World of Warships – This ship is so legendary

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There’s only 1 Roma and she’s legendary bros. There’s just nothing out there like this ship. I don’t know how to exactly explain it so you’re just gonna have to watch it 😉

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  1. “Just trust me!” So many bad endings coming from 3 little words…

  2. Never trust anyone who says “Trust me”

  3. JamesLikesIcedCream

    They need to release the Italian Battleship line, not release fantasy soviet ships!

  4. “it’s french, how hard can it be?” *rofl*

  5. Roma: blind, drunk, gunners blessed by Neptune.

  6. Best not get the beer can camo, else the gunners really will drink too much Peroni….

  7. Michael D. Uchiha90

    Roma is like that beautiful Italian Girl cute and a diva at the same time.

  8. Angled Massa, 2 overpens. 6k damage. Sure WoWs…that math checks out.

  9. Whe he goes to shell cam it sounds like the noise when danerys targerayen tells her dragon dracarys for it to breathe fire?

  10. One of your Roma’s main battery shell landed in my mailbox, should I mail it back to you ?

  11. “Problemo risolto signore!”
    “Fuck you and your risotto signore HIT SOMETHING!!”

  12. I love how Flambass is surprised by Roma dispersion.

  13. 5:33

    “Their carrier is a potato… of the highest class.”

    2 seconds later… *eating a torpedo*

    “And she got me”

  14. 6:08

    “I should be ok here.”

    … less than 2 minutes later …

    *gets one-way ticket to the bottom*

  15. ‘Trust me, I’m a doctor / engineer ..”
    ‘Trust me Im Monkey!’ 😀

  16. “I wouldn’t advise going in deeper” ….the things he says man???

  17. Romeme strikes again
    One guy gets 3100xp, and monkey gets a participation medal

    Nice vid Flambino

  18. That enemy CV is happy like a dog with two tails now,

    looking at his stats i guess it`s the first compliment he`d got, ever. Never seen stats like that.
    Also pretty sure next game he`ll be reported for poor play and lose it again . . . poor guy.

    I also give it a 50/50 chance he`s in my team next game, it`s a horror show lately.

  19. “that makes no sense” like that doesnt happen with any other cruiser in the game… Dunno how many time I shoot at broadside cruisers and get shatters, ricochets, no dmg pens and citadel(s) all in the same salvo. and thats with multiple types of BB..

  20. 8:15 “… and it’s french! And it’s even reversing!” Flambass you already said it’s french, you’re a broken record! 😛

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