World of Warships – This ship is simply great & fun

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Back at it again with the Fun Boat, this time with a face cam and monkey. You get everything in 1 video. It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. now, we need a cat on his ship doll.

  2. Why is it that nobody’s face matches their voice.

  3. still “on the fence” about the real-estate your face takes in my monitor…

  4. Dang all the talking and now it’s actually there: The glorious facecam!

  5. the title : this ship is simply great and fun.

    rng : no citadel to NC

  6. ok, flamu and flambass already has facecam at stream.

    *YURO WHEN???*

  7. That beard is what happens when you give your mii a moustache and set the mouth position to the lowest

  8. Fapcam needs more cleavage 😀

  9. 3:26 La Galissonnière was like “I’ve seen WoT videos, I know how to side scrape. My 6mm of armor will protect me.”

  10. A simpel post-it took care of “the isue” for me.

  11. Charlie Charalambous

    the concentration on your face when you avoided the torps and took out the tirpitz… classic!

    • Haven’t watched yet, but cant wait to look for this. It’s a sight I didn’t realize I was missing until I read your comment.

  12. So that’s what you look like. Pictured you differently. Your voice makes you seem a lot more “mature” than you look. Maybe not the best word to use but i was struggling for a descriptive word to describe how I pictured you.

  13. Had fun watching this video; Loved the “The CV is on the other side.” – evil smirk

  14. 11:20
    Ironic that he’s shooting at a guy named upsettispaghetti while an Italian player is complaining in chat! xD

  15. wow you’d think I did something wrong in that game from his facial expressions…. love you bro

  16. “Keep that man away from my cocaine” lol

  17. I laughed so hard the moment I realized Monkey kept the CV for himself.

  18. He look completely different than I was expecting xD

  19. I was told there would be a Cat cam like notser has.

    im disappointed.

  20. ”Your plan can’t fail if you dont have a plan.”- Flambass 2019

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