World of Warships- This Ship Makes Absolutely No Sense

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier X French Battleship Republique, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. I personally think that after GK and Khaba have been converted to special ships, in the near or further future, République will meet the same fate and become a special ship, replaced with a more logical successor to Alsace.

    • @KevintheChuker Well, GK is kind of an oddball as well in a sense that German naval artillery design had long since abandoned 3-gun turrets for their big guns. The H-class designs, on which FDG and GK are based on, have an escalating size of gun caliber to over 500 mm, but none of them had 3-gun turrets. Not even in designs where a huge ship, roughly equivalent in size to GK in-game, would be mounted with 4 turrets of 406 mm guns (H42 according to some sources). Almost all of the H-class designs had 8 guns, and none had more. So Preussen actually makes way more sense for the line, or it seemingly would if it had 450 mm guns that some people are claiming to having been worked on in Germany, though I can’t find any real sources.

      In turn, Repu design is based on the fact that French designs have a long history of dual 2-gun turrets (they are actually not 4-gun turrets, but two 2-gun turrets in one casing), the turret layout is what would have been changed from the experience with the Richelieu-class if more French BB’s of similar size would have been made, and apparently they did actually have some plans for 431 mm guns (with equally few sources as the German 450 mm’s though). So when looking purely at the artillery, Repu can be argued to make more sense than GK.

      As for in-game progression, I think both make equally little sense. French line is about increasing the number of guns (having a “reset” between the dreadnoughts and modern ships), while German gun count stays rather consistently small, with faster reload than most competitors.

    • Hope so, free tX

    • @Wombat yeah, I do hope they change Perussen to have 450 to make it more historically accurate

    • @KevintheChuker I don’t think Wargaming will bother with changing it at this point, to be fair.

    • @theJC ive heard that they might, but it doesnt seem like WG

  2. Range on this line makes NO sense either: Richelieu: 23 Km base range; Alsace: 18.5 Km base range; Republique: 26.1 Km base range.
    Why the hell does Alsace have 5 (!!!) Km less range than the Richelieu? It’s literally the same ship with one more turret…. And those guns are completely identical.
    Makes abolutely no sense.

    • @drink15 Do you really play this game to have realistic stats and gameplay??? It’s a game that is extremely arcade.

    • Alsace has 18.5 km STOCK fire rate. Upgrade the fire control system and its 20.3. Still behind the others, but already significantly better.

    • @SJ Stewart that’s the point dude, Bourgogne is a literal Alsace with better range and accurracy and the reload boost ofc, but, it’s still a Tier 9 Alsace in all the other aspects, and that was my point

    • What is new? North Carolina secondary 5″ 38 calilber – range 6.6 km. Gearing primary 5″ 30 caliber – range 11.1 km, almost twice as much. Yet, they were exactly the same weapon.

    • @Cactusjuggler tell that to the guy who is upset

  3. “17 inch guns won’t be getting much overmatch.”
    Republique: *Literally has 30mm overmatch, like the 18 inch guns. Overmatches as well as any non-japanese ship*

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten yes but only Yamato-hull BBs can overmatch 32, it’s their thing basically. Being able to overmatch 30mm is super important for any high tier BB these days, that’s why they are giving Preussen 18′ guns for example. That, or you’ll need some box o’gimmicks like Bourgogne which has ZERO overmatch potential over more than 26mm and still has the best WR and average damage out of all T10 BBs

    • @Waverley Journalise why is everyone ignoring the Yamato and Musashi lmao, they got 32mm overmatch, y’all just covering 17in, 18in and Shiki/Incomp guns

    • Waverley Journalise

      @matejkar 666 they’re the tried and tested benchmark by which everything else is set. I just didn’t feel the need to mention them as I was talking primarily about 30mm overmatch.

    • @Waverley Journalise k, makes sense

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten 457s cannot pen 32mm, they are 1mm apart from the 32mm pen threshold, 458mm. So, only 460s/18.1″ or above can pen that.

  4. “Now, with 17 inch guns you don’t get a lot of overmatch there”
    Dude. 431 mm overmatches 30 mm, 457 mm overmatches 31 mm, and since there is no 31 mm plating in the game, 431 mm is essentially the same as 457 mm. So Repu has the best possible overmatch in the game, save for Yamato-hull ships and super BB’s.

    Edit: Also, most T10 BB’s do not go 32 knots. Only ones that go faster than base 30 knots are Bourgogne, Schlieffen and Incomparable. Until very recently, only Bourgogne.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      How many 30mm plated cruisers are there now? Last time I checked there was a decent bit but no the majority, granted at the rate WG has been going that probably has changed. Unless you manage to dunk on the deck of most TX cruisers, which isn’t too likely with the shell arcs. What I’m saying is that it doesn’t past the 32mm threshold, so you can’t overmatch BBs bows and the like.

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Well, neither can anything else except for a few select ships.

    • almost all tier 10 cruisers have 30mm armour.

    • @Wombat Yeah that is a pretty bad look. 32mm OM is exclusive to 3 ships. Why would we even discuss 32mm OM when it is super rare gimmick? 30mm OM on the other hand? pretty common nowdays. Most (if not every) non soviet heavy cruiser in the game is coated in 30mm plating (Super cruisers excluded ofc), including deck and upper belt, so being able to ignore it is rather powerful. Most popular CAs like: DM/Salem, Hindy, H4, Zao, Yoshino, Goliath (minus the deck), AN deck. What do you do against a kiting Hindy in a Montana or channel mascot Pommern? Oh yeah… you die. In a Repub? You easily deal 10k+ per salvo with 2 landed shells, even without citadels. There is a reason people prefer Ohio rather than Monty even without secondaries.

  5. The Normandie was laid down, but never completed. One of Normandie’s sister ships, the Bearn, was completed as a CV.

    • Like the battlecruiser Amagi which became the carrier Kaga.

    • Bearn coming to wows soon.

    • *Correction: Akagi was made from the hull of Amagi, Kaga is the second Tosa class battleship which was converted into a carrier during building

    • @Tamás Kerecsényi *Correction both Amagi class battlecruisers (Amagi and Akagi) were slated to be converted during production to aircraft carriers, but Amagi’s hull got damaged beyond repair by an earthquake so the hull of the second Tosa class (Kaga) was used in Amagi’s stead.

  6. “French secondaries are not armored”, So? Just extend the range of the secondaries to get the Close Quarters skill going for EVEN FASTER RELOAD! Or whatever that Battleship skill does.

    • He was referring to how easily they are destroyed. Any strong HE Salvo to the upper belt will destroy one or more secondary turret.

    • Have any HE spammer shoot at it for more than 2 min and will break most of the secondaries AND the AA, hell not even HE, the minotaur breaks those secondaries too and the thunderer obliterates the a side of secondaries with a full connected salvo

    • This is what I do on my rep, LR secondaries plus MBRM, reload skill and AR gives you an absolutely terrifying DPM late game.

  7. I love my Republique, I have so many citadels with this ship. Its fast, maneuverable and has an amazing reload. I also have Goliath and I play both ships the same. Rush in, do zone damage, escape, recover, repeat and it works for me

  8. I really really like the Republique. It was not my first Tier 10 BB but back in the day when the french line came out it was just so much fun.

    But i still think that the alsace was the best ship out of the tech tree line so go and get yourself a bourgogne

  9. Republique was the first ship i passed 200k dmg with.
    Since then my highest dmg game ever was 260k if i remember correctly.
    Which was also in the republique.
    I love this ship, it has everything i want from a BB, great firing angles, low reload, fast & maneuverable, long range and is nimble enough to handle well in close quarter situations.

  10. Waverley Journalise

    A far more logical arrangement would be 3 triple turrets on a hull similar to the Alsace, but with the 431mm guns. Can’t beat these guns.

  11. love my Repub, stupidly quick main batt reload time especially with legendary upgrade and honore’s adrenalin rush and above average sig/accuracy. you catch cruisers in the turn for days

  12. I remember reaching the richelieu, liking the style and checking what the tier 10 was, that moment i decided i would get the Bourgogne by all means, and it was worth.

  13. I mean Normandie was a real design and was laid down, and one of the Normandies will become the Béarn (the CV). For Lyon, it was a real design too, and she was ordered but never laid down since WW1 did start and the French army was focused on ground war

    • And like you said, Alsace was ordered for 1940, so real plans, Gascogne was ordered and she was waiting for Jean Bart to finish her construction and take her place for building (Wich never happened).

      For République, it’s an evolution of the Gascogne’s design, but it’s not logical since the quadruple guns where made out for having more firepower in 1 turret, so less turrets to build, so the overall ship is lighter and therefore it comes under the conditions of the treaty more easily. But since République is sense to be a post-war battleship, it doesn’t care about the treaty so the design is not logical. A super-alsace with like even just 16 inch guns would be more accurate imo

  14. “If you go for a *what if* ship, which is basically the french tech tree, except for a handful”

    Russian Tech Tree: “Hello there”

  15. Try running it in Arms Race. With adrenaline rush and reload buffs, you can get reload time down to 13 sec. I did 355k damage in one game.

  16. So a question?! Do you also experience that the rear turret does have a lot better dispersion than the front turret?

  17. Þorkell Sigvaldason

    Nitpick: I think you’ll find that Normandie was named after the region of France rather than the cruise liner (which was named for that region).

  18. Ah, let’s see quad main turrets, fast reload super hard hitting, great secondaries, perfectly fits the French line if you ask me

  19. Repu is my new fav battleship, she packs a hell of a punch with her ap. And with the research buerua skill you get her reload even further down to supercruiser speeds

  20. Repub is the BB for Cruiser players !!! Its one of my favorite BBs in the game , enemy ships cannot get citadel hits on Repub unless you potato hard , fast firing hard hitting overmatch guns, fast speed and decent AA , This ship is unique !!!!

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