World of Warships- This Ship Is A One Trick Pony…..But Its One Hell Of A Trick

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Mama Mia!

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  1. The Yeet DD

  2. just fyi, musashi can take 2 full sets and survive, found that out the hard way. ;p

  3. As a Paolo Emilio main, I approve of this video.

  4. Great video… exactly how the Paolo should be played

  5. That’s the way I try to play not only my Paulo, but any fast DDs. ESPECIALLY ones that are sans smoke. Get in, get hits, get out.

  6. I play it like a light cruiser, with long range for shoot very far and when nobody look at me… yoloooooooooooo emilioooooooo!

  7. He wasn’t indecisive around 5 mins, he was avoiding being spotted by the planes.

  8. Frederico Eusébio

    Really thought that the video was about indomitable… it has bombs.. but verry good bombs and bombers

  9. I can confirm, it is easy to take out a Paolo if your paying attention. Even if its SLM. I have personal experience with his Paolo

  10. You should’ve included this on the guilty pleasure ships.

  11. Great video. Has anyone noticed the lowering of sound quality/ flat sucks… since latest patch? Very treble/tinny sound. Where did bass go? Not good WG. Sound just isn’t equal of graphics.

  12. The YOLO can be a whole lot of fun.

  13. Even if you didn’t notice you spotted the DD, I feel like the sight of the smoke monster from Lost barreling toward you at highway speeds should get your attention anyway. Though given the way the match went, maybe that guy at the end just didn’t care and was more interested in getting a last bit of damage on someone.

  14. Paolo Emilio isn’t op with 6km torps, if you have radar or even a long range hydro like Pommern. And if a dd gets that close to a secondary Pomm and is spotted…
    But _dang_ that ship looks like fun.

  15. Wish more DDs would quickly kill the CVs like this.

  16. For my first research bureau ship I can’t decide between Paolo or Ohio

  17. he yolo-emelio is complete BS. But mainly just because most people can never get it, only people in the club can get it. Now, if they made it a coal ship, then it wouldn’t be BS anymore.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Anyone can get it thats willing to regrind lines for it

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten I realize that. But I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to go backwards in accomplishments, even temporarily. I believe that any ship offered for research points, or steel should also be offered for coal and dabloons. This way people of all play styles can have access. The steel and research points are a trick the devs play on the playerbase, it allows them to put total-BS ships into the game because not-everyone can get them. This is bad design, if a ship would have to be nerfed or removed if it was available to the whole playerbase – then it shouldn’t be in the game. Imagine if every player with some coal had the Palo. They would nerf it immediately. Think of all the steel ships that would be nerfed if everyone had them. Alternatively imagine if the original Thunderer was steel only. Then today it would still be in its original form instead of the massively nerfed form it is today.

  18. Great timing! Just got the Emilio 3 days ago

  19. impressive 😁😁

  20. Great mann, whether the battle was ‘stomp’ or not. Did not consider this trick when checking it, nor its up-to-60 knots speed boost. Thought of the Emilio as a very niche DD, if not waste, except for the super unicum players…Did I get that wrong! Thanks 👍

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