World of Warships- This Ship FINALLY Gets What She Deserves!

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the real steel USS Texas, her history before and after WWI & WWII, her career as a museum ship and her recent move into dry dock for some much needed repairs and restoration! A bit different video, but one that I believe is most fitting for today! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. I just had a look at the youtube videos of the ship moving and such on the khou channel and it is quite big. I am wondering how big it is compared to say the Missouri. I haven’t ever really seen a battleship in real life so my understanding of these things is fairly limited, ie to just WoWs etc :~) Is it possible for you to do a line up of the different ships in say a training room going from T1 to TX or T11?

    • Missouri is much bigger than Texas. Almost 15 feet wider at the deck, around 300 feet longer, and almost exactly 20,000 tons heavier.

    • The Iowa-class of battleships is 270 meters (885 feet) long, is 33m (108 feet) wide and displaces 45,000 tons with a standard load or 56,500 with a full load.

      In contrast, the Texas is 175 meters (574 feet) long, 29 meters (95 feet) wide and displaces 30,240 tons with a standard load or 32280 with a full load.
      The Texas is still pretty big, though.

    • Something impressive is the size of 5 inch guns when your on a ship. The 14 inch guns on Texas are huge. The Iowa class has 16 inch and it is freaking awesome to see in person.

  2. there is something impressive about the old battleships that just isn’t there in the new ships.

    • I remember someone saying that unlike more modern designs battleships have this innate ability to instill a sense of awe in people and I think that’s down to the act that their size, firepower, and toughness, all contribute to this idea of an unstoppable force in the ocean.

    • @UCJ5hIeGNbRTcqppRi5L2PNw pretty sure there was supposed to be a coma between designs and battleships.

    • Dreadnoughts*

  3. I like when you do these historical videos.

  4. The great thing about 99% of the Russian ships in the game is they never rust and they never need to be repaired in drydock because they were never built or at least completed.

  5. A really good video, it’s rare to be able to talk about a real-steel ship that we have in game doing real-steel things so it’s a really good video.
    Seeing modern footage of a battleship sailing is really great as well, and apparently the ship behaved herself, even with her rudder still jammed at something like 22 degrees. In fact, the ship was so keen to get out and into Dry Dock she came out of her moorings a bit too quickly and they had to stop and do a quick assessment, make sure nothing had gone wrong.
    If WG did another fund-raiser for Texas I would happily throw money at it. Again, this is an in-game ship that still exists and given Texas’ age and that she’s the only early Dreadnought/Super Dreadnought type that still exists, she’s really important to preserve.

  6. Yesterday, the Rose of Texas was the fastest Battleship in the world!

  7. Thank you Mountbatten, after watching the move and being part of the save the Texas movement this video shows your appreciation for naval history!

  8. I agree with your assessment of Texas. She is hard to play as she’s slow maneuvering, slow reload, slow traversal. Just slow. She needs some TLC, especially if the Texas is supposed to be a “premium” ship.

  9. I just wish Warspite was still around to receive her medals and overhaul / care she well and truly deserved…

  10. Good history, Bro. One of the things I like best about the US line is the abundance of REAL ships. Probably won’t get to see many of the survivors. I was aboard MO before her refit by Reagan (still covered with lots of 40mm); very cool. When she was decommissioned, a friend of mine worked at an ordinance disposal base, when a trainload of 100lb bags of powder came in. Somehow, a single kernel (roughly the size of your thumb) made its way to me.

  11. Ditto, an elderly Port Queen from her first release.

  12. very good video type, informative and interesting and as a history buff I found it very interesting. should definately do more!!

  13. Watching a Trenlass video I had a thought about how to stop cv’s being so dangerous and might stop people complaining so much about them. If they were to introduce a debuff for the planes based around moral of the pilots. This being like when a flight comes over if they get destroyed before doing much/any damage the moral debuff starts ticking up slowing down the launching speed of the next flight. This would make cv’s be far more selective and careful in how they use their planes. Thoughts?

  14. WG responds: “We’ve heard your suggestion and are releasing the Texas ’43 with 1 more flak burst. Speed reduced by 1 kt. Cost will be $200-$400 in loot boxes.”

  15. Great video! Thanks for taking the time to share this with us. I agree that they need to rebuff this ship! Quicker reload time and better AA would be great!

  16. Also the water in the ship channel is rather corrosive. Also not only is the San Jacinto monument taller than the Washington Monument, it’s the tallest monument column in the world. However Washington can claim that their’s is the tallest without any internal support. Washington and is made completely of stone. The San Jacinto monument is primarily reinforced concrete with polished limestone facing

  17. I went down to Texas City and took photos from the Texas City Dike as she passed down the ship channel. She’s even more impressive underway than she is moored at her berth. I’ll be going back down to get photos of her in the drydock shortly. It’s truly been a once in a lifetime opportunity to see her underway…

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