a hit chance on AA? Not to mention bring back the ability to make AA builds, secondary upgrades should also provide a boost to AA range especially on dual purpose armaments. With AA soon to be changed where you cant pop it on and off anymore this would be fine as someone can’t just be undetected and then nuke their planes (talking to you Euro DDs)
    Also fighters are useless. Bring back CV fighter control. Like let us control one fighter squadron and one damage dealing squadron simultaneously

  14. @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings thats actually a fair point RN gets more plane health and GZ can already speed boost through flak but like I said I would make planes replenish faster for all CVS but make squads easier to swat out of the sky also they still need to fix GZs dive bombers

  15. @Anders Kiil I like your idea!

  16. WG needs to make some key changes to the interaction between CV and the other ship classes. It is so unhealthy and toxic in competitive as is.
    -First – changes to spotting – My most preferable change would be mini map only aircraft spotting by team mates of Cv’s
    -A minimum spotting change of radar in cyclone-like delayed spotting for CV team mates with fighters NO LONGER able to spot – only the main attack squadron and spotter planes should spot.
    -We should be able to heal a higher % of AP bomb citadel damage – it is Broken OP as heck! Currently only around 10-30% for BB and cruiser – increase that to at least 30-50%
    -Next – Bring back the old scatter/accuracy nerf to the attacking squadron & defaa that used to exist – that would buy the target 30-60 sec of reduced pain for each of the 3 or so charges on ships equipped with these consumables
    -For the most part the above changes would NOT reduce the CV damage output. in fact reduced spotting would allow the CV to get more damage on flanking or distant targets.
    -Targets would get a little more from their heals, and a little more time to heal if they time their consumables right.
    -The spotting changes would allow captains to more safely try flanking again whereas currently it is suicide
    -Storms are not the answer to fix CV’s in Competitive – most of us hate storms – HOWEVER – what we have found is that Storms have effectively removed the old 4-5 Venezia teams because inside 14km vs stalin/petro/BB , venezia becomes vulnerable – So, i would recommend a small chance of storms remains in clan battles for this reason – just not so prevalent as it is now.

  17. I had a few games without DD the other day. Everyone had a lot more fun without DDs. As MountBatten, the RN cv are not fine actually. Especially implacable.

  18. A class that cannot be balanced because it plays a completely different game is not balanced for competitive. I am shocked

  19. CV’s are not balanced in any game mode. Competitive play only makes this more obvious. Why are you afraid to state what everyone knows? CV’s produce what is essentially a PvE engagement in a PvP game mode which is highly appealing to the unpleasant side of a minority of people. Why are you afraid to offend them? WG is not willing to produce a showcase for their product where everyone can watch a few assholes dominate skilled players, hamstrung by inefficient AA mechanics controlled by bots.

  20. The problem with CVs is that, just like in real life, the smart thing for surface ships to do when faced with enemy carriers is to stay safely in port and never join the battle. In WOWS it is no fun to be Prince of Wales & Repulse and your role is to be a helpless target that has no effective counterplay.

  21. @echofighter The problem with making AA stronger is that it’s unfair to bottom tier CV’s, especially when a CV gets a +2 uptiering. I play the occasional CV and have 3 T6’s, Ranger, Furious, Weser and 1 T8 the Implacable. When they get uptiered +2 its a miserable experience as current AA absolutely shreds my planes, especially USN AA. And the opposite problem exists. When a CV gets to be top tier by +2, its rises to god level. Maybe WG needs to give CV’s protected +1/-1 MM.

  22. The point you made of a good CV player is 100% true. Even a skilled ship player cannot avoid damage received by a CV where you can in many cases all damage from a ship if you are good enough. And the RNG isn’t there in CV’s at all they can always hit if they are good…frankly they can’t miss at zero range can they?

  23. I’ve made this comment like 10 times – it’s not just that some of CVs are OP, but the truth is SPOTTING MECHANIC in the game as whole is broken.
    Everybody complains about being perma spotted by CV, about sniping BBs, HE spammers…
    One solution to solve the problem (closer to real life WW2 technology)
    Change ships gun dispersion according to spotting:
    1. You spot a ship yourself – you get your ships standard dispersion – 100%
    2. Allied ship does spotting for you (all indirect fire – in smoke, behind cover, out of spotting range) – dispersion ellipse is 150%
    3. Spotting done by CV – your dispersion goes through the roof – like 250%. Meaning, your chances of aiming for and hitting Yamato’s cheek, while he’s spotted by allied CV are pretty much ZERO

    What would that mean:
    SMOLENSK, HARUGUMO and WOOSTER would be lucky to do more than 50 k damage.
    BBs would have to close distance and play closer to caps
    …and getting spotted by CV while playing DD wouldn’t mean instant death.

    Yeah, and on that note – nerf the damn rocket planes – no DDs have been sunk by them, but nerfing Cvs is whole new rant

  24. I’d add that there is a difference between surface radar and aerial radar. Air radar can spot more, but thanks to the curvature of the planet, surface radar just isn’t the same… these days, they have 3d radar… but back in WW2 … initially… they could only reliably detect planes… surface radar for gunnery purposes was much less reliable … only really reliable when you could actually see the ships anyhow…

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