World of Warships- This Ship Broke The Rules

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the Tier X Reward Battleship Shikishima, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I personally don’t want one, but I gotta admit Shikishima’s gun sound is amazing!

  2. Great review but just two things:
    Shikishima does not have BC dispersion. She has her own unique dispersion formula which does not exist on any other ship in the game. Her special formula makes her base dispersion better than the Yamato without legendary mod and Satsuma.
    Thunderer has BC dispersion, and Ohio has Warspite dispersion.

    And, 11.6km 2.6s reload harugumo guns are still fun 😆

    • Arizona Anime-Fan

      its the vertical dispersion which screws with ijn bbs. even with the legendary mod yammi still is scattershot high/low. which is really frustrating, because horizontal dispersion issues can be worked with, you can still spray citadels with it. but yammi struggles with citadels, it’s all rng for that ship. sometimes it deletes stuff at 25km, sometimes it misses badly with all its shots. the satsuma has similar though not as bad issues, in fact when it’s ‘gimmick” is going it losses that vertical scattershot for the most part, making it a citadel machine… the shikashima however has a much tighter cluster of shots similar to the yammi with the legendary mod, only it doesn’t have as bad vertical dispersion issue.

    • It is slightly better than Yamato with the legendary mod. 232m for Shikishima and 238m for legendary equipped Yamato.

    • Arizona Anime-Fan

      @Arizsun Ahola yeah, but it’s a flatter circle. a lot less vertical dispersion.

  3. Shikishima’s guns sound buff her RNG to hit the citadel or just overpen everything, joke aside, she’s just Yamato with slightly different stats and guns that used to be iconic.

    • Shiki’s first year released was a quite popular of all these players exchanging steel just playing clan wars a lot. Now it’s bit rare see one in random battles

  4. man you need to pick up the Bourg. she’s an AMAZING ship. her guns are so consistent and that reload booster is godly. My ranked average in her is 180k damage and my random average is just as high, but I can’t remember what it was exactly.

    • @domlbezi bourg plays almost like a super cruiser I find. She can’t tank like a BB and has cruiser speed, but has BB caliber guns and fills a BB slot. I think she’s a mixed bag. Either choise is a solid one. All I know is I watch potato quality’s video on both ships before I made my decision.

    • Definetly the most fun BB in T10. It’s basically a big cruiser.


      @Christian Hill yes but with 28km range you don’t need to get close lol


      @domlbezi I wasn’t a bb player either. Only played cruisers and dds but after getting that bourg I have gotten the Ohio Chris columbo and a few other bbs and love being able to play anything and have good gamesi was initially going for the Stalingrad to be honest lol. Then I realized everybody and their mother will focus fire you lol!!!

    • I’m saving up for the Bourgogne right now, just 30 more days till my coupon is ready, as I like BB’s, been going through the French BB line, and hear nothing but good things about her. The funny thing is that I’ve never had any real trouble fighting one but seen them rock enemy teams when they are on my side. Really don’t often see them in game. Either way I am looking forward to her!

  5. OH GOD, i still remember when this thing came out and EVERYONE went absolutely LIVID! Welcome to the WoWS community everyone, a community that im surprised isn’t responsible for several riot somewhere every time wargaming does ANYTHING to world of Warships. But seriously its just SUPER YAAAAAAAMMMAAAAAAATOOOOOOOOO, so technically the Japanese still got the biggest artillery in the game.

    In typical fashion, BIGGER guns with less QUANTITY of guns. The secondaries are Japanese 100mms so they get that magic 32mm PEN (which might make her aa slightly better too since its 100mms instead of 127mms). Other then that she’s the same old YAAAAAAAAMMMAAAAAAAATOOOOOOOOOO.

  6. Specifically, the only plates Shiki overmatches that Yamato cant is Mogami deck armor and Riga upper hull plating

  7. Максим Шишлов

    well, “breaking the rules” started long time ago from WoT, when they said “No t10 medium tanks”

  8. “There will never be a Destroyer with radar” prononced by Sub Octavian himself…………

  9. I was seriously looking to get the Shikishima. Instead I bought the supership Satsuma with the same guns as the Shikishima, and saved myself the 32,000 steel. Bourgogne is my next steel ship.

  10. I just noticed that what I’m pretty sure is the rangefinder on the top of the superstructure moves in relation to the targeted ship. That’s cool

  11. She’s a fun ship still today, I just sincerely miss her viable secondary build as that was one of the major reasons why I bought her as a secondary build Japanese battleship was very unique and fun to play.

  12. Even though Shiki is kinda mediocre, I still love it and don’t regret getting her, though the gameplay experience is pretty much the same as Yamato.
    My next steel ship is gonna be Mecklenburg for sure, as a german I want to have every german ship in the game. But I think it’s also very unique compared to the other german ships at T10.

    • Expect the Mecklenburg to be nerfed because its a German ship

      I’ve seen a post on the WOWs subreddit that Mecklenburg dispersion is even better than Thunderer

  13. Waverley Journalise

    Shiki and Incomp are fine because they’re reward ships and only have 6 guns. The real problem ships are Hannover and Satsuma which could never have existed, all overmatch 32mm easily, have an extra 2 barrels and, worst of all, are available for credits.

  14. As several have commented already the Satsuma is now available for credits. So I have both and would go for the Bourgogne before Shikishima. The Yammy Shiki and Satsuma play similar.

  15. Yeah WG has this habit of going back on its word. I seem to recall something about them saying there was never going to be subs.

  16. Ships that broke the rules at one time until power creep set in:
    Nikoli, GC, Atlanta, Belfast, Indianapolis, Saipan, Kaga….you get the point?

  17. “20in guns, funny noise, big damage number-” Say no more, this is all the info I need to make my purchase.

  18. I wouldn’t say the ship ‘broke the rules’, I’d say it’s the ship that ‘broke the promise’.

  19. John Vanlindingham

    As to I enjoy your videos I do believe that Mountbatten was a destroyer captain.

  20. Need to get Ragnar, Bourgogne, Shik-a-Shik-a-shima, and Incomprehensible. Just got Ohio, Hanover and Yam-torp-giri

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