World of Warships- This Ship Is Extremely Underrated (Monarch)

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier VIII Techline Battleship Monarch, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Yoooooo sea lord I just re watched your stream cuz I played in it with you, fun playing with you man and hope to see you in game again soon

  2. John Carlo Barnacia

    I played most tech tree T8 BBs and god Monarch is just below in comparison

  3. The only ship i free xp past….. monarch facing mostly tier 10 is an exercise and self flagellation

  4. Drachinifel had a video / interview regarding the development of KGV like a few weeks back.
    She def. was always planned as a smoll ship, in an attempt of the UK to keep new BB construction as small as possible: RN had commitments all over the world, generally expected to keep weather the first part of the storm with their cruiser force. Pre 1930 that looked like a 12″ armed ship. In the run-up to KGV, there was serious analysis if they would go for 16, 15 or 14″, finally deciding to take some extra deck protection and higher gun broadside (of the original 3 x 4 design) over other guns. And also in order to persuede the other powers to take up a 14″ max too. Later they decided to move up thier amoured deck a level higher to have better survivability against flooding above their citadel, and one quad 14″ was sacrificed for extra protection. IJN did what they did, and the USN decided to go more gunpower over protection in there 14″ NCs –> 16″ NCs. Also the KGV having an external belt was a comprise between more mass for the same level of protection, but way easier repair. Again a different doctrine, as Jutland robbed the RN in confidence of a ‘final battle’, and expected operation to continue (like IRL the slugfest in the Mediteranian indeed prove to be).
    TLDR: the 14″ quad was always the main plan, but some side-alternatives where conceived if treaty’s would really fall.

    • Not sure where the “IJN did what they did” part came from seeing as the only BBs they built in the 30s were the Yamato and Musashi. IIRC from one of Drach’s videos the NCs were a few months behind the KGVs in production and thus had time to switch to 16″ guns when the escalator clause kicked in, whereas the KGVs were juuuust too far along to be able to feasibly switch to 16″ guns.

  5. I must be doing it all wrong. Playing this ship makes me feel charitable, because i’m always donating my HP to the baddies

  6. I quite like the Monarch, but I’m a cruiser-main and because of its amazing stealth, I can basically play it as a cruiser with 15″ guns and the HE performance means it’s damn effective against cruisers.
    I think, like almost every T8 ship, it’s hurt most by the aggressive up-tiering of the MM.

  7. Strangely enough, Monarch is the british tech line battleship that i have the most success with and i have strangely enough better result using ap on a broadside target with Monarch than Lion despite the inferior caliber, i am not sure if it is because of the 1.9 sigma of Monarch, but for one reason or another, i have better result with Monarch over Lion

    • As someone who has little success with the Monarch, this less than glowing praise for the Lion fills me with dread. I did have one 210k+ damage match with the Monarch, but the Monarch seldom feels fun to play (why I have been slow to elite it, despite having it for a few years, now). The only reason that I have not just spent the free xp to the Lion has been the worry that the Lion is no better.

      It is as if the UK tier VIII BB grind was intended to be as brutal as the UK tier VIII heavy tank grind in WoT. Up to tier VII, UK heavy tanks combined the armor of a heavy tank, the gun of a medium tank, and the engine of a light tank into a nearly immobile lump of disappointment. At tier VIII, you get the Caernarvon, which combines the armor, gun, and engine of a medium tank. It is not a great medium tank. As a heavy tank, it is a failure. To cap the humor value of the UK heavy tank line, the stock tier IX heavy tank is the tier VIII ‘heavy’ tank with unlockable modules that allow the eventual use of a decent gun in a well armored turret– but I’M NOT BITTER.

    • Clay C. S. MacWhirter ll

      @Richard Bell Lion is stark upgrade and the super heal is quite nice. It’s obviously bigger and does have its downsides. But over Monarch it is most certainly an improvement. I loved playing Monarch when I was grinding for Conqkek and Lion was fun as well, it was a pretty fast grind all things considered. Any ship can be made to work with practice and patience. I urge you to keep an open with mind with Monarch and not to fret over Lion, she’s a fun ship and you’ll love Conqkek. Happy Hunting.

  8. christopher shrank

    I felt the Monarch needs the tier 9/10 RN BB mega-heal to stay competitive.

  9. I always have fun in my monarch. It’s really all about knowing whatever ship you play is good at and what it’s not good at.

  10. I enjoy playing the Monarch. It’s best asset is its size. If you, say, clear out one flank you can flank the enemy and get in close. The reason for this is that the red team will literally lose track of you. This has happened a lot. Also best to support destroyers as you will be seen first but your destroyers will not as they close in. Strength aside its a pretty fun boat.

  11. I sold my Monarch several years back and I may buy it back after watching this video. My favorite British BB is the Thunderer which I play more than any other T10 BB. And that play style as far as maneuvering the ship is concerned could be adaptable to the Monarch.
    SLM, what are your thoughts on the T8 Vanguard?

  12. Its biggest strength is the great concealment. It surprised me alot, because i thought this is the worst T8 BB. However, its far below NC, Amagi and even Bismarck in terms of fun. Vladi is also better. The silver T8 BBs which suck are Richie, Kansas and Littorio. So Monarch is quite in the middle.

  13. How does the Monarch compare to it’s premium counterpart, the Vanguard? Any big difference?

  14. Before fully watching the video, I *loved* playing the monarch, It was good for surprising other ships with its low detectability, and starting fires. Definitely not a frontline ship tho. And keep HE loaded.

  15. I had trouble grinding through that ship maybe there was a change to it since I grinded through it over a year ago now at this point at the time though I couldn’t get a fire with it no matter how hard I tried. found the dispersion to be super rng with it too. I may have to revisit this ship though and check it out was a ship I sold as soon as I was able to get the Lion. A lot of forum posts also said that the HE wasn’t very good but the AP was excellent.

  16. Clay C. S. MacWhirter ll

    Loved playing Monarch omw to Conqkek, I’m glad to see you went back and made a new review over her. She’s a fun ship and in the right hands can be a game changer. I’ve had several battles with hundreds of thousands of damage done in her.

  17. I enjoyed the KGV and became aware of the soft armor. When I unlocked Monarch I was able to enjoy the ship and play to her strengths. I am now around 10 months playing. I had trouble grinding through Bismark as it was the first BB line I did. Flandre and Vanguard reviews would be appreciated. You are honest and straight forward in your reviews. Please keep the vids coming.

  18. I agree having played the Monarch it is a capable BB and can take a licking & keep on ticking.

  19. I’ve been playing for 3 years and have a 100% win record in this ship. That’s right, I’ve won every single game I played in this thing. Both of them 🤣

  20. 5:08 yeah HE super star

    Monarch 381 mm gun( 9 guns): KGV 351 mm gun (12 guns):
    1.8 sigma 1.8 sigma
    25 sec reload 25 sec reload
    6,300 HE dmg per shell
    6,100 HE dmg per shell
    95 mm pen 89 mm pen
    35% fire chance 41% fire chance

    but i like the monarch more than the KGV because i got citadeled lot with KGH even if i angle because of its 26 mm citadel belt, deck and also has above the water citadel, in monarch i only need to fear musashi or yamato if angled.

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