World of Warships- This Ship Is Simply One Of The Best Premium Ships

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Hey guys! Today I take a look back at the British Tier VI Premium Battleship Warspite, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. This ship is not only one of my first premium ship I ever bought but one of the few british battleship that I like as it has working ap alongside hood, Nelson and duke of York with it’s improved ap pen angle as pretty much the entire tech line tree rely too much on HE to do damage beyond 10 km. Hopefully repulse will also have good ap as well.

  2. Warspite was one of the two ships for sale on the first Black Friday. The other choice was Imperator Nickolai I. I bought the Nikolai because she was a one off. As I recall they were both selling for around $20 each.

  3. She is also the most decorated ship in British history

  4. Warspite is awesome…if it ever gets to see its own tier. It uptiers well for a tier 6, but that just means its slightly less shitter than everything else thats double uptiered

  5. I do wish the British BB line was based upon Warspite rather than the HE spammers we ended up with.

    60s cooldown, 5s duration DCP
    Improved Repair Party but not absurd super-heal.
    Unique horizontal dispersion formula
    Good but not absurd AP.

  6. I agree. on lower Tiers, one of..if not THE best Credit Printer ever. 1 Mio. upwards at least. Guns troll you here and there. Get the perma Premium camo and start farming.

  7. I got warspite for free when they had the British Destroyer release event. It was relatively cheap and very much worth the fun bucks grinding. Good boat, just really REALLY needs industrial strength WD40 for those turrets. Would easily recommend this ship for a new player looking for a good battleship to learn BB strats and gameplay.

  8. I used to own a copy of the book about the Warspite written by her last captain. He said she was known for her accurate gunnery but also her bad temper, after Jutland for unknown reasons on occasion she would suddenly pull a hard turn to starboard on full rudder and the crew could never recover the turn unless the starboard shafts were put into reverse. When she was being broken up they found a live German 11″ shell still stuck in her armour belt.

  9. Remember getting Warspite for free when it was released on Eu server. I think it was an event. Really good ship to this day just like you said

  10. Can’t wait to tell Jimmystix he was a prominent figure in your video. He is the CO of my clan..and NOT a CV main…

  11. HMS Warsprite had the last laugh as the Royal Navy never managed to get her to the ship breakers. She wrecked off Prussia point during a storm while on route to be scrapped.

  12. when I got this ship, i got 12 win streak with it.

  13. They should’ve given her a special perk of immunity to detonation. Her history of getting hit by everything under the sun and still surviving (kinda like Enterprise) was really impressive. Also longest ranged hit world record. It’s really a shame she didn’t get museum status, she would’ve been great sitting next to HMS Victory.

    • Literally any ship of any historical significance
      *british government* SCRAP METAL

    • At the time, the British people were still living on ration stamps. The state was bankrupt. She was a wreck to be honest. She had taken a tremendous amount of damage and survived, but it showed. To repair her to be fit as a museum would have cost as much as building her all over from scratch. The Navy quite simply didn’t have that money.
      Allocating funds to rebuild a battleship for museum life while the rest of the fleet urgently needed (meaningful) upgrades to the few ships that were kept.
      Also, Britain was literally starving. If you did take the funds out of the state bank account for this rebuild, thousands upon thousands more would have starved or even died.
      So even if we sit and say “she should have been preserved” it all comes down to USA has museum ships because she had the money and food. Britain didn’t. It was a decision of keeping the population alive or scrap the hundreds of old ships that no longer served a purpose.

  14. This may have been the first premium I bought when returning to the game in 2019, after a four year absence.

    I think it was also the first ship I got a Kraken with upon return.

  15. TheGuardianofAzarath

    Does anyone here remember when the Warspite and the Yamato both had 72 second 180 TT? Pembridge Farm remembers.

  16. I got it to test for 14 days…..and it never got taken back! Love her, she still packs a punch.

  17. SLM: Warship best ship in game!!!!

    WG: hold my beer!!!!

  18. Of you ask me I love mutsu a lot, 410mm in tier 6 basically being mini Yamato.

  19. Warspite is the most decorated ship in history. That includes ships of all other nations. She saw action in WWI and WWII.

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