World of Warships- This Ship Changed The Game

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Hey guys, today we take a look at everybody’s favorite good Tier VIII Techline American BB, the North Carolina! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Correction: It was South Dakota and Washington that double teamed Kirishima, not North Carolina and Washington.

    • @J Chan I think he meant to type “It was a chief” that knocked out their fire control system. It makes more sense that way, at least.

    • TBH, it was the Washington versus the Kirishima as the SD blew out circuits, caught her planes on fire and was generally a disaster. We need in WoWs the USS Washington with Radar and Willis “Ching” Lee as her special commander.

    • @Stryker Gaming Ltd sodak was actually mostly alright and was still very much combat capable, thanks to the all or nothing armor scheme. shells that hit unimportant parts of the ship just overpennetrated and had little effect, and shells striking the citadel were stopped by the armor belt

  2. i have over 1500 battles with her NC paved way for more silver to buy ships in my dock lol. lover her !

  3. NC is one of my highest win rate BB even though I hate the speed of her shells.

    Gud Bote!

  4. Fun fact, some torpedos bulges were filled partially with water, and the rest with pressurized air. in the 1920s bulges were external, by the 30s the were being built internally. The more you know 🙂

    • Steven Wiederholt


      OMG :–o I may have learned something!!! I’m scared…Hold Me!

    • Bulges already on ships in service by the end of 1914, and on ships seeking combat early 1915. Nelson and Rodney had belts (Internal/integral TDS). Relying heavily on water like you’ve said. So they’ve been around since at least as early as 1922 on paper, and in service since at least as early as 1925, never mind the 30’s.
      The US South Dakota class was also designed with the TDS inside the hull, although she didn’t rely on water, and it was quite different from Nelson. She was also given room in her dimensions for the Canal, for additional Torpedo protection. Unlike Tennessee and California, she couldn’t fit through Panama (There’s a list of engineering reasons why the South Dakota’s wouldn’t have been made as wide with a similar refit).
      TLDR, Torpedo bulges and belts were around long before the 20’s and 30’s 🙂

  5. NC, I Love this ship so much, I dont know why all the ppl have problems with the shell speed, i had no problem to hit dds and such with her.

  6. I absolutely love the line tier 8 and up. Iowa/Montana are goats; no gimmicks, no bullshit, just a badass chunk of steel.

  7. She always been a decent BB, though she was not as good back in the beginning of wows. This is what i belive were the buffs she has gotten over the time. Lowered citadel, better dispersion and buffed heal.

    My first line to tier X was the American BB line, and I did remember the upgrade from colorado to nc quite well. Also always found american BB AP the best to punish cruisers.

  8. The colorado was such a grind to get through, made me not play for a year, and made my friend quite. Just finaly got him back into wows a few days ago, lol.

  9. I Feel like colorado looked like a line of ship that should be in the Vermont tech tree as they look exactly the same. Cause after colo, NC looks drastically different and she is more beautiful

  10. Hey Mountbatten, I was the one who was asking about your builds on the Colorado, N. Carolina, and Lexington, thanks for the info on that, I’ve got the NC and she is a great improvement over the Colorado, now i’m trying to get the Benson, and Lex, from what I’ve had to deal with in the Ranger, I would say that the Colorado was a breeze to grind though, Ranger has been harder, just for a laugh, the setup of your NC and my NC are ether the same or very close. 😉 Just one quick question, the public test sever, it says that you get 30,000 dubs, 500,000,000 credits, ect., for the 1st time you log into it, my question is, is that reward placed on the PT sever account or the actual wargaming account that you would normally use for wow? Thanks for reading.

  11. I got my first Solo Warrior in the North Carolina and it hold my record for aircraft kills @57

  12. An interesting piece of history of NC, she arrived at Pearl Harbor right after the Pearl Harbor was attacked, the sailors of Pearl Harbor cheered, NC was the newest and largest battleship they have ever seen

  13. Ashleigh Elizabeth

    Born and raised in North Carolina so this was the ship I craved above all others when I started playing the game. I’m so pleased that she has turned out to be a damn gud boat and I really enjoy playing her. Unfortunately I don’t get to do so as often as I would like as I am constantly grinding some other tech tree ship, but she still remains one of my most cherished ships.

  14. I volunteer with a WW2 vet that was on the North Carolina throughout the war, it’s amazing to hear his stories and have that connection to this history when so few remain.

  15. “BANZAIIIII!!! Ahhhh stop Stop!”

  16. Old but gold. Even tho my first pre buff experiences were not that nice (pre nerf 20km torp Shima meta) she always kept her port slot. I ll nver forget how i did oneshot a full hp Amagi from 19km with her.

  17. Ser Harras Harlaw

    It was a 1 v 1 between Washington and kirishima. South Dakota suffered an electrical failure and was focused on by the Japanese fleet while Washington was undetected and approached very closely to kirishima and opened fire

  18. In this ship i got my best very first round and i was so happy to got her tbh. I was i guess so hyped in my first round, it was like i was low tier own ppl were complaining about chatting a bit to much and in the end i was in the nr.1 spot in the result screen and that told me i will love any ship which is close or near to nc. and yes kearsearge is actually pretty easy to aim feels like nc but like montana. BUT after i guess 200 or 500 rounds, I was once not really careful and stand nearby an island a montana flanked me and i was nearly one shot.

  19. We used to use her in Clan Competetive before the clanwars of WG even existed and it was back then T8 Amagi or NC, and our CV had the job to spot and give aa defense, and once they spotted for me all the DDs on the map, and i managed to hit 5 out of 9 shells on the Benson at nearly max range.

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