World of Warships- This Ship Aged Like Cheap Milk…..However…

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Hey guys! Today we have a replay from Katsu in his Tier VIII Premium British Battleship Vanguard, and…..oh boy.

Overmatch Wiki:
Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I am getting ready for work and can’t really pay attention and watch. But Sea Lord describes the action of the battle so well. I can still figure out what’s going on.

  2. not really considering the main battery guns were smaller than most of its counterparts and were completely outdated at the time

  3. WHAT THE HELL HAVE I JUST WITNESSED?! Tier 5 DD killing a tier 8 Carrier (a Hornet no less witch has like 8kms range on those 127mms), carriers throwing themselves at the enemy, and this mad lad in a Vanguard gets a solo warrior. Dame, wish all matches where this crazy.

    • I still remember my ptsd when I played in the neustrashimy against a hornet ( time) and I was just about to reach him, when his bombers absolutely destroyed me. I was left with about 1/4 and what was me trying to dodge it. If a CV can and tries, it should’ve absoluty blasted the DD. ;-;

    • Its like a chihuaha chasing away a bear

  4. Vanguard is my guilty pleasure. I like her a lot and she is one of my highest win rate ships

  5. Took it out in ranked yesterday and loved it. Very nimble for BB and HE damage damage and pen is awesome.

  6. I honestly like vanguard. Is she my best tier 8 BB? No. But I do like how nimble she is, nimble enough I can dodge salvos from enemy BB, her guns in my experience are consistent and thanks to her conceal I can either suprise attack or make a escape attempt.

    What I however don’t like about her are the turret angles and her citadel being quite exposed, but for the rest I would say she is not a bad ship, but that’s my opinion.

    If you ask me which tier 8 BB is the worst is Anhalt. Her torps don’t do as much damage as it looks like. And yes she might have 15 guns but they are as accurate as a drunk stormtrooper. And she can barely pen any armour.

  7. An amazing match and yet another example of the crazy WOWS matchmaking. Mid-tier matches are a real pain with uptiers and 2 CV’s plus 3 subs. Not much fun in a Japanese light cruiser facing Tier VIII CV’s and subs.

  8. @Shadow It’s not so much the age of the guns, guns age very well, it was the very modern for the time target/range finding equipment that made it special.
    I’m mean who would you bet on in a gun fight? The guy with 20/20 vision and a 1837 colt revolver, or the legally blind guy with a 2022 Glock pistol?

  9. She is outclassed in most matches but strangely she’s one of my highest winrate ships. Perhaps it’s the extra caution and strategy you consciously need to use rather that relying on big guns or armour.

  10. Someone get that Vangard a knighthood, that was amazing.

  11. Rabid Tazmanian Chihuahua

    I find it interesting that there can be a ship 3 tiers down from the top, but you’ll never see one 3 tiers up from the bottom. For example, a T5 in this game, but you’ll never see a T9 instead of that T5. I’ve had games where I am the single highest tier ship, but never 3 tiers up. Regardless, it’s still seal clubbing and imho it shouldn’t be a thing. Ever. But hey, Wargaming will always have rules that make no sense.

    • Games are based on the top tier of your division. So if you have a Div out of T6 and T7 the T7 controls the matchmaker. Therefore your T6/T7 Div could end up anywhere from T5-T9 Opponents.

      Thats why its only possible to have one -2 ship per division in a game (max), but never a T9 in an all T6 game for example

  12. To those that say they can’t hit anything in a British BB, as I have most of them I can tell you it’s definitely not the ships fault! LOL

  13. Imagine being that Nicholas getting triple up-tiered into a double CV and hybrid ship game and still get a kill.

  14. 9 Citadels 199k damage in my vanguard the other day, 3 of those citadels were on a Georgia.

  15. I can highly advise treating her like a battle cruiser and she can play hard as a kiting ship. Those guns hit really hard

  16. The fun with CV’s is that the game experience increases exponentially the more of them you get in a match – at least on some Russian spreadsheets

  17. Vanguard’s strengths compared to similar Brit premium BBs are 2.0 sigma and great maneuverability. Its weakness is standard AP pen angles. So if you’re skilled both at switching HE/AP and rudder juking plus set your ship and Capt skills to match it can be effective. Great game.

  18. Good one, not taking anything away from katsu but I notice the enemy has to cooperate when players have these great games, bullrushing CVs are kind of funny no matter what the circumstance.

  19. An absolutely amazing battle. Well done, Captain. +1

  20. Always stick,stay close with Bbs in Double CV Games.
    AA no fly zone

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