World of Warships- This Ship Has One Of The Rarest And Coolest Features

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier VIII Premium American Battleship Alabama, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. I have visited HMAS Vampire in Sydney, The Fletcher Class DD in Boston, USS Missouri in Pearl Harbour and USS Midway in San Diego. The Midway blew me away. The family spent the whole day on her. The volunteers on board were amazing. Very passionate people and most were CV veterans. Thoroughly recommended. Oh, and all of them are in my port.

  2. I was lucky enough to go to battleship cove and be aboard the Massachusetts and a gearing that’s gone through a few refits. Very neat.

    Love the artwork they put on her main battery like in IRL

  3. And now consider that all the ship models in the game are about twice as big as they are in real life, while engagement ranges are often shorter than in reality. Really tells about the scale of naval warfare in general.

  4. That screenshake of rage when you missed high and low over that DD at point blank range felt so relatable lol

  5. Alabama was the ship I used when ranking out the first time.
    Because of its stealth I could get away with some crazy shit. Still love it, though it has been overshadowed by some Russian ships..

  6. They should add HMS Warrior. I mean, it could’ve “fought” in WW1 if Admiral Fisher didn’t take it out of service. Add it at Tier 2 as an April Fools thing or something.

  7. It’s been 20 years since I visited Battleship Park in Mobile. What struck me the most about the Alabama is both how huge she is on the outside and how small some of the spaces are on the inside. Would’ve Loved to go on the USS Drum (the submarine there) but it was closed at the time.

  8. I remember the fury storm that WeeGee created when they announced that the Alabama was only going to be a reward ship for system testers. Happily WG reversed themselves on that decision and released the “bama to everyone. I believe ST’s got a special version called the Alabama ST but I have never seen one in game.

  9. I had my most memorable game in her, land of fire. It was still a noob but my team supported and gave me a lot of direction as I kited away from a remaining cruiser and a Kansas. I manged to hold off until our remaining ship, a DD, capped. I learned from this, the importance of points, and most notably, how incredibly powerful teamwork can be in this game. The later is something you don’t see often. I just got Massa B and took out Bama for kicks. NC is still my favorite of the three but they’re memorable.

  10. Had the same feeling once I got the Iowa. While I didn’t see her IRL hull, I did tour her sister, USS New Jersey. The shear scale of her was astounding!

  11. I visited the Massachusetts with my kids over the summer and it was a fantastic experience. The sheer size and power of these ships is hard to wrap your head around.

  12. I had the opportunity to actually spend the night on the Alabama way back when I was little, back when one of the quad 40mm AA mounts still would turn. It was a fantastic experience and I go back and visit her every so often. The fondness I have for the ship is why I ended up buying her in game and she is one of my favorite ships besides the Montpelier.

  13. @Wombat Also the Kilometer to ship scale is way off. 2km in game is probably like sub .5 irl.

  14. @Lucas Marcolini Well that’s just anther way of saying the same thing. Ships are roughly two times bigger, which in terms of scale is the same as distances being two times shorter. The game is of course also sped up in many regards, like ship speed and shell travel.

  15. Hey Lord I recommend visiting the USS North Carolina Museum ship in Wilmington, NC Awesome ship, she is still in her WW2 configuration too!

  16. Your vertical dispersion is a constant value to the ship. So if you put more range on it the value is the same. It helps with those 12-16km shots.

  17. I bought the Alabama right after it was released because it was at a time I did not want to grind the US BB line with the awful NY. I kind of regret having the Alabama after I own the NC. I prefer accurate guns as I’m not the luckiest person and want to depend as little as possible on RNG. I was aware the Alabama has better torpedo belt but I was not aware it has lower citadel. But If I really wanted a tanky US tier 8 BB, I would have chosen the Massachusetts instead.

  18. These videos teach so much…. thank you – this even applies pretty directly to WoW – Legends

  19. Honey Springs Homestead

    I have that ship, and yes I love it.

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