World of Warships- This Ship Makes No Sense

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the Tier VIII Premium Japanese Hybrid Cruiser Tone, and talk about some of the odd balance making decisions regarding her. Enjoy!

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Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. I think the main reason you don’t see her so often is that as far as gimmick boats go Ise and Kearsage have her beat. Ise like you said has the same planes but is st tier 6 with arguably better matchmaking, while Kearsage is a coal ship with 4×3 16 inch guns what can fall back on being a downtiered montana if the gimmick fails.

    • @Ewenoushka thanks for info

    • @Todd Andrews I do easily 130k avg in my kearsarge even in tx games. Once you learn it it’s a beast, just don’t be broadside and spam your planes and play like a secondary bb.

    • ​@Todd Andrews Kearsarge is probably one of the most overbusted ships, a tier 9.9 multipurpose ship with a devastating broadside and 2min deadly aircraft.
      GK is not bad at all as a brawler with a ton of HP
      Iwami is by far a poor attempt of making IJN brawler, just not great at all having multiple options on the armory or even in tech tree

    • @AUDITORIOOO thank you . So of the 3 you say GK ?
      Other thing someone told me is cost of running T10s he said maybe get 2 lower tier so idk I saved for a while just don’t want to regret my move you know what I mean. But thanks again👍

    • @Todd Andrews GK is ok if you enjoy Brawling ships, but of the 3 Kearsarge is the best option, even me, a brawler player buyed it and im not regert, one of the best BBS in the armory by now

  2. I remember getting the Ise out of Santa crate and after taking it into randoms gave it a meh rating. But in Operations it’s pretty fun. Unfortunately the Tone doesn’t have that option. Fighting the Tone was always easy since people would just zone out with the planes while sailing straight and end up getting blapped.

  3. Funny you say you saw no one, just last week I was playing it in a match against another Tone, and we had a torpedo plane duel, followed by a torpedo duel, followed by a gun duel. Truly making full use of our ships to miss with everything.

  4. I like my Tone a lot. Super sneaky, punchy guns, long-ranged torpedoes, a heal!!!, and when you’re out of range or searching for a sneaky destroyer, you can use your planes to spot or make a drop. Not always the easiest to make work, but I love bringing her out.

    Funnily enough, I think the best use for Tone’s planes is for scouting and spotting. They have a long reload and don’t do a lot of damage with their torpedoes, but the ability to light up a destroyer or escaping low HP cruiser/battleship on command is not something Japanese cruisers usually get to have.

    • Strawberry-Parfait

      The main point of them is to cause flooding after you made an enemy bb use up its damage con, not do alpha damage.

  5. As it is now the intended target needs to basically want the shotgunned torpedoes to hit them or be stuck doing something else, or you get like 1 hit in a salvo. Ironically the Torpedo perk for cruisers actually does buff the Torpedo planes, but it’s shining a turd. But if they were at least accurate instead of a shotgun, like Russian CV accuracy… maybe they could work. Give the planes a heal consumable to guarantee a few high-priority drops. Maybe give them a better engine boost.

    But knowing WG they will ignore the Tone’s weakness or maybe reduce the cooldown of the planes a little without addressing the actual problem.

  6. i to be honost enjoy the Tone. it might not be the best cruiser, but i like it a lot when i play it

  7. I wish this ship had better reload AND the planes had more hp and speed on it cuz I love this ship!

  8. Hmmm, well it would seem the main issue is her aircraft gimmick. Given shes 2 tiers higher then the ISE the planes really SHOULD be better. Cut the Plane reload down to 2 mins or even 1.30 mins, BUFF the HP to what it SHOULD BE at tier 8 and maybe buff the torp damage a little bit.

  9. maybe it would be wise to downgrade the Tone to Tier VII or buff the planes and add something similar to float-adapted torp-planes from Shokaku. And, WG, please reduce the reload time of Tone to 2 minutes…

  10. Planes on Tone are really more for spotting. They can make life hard for DDs. And if they smoke up, you can comb the smoke with 8 torps. But there is bigger issue .. no ASW. Planes can spot the sub, but good luck landing torps on her ..

  11. Tone is a crazy ship, but planes are not her main feature. Her main feature is getting so much in a small package. Her guns punch well, torps have good rear firing angles to hit stuff when you have to run away, and planes add a bit of a touch to make it better. Also, don’t forget hydro and heal.

  12. Atago is my favorite T8 can’t wait to use her in the next clan battles Bering held at T8

  13. I liked Tone at first then i started to hate her the more i play. The gun has short range with stupidly long reload for just 8 guns, the rudder shift time for some reason is worst than most IJN cruiser so you cant dodge incoming shells as effective which you gonna need it since the ship is absolute paper thin and is getting citadel from all angle, now the worst part about it being a hybrid is that 3 fckin minutes for garbage planes !!! It makes no sense ! The Ise is fun because she is capable of launching aircraft every 2 minutes even if the torp bombers barely do any damage, but Tone at tier 8 gets longer aircraft cooldown and they die easier to high tier AA defense so you most of time never get close to any ship before they all is shot down making it almost a useless feature of the ship. Additionally she also for whatever reason got hydro of only 4 km and worse heal than Atago i belive.
    I dont know why they increased the reload from15 to 16, this ship is just weak for a tier 8 and i struggled everytime i play it. Imo it needs plane cooldown time as Ise, gun reload reduce to at least 15 sec, and maybe slightly better firing range otherwise there is no point in playing it over Atago or even the Mogami.

  14. High Caliber Replays

    I’ve really enjoyed playing Ise and Kearsarge but I’ve held back from buying Tone mainly because I’m not a good cruiser player and I’m not in need for a T8

  15. Got her because like he said it’s a ship with a strong historic background and i like the Tone class. Tone feels like a concept from 2018s WoWs that they just got around to finalizing yet. A stealthy scout cruiser to support DDs. The planes also are pretty decent against most same-tier destroyers. Suddenly the low damage isn’t as big of a deal anymore. But nowadays with CVs, subs and the abundance of long-range radar, it’s in a bad spot. For Tier 7, it would be a good ship. But T8 with its contant uptiering hurts the Tone immensly. To the point where i feel bad for my team when i bring it to the battle.

  16. The planes from the Tone were for scouting which were to relieve the Aircraft Carriers from sending out scout planes freeing them up for offensive operations.

  17. You have to remember the spotting capabilities of this ship too. Very powerful even if you don’t hit the dd/sub.

  18. It is actually great in t8 ranked. At least when played sparingly.
    It is stealthy enough to support dds to cap. While being a heavy cruiser if anything goes wrong.

  19. Robert Charleson

    Isse, Tone, and Kearsarge should have had AI controlled planes… Launched at enemies like you do torps. They lunch and go attack the target under Good AI control. Would be a better system all around IMHO.

  20. I run the tone sometimes. I usually just like to spot for others when noones in my distance. Its the only time i use the planes. The concealment is 8k so that’s a huuuge plus lol I abuse the heal and torps too being a cruiser.

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