World of Warships- This Ship Is A Complete Struggle Bus, & Needs Some Love

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the Tier VIII Techline German Battleship Bismarck, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. absolutely.the guns can miss a broadside target at 8km even with the aim mod equip. i approve it cos it happens to me EVERY SINGLE TIME

  2. This ship for me couldn’t hit the broadside of a GK while firing from inside the GK boiler room… And whenever I did hit a shell, it was all overpens or shatters/ricochets. I regularly performed better slinging HE for the entire game and when I did get full AP pens they only did about 2x the damage of an overpen, which is much lower than the current damage formula should allow on unsaturated targets. Idk what’s wrong with this ship, but I think it’s the second lowest point in the line – the lowest being Gneisenau (sorry Mountbatten, but I have to disagree and say that in my experience most problems plaguing Bismarck are just worse on Gneis).

    • Weirdly enough I’ve only ever had good games in my Bismarck. RNG just seems to shine on me when I play my favorite BB. Then I got to FDG and it all went downhill so fast, having nothing but bad games in that one. Preussen is pretty good when building into the main guns for me though so that saved it for me. that said, the line does need some love for sure.

    • @Malte Mejlstrup it’s been the opposite for me. Regularly break 100k in my FDG lol

  3. This is clearly propaganda, Bismarck is easily the best Battleship in the game, even Super Ships shudder in fear at the sight of it.

    On a real note, I think the Bismarck, and even a lot of BB’s need to be retuned.

    For the German BB’s case, I’d give them an accuracy buff and maybe slightly increase reload for some of them to balance things a bit.

    I’d also increase the torpedo protection on Bismarck and the BB’s ahead of her in the tech tree knowing those BB’s had well designed torpedo protections.

    I’d also, not only for German BB’s, but for all BB’s give some special saturation values for their superstructures. It’d give them more survivability, and also maybe add a value decreasing the fire chance for the superstructures.

  4. Ive grinded through her a couple of times and its rough. I love her but damn, her guns just aint doing it and her superstructure eats everything

  5. Oddly enough, I find this ship comfortable to play despite my shit ass performance with it, and it’s down to its agility and armour. Neither is best in tier but it’s comfortable, and it really helps when kiting away.

  6. NuclearPoweredGoose

    This ship has been going well for me so far. Not so good in t10 matches but she can hold her own very well

  7. Marcus Jones Stinks

    If you like playing t8 I recommend you just skip random and play ranked. It’s much more dun doing t8/t9 and no worries about dealing with t10

  8. Bismarck will always hold special places in my heart, alongside Roma. The thing just fun to play, even if you in uptier against TX. When play in T6, thing just be an absolute brawler.

  9. It kinda hurts to see my favorite battleship in this state i played her for quite some time now and she has her very very few moments, but honestly facing a harugumo or any other gunboat at this tier is just pain and it happens all the time. What makes this far worse is the fact that german bb’s burn like gasoline so yeah kinda makes me sad. And the main guns are just as accurate as a shotgun…

  10. 1 thing wargaming keeps hiding is that they changed the sigma for secondaries like when this beast came out destroyers would be scared the hell of you but now its meh like whatever
    Tbh since the german battle cruisers came out i wouldnt mind if the main line was made into tanks with accurate main guns and maybe instead of secondaries had like reduced fire durations or something

  11. I still enjoy playing her from time to time but the secondaries are so underwhelming even when fully build into and the buff stacked to max. They even miss at spitting distance and seem to always aim at the belt. If she could atleast perform the secondary monster roll at the highest level that would help greatly. Currently she a 2 knots faster than most shell sponge with blind gunners. Maybe WG is afraid of her being good.

  12. Honestly the FDG needs even more love. Dispersion is atrocious. Feels even worse to play than the Bismark.

  13. The Bismarck was the ship I desperately wanted when I started playing wows. I would absolutely LOVE to see her buffed

  14. TheGuardianofAzarath

    I like the Bismarck, I’ve got all the camos for it. I keep it a full sec build. Yes it’s guns can be a bit iffy with RNG, but the ship overall is definitely an improvement over the Gniesenau, which also has 6 guns, but has the accuracy of a Kongo.

  15. I think the main change that would help ships like Bismarck is reducing the gun range of most (not all) T10 battleships and some cruisers. With every ship being able to shoot across half the map no one is encouraged to actually move towards the objectives. If the gun ranges were slashed people will have to get closer and actually interact with caps and each other rather than the dull boring ‘lob rounds at opposite map borders’ gameplay that T10 has become.

  16. This was the ship that got me back into playing WoWs after doing other games for years. Sucks to see him in a place like this. I remember meme-boating him purely for secondaries and I threw myself into the enemy and it worked about 95% of the time. I can accept putting a main battery build on him, but at least reign in the dispersion/up the sigma

  17. I love my beautiful Biscuit, but yeah, girl needs some love. Her secondaries are really impressive when they’re all going off, especially if you’ve got a secondary build) and if you can get a match where you brawl, it’s really fun, but in the current meta, it suffers hard which is a damn shame.

  18. It’s very sad to see this mighty ship like this on the game. This ship brought me to WoWs and for me it will always be the most powerful ship afloat.

  19. The ONLY REASON i have the Bismarck in my port is to look at the cool battle damaged camo. Otherwise its useless imo. The accuracy is so bad you might as well not shoot most times.

  20. I’d love it with low detectability since she was intended to be sneaky raider and wanted to remain undetected.

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